Movie Review: Tremors 4

We go back to the beginning!

Tremors 4 GrossBacking up to the old West, to Rejection Nevada, the last stop before Carson City. There is a silver mine not far from the town, and they have uncovered (we find out later, the hot springs cracked open the eggs of) some Graboids. They kill 17 miners and the mine is abandoned and shut down. Soon enough the owner of the Mine shows up- and its Michael Gross! Of course, he’s the ancestor of our favorite Burt Gummer , who is in the previous three movies. This guy is from back east, and is next to useless in anything. We have some ancestors of the previous movies hanging about- sadly, no Old West Kevin Bacon. Micheal Gross simply decides to find out what’s going on, and they set off to the mine, and finding nothing, declare the mine safe, and camp for the night. The Graboids attack, and  the men are able to kill one of the Graboids, but these are again different than the others, able to launch themselves out of the ground to feed. Michael Gross and Juan barely survive, and make way back to town. Gross decides the wise course of action is to hire a gunfighter, and one does show up. He looks like a cousin of Keith Carridine to me, and he’s a bit creepy, but is shown to be be awesome fairly quickly.

Needless to say, the guy that has ONE job is unable to complete that job, and even more fun ensues as these old-timey folk can take on the Graboids.

Tremors 4 gunSo the fun part is we have gone back in time, so no more running or flying Graboids, its a great way to get around the ignorance of jumping evolution in the previous installments. The fun part is seeing the Family Ties Micheal Gross back, true he wasn’t a total moron on the show, but the 180 turn from the previous three movies is pretty impressive. The rest of the cast is forgettable, but again, the writers do a good enough job just dipping enough of a toe into each of the characters so that you know who they are. On the bad side of the ledger, this is actually the first of the series to drag, the previous three installments actually moved fairly quickly, and even thought they are cheesy and cheaply done, I never once wanted to see how much time was left on the show. Tremors 4 I did, the movie just was dragging, and it got to the point where Tremors 4 felt like they were stretching the run-time. I’m going to go 3 on Tremors 4, I just got a bit tired of it, and the DVD I have has a commentary track on it, and that will most likely be the last time I watch this movie.

OK, there is no Tremors 5, simply because my DVD set didn’t carry it. Maybe I’ll find it somewhere on a trash set. Even the marathons they run on cable just have the first 3.
UPDATE: Netflix has part 5! Come back tomorrow for the next one!

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