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Hello again NBA Fans! Welcome to another edition of NBA RoundTable. This week we will discuss the difficulty Team USA had winning the gold medal, Kobe Bryant Day in Los Angeles, and so much more on NBA RoundTable.

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Are you surprised at the difficulty Team USA had getting the Gold Medal at the Olympics?

Todd: I am not surprised on the account the world is getting so much more better at the game of basketball. Plus their are more international players in the NBA than ever now.

Dan: I was a little surprised. I wasn’t expecting the United States to make any game close as in their qualifying games, they destroyed teams by 40 and 50 points. They just didn’t look totally confident and like they were clicking. I was surprised Australia played them so well along with Serbia in the game after their match-up against Australia. I thought they should’ve won both of those games by 20+ points. Either way, it’s not how difficult it is, all that matters is they won. If LeBron James, Curry and Chris Paul had played, no game would’ve been close. At all.

Chad: I’m not surprised it didn’t as complete of a team as in Olympics past, missing stars like Curry and Lebron and international teams are getting better and being sprinkled with NBA talent they can make games with the American teams with all-star talent not there.

Steve: I am not surprised at all. First, they did not field the best team that they could, as they had maybe five or six players that declined to attend and be a part of the Olympics. Second, there are so many talented NBA players from other countries, that they are not too far behind the level of competition. And finally, they did pretty much have there way with Serbia in the Gold Medal game, so while they struggled against a good France team, and a very good Spain team, they still walked out with the Gold medal.

Message is, as always Fuck You Kobe

What are your thoughts about Los Angeles making August 24th Kobe Bryant Day?

Todd: Personally I think it is ridiculous! Although Kobe Bryant is one of the best to ever play the game; Why does he so special he gets his own day? Chicago didn’t give Michael Jordan his own day and he is arguably the greatest player to ever play. It is stupid and this is coming from a die hard laker fan. Some people might say he was a big part of Los Angeles, well so was Magic Johnson.

Dan: Kobe Bryant is a big part of Los Angeles. He led the Lakers to multiple titles, was one of the greatest players to ever put on a Lakers’ jersey, and was a fan favorite. He devoted a large part of his career to the Lakers and they gave him a day that fit both of his jersey numbers. I thought it was really cool of Los Angeles, something he deserves greatly.

Chad: It’s a fitting tribute he spent his whole career there he won 5 rings; he’s all time great and he 2 jersey numbers 8 and 24 so making 8/24 Kobe Day is appropriate in my opinion.

Steve: It matches his two numbers, 8 and 24, so it makes perfect sense for the Lakers to make that day Kobe Bryant day. While it would be more fitting to have it during the season, so they can celebrate it, and make ticket sales skyrocket for one game, perhaps for a Bryant appearance? This is more logical.


The Lakers are considering trading Julius Randle and Nick Young for Gay Harris and Kenneth Faried. Is this a good trade for both sides involved?

Todd: I would love this trade. I don’t know a whole lot about Gay Harris but what I do know is Julius Randle has a bad attitude.  I didn’t miss a single Lakers game last year. During the 20 games he was coming off the bench his attitude was really in the dumps like he desreved to start or something. Don’t get me Wrong Randle averaged a double double last year and he is a great rebounder. I would rather have Kenneth Faried on the team because he is an energy guy weather he is starting or coming off the bench. Of course i’m sure everyone knows by now the Lakers are looking to get rid of Nick Young which I think is kind of unfair. I think he is getting a raw deal. On top of the situation with Russell, he didn’t get the playing time under Byron Scott that he should have gotten because I don’t think Scott liked him.

Dan : I think this trade would do a good job benefiting both sides. While Julius Randle is a good player, they’re able to get rid of Nick Young who probably just needs a new scenario after what happened last season with D’Angelo Russell. Add to the fact that after the incident, his production dropped and he just didn’t play the same while they’re also having some difficulties getting along in the locker room, they need to move him. With Denver acquiring both of them, they get Randle, who averaged a double-double last season and a very solid contributor in Nick Young, who still has a lot of room to grow. They both do. With the Lakers acquiring Kenneth Faried and Gary Harris, they not only receive a reliable big man down low who can make a difference in their line-up as well as provide veteran leadership, they get Gary Harris who is improving, a young player, and averaged 12.3 ppg last season while starting all 76 games he played. I think the Lakers not only improve, but they also settle their locker room and at the very least, appear to their fans they’re trying to move on and get better after the loss of Kobe.

Chad: It seems like a fair trade for both sides I think Harris and Faried would give the Lakers more of a solid presence on the team to go with their younger talent on the team.

Steve: Sadly, I don’t know enough about the players involved to make any sort of educated statement regarding this question, so instead of making myself look like an idiot, I will say.. SAN DIMAS HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL RULES!


Who was more impressive the USA Men or the USA Woman?

Todd: Obviously the USA Women were more Impressive. The USA men Struggle at times.

Dan: While both were expected to win and were the heavy favorites, I have to say the USA women. The men’s team just didn’t look good in a couple of their match-ups, they appeared like they could’ve played a lot better as an overall team and their defense just wasn’t there like it was back in 2012. I thought the USA women’s team clicked on all cylinders, had good defense and really turned it up on offense.

Chad: The USA women to me were more impressive because of how scored over 100 points per game and their Lowest Margin of Victory was 26 points they never had a contest.

Steve: The women by far. They basically had there way with every single team they played and they averaged 100 points to do so. They played like a team, unlike the men seemingly falling apart at times. They simply cruised to the gold medal without even breaking a sweat. I have never seen a more dominant performance in the history of Olympic team sports than I did this year with the United States womens basketball team.


Will John Wall and Bradley Beal over come the dislike of each other on the court and once again become one of the best backcourt tandems in the NBA?

Todd: I think they will once they get on the court and start playing. That is if they can even stay on the court together. it seems like both are injury prone and usually one or the other is injured.

Dan: I think that both John Wall and Bradley Beal will overcome their dislike of each other for the sake of the sake of the team. They both are great, competitive players who want to win and bring the Wizards a championship. In order to even think about doing that for the Wizards, they need to get along. They don’t have to like each other, but they need to play together and get along and not have their distaste for one another rub off on the rest of the clubhouse causing a bad atmosphere. I think both players’ passion to win and maturity will allow them to get past that distaste and let them play better as individuals and as an overall team.

Chad: I don’t think they will because they really haven’t and Beal is just as efficient with or without him on the court and the differntial with Wall/Beal vs Wall and player x were identical. Wall and Beal are just too different and will not muster anything in the East.

Steve: Will either one really be on the court with each other that much? Both guys seems to be on the disabled list the majority of the season. So I don’t think there will be much of an issue because they probably will not be on the same court with each other for most of the season. And if they are, then they should be celebrating the fact that they are playing and not on the sidelines.

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