Movie Review: Tremors 3:

Oh yeah, Michael Gross Front and Center now.
Gross is now being a guide to hunters in South America somewhere, and is now using twin machine guns to kill the Graboids, yes, still the smartest guy out there.
Micheal Gross comes back to Paradise Nevada, a rebuilding town, complete with a guy doing a tour of Graboid country, complete with a buddy out to the side faking attacks.

The guess what. The real Graboids attack and the fake tour guide’s buddy gets eaten. Micheal Gross finds out that the early warning systems he gave to the townspeople have fallen apart, so he’s the only one that can track the Graboids.  Michael Gross decides to take care of the problem himself with a few people, and not worry the government.

Tremors 3 wormThe next morning, he goes out to hunt the Graboids, but of course, one the dumb people called the government, and they sent in some suits, not to kill the Graboids, but to protect them, possibly even giving them eminent domain to the valley as Endangered Species. Stupid, yet plausible. So now Micheal Gross can’t hunt the Graboids, who have a twist of their own coming up. Plus the stupid kid shows up as well, nice to see he could get a day off from Wendy’s to come do that.

And yes, for the second straight movie I’m going to have to wait until the end to talk about the twist.

This one isn’t as much fun as the last two, they painted themselves into a corner the last movie, and mild claim, they double downed on it. Again, it was a mistake. The Albino Graboid is a bit stupid, and the Graboid not able to reproduce because the guy had an Albino goat that couldn’t is as dumb a statement I have ever seen in movie logic. Michael Gross goes from stealing the movie to being front and center, and its a ball of fun, the ending tends to hurt the movie, as Gross goes from the smartest guy in the place to just another man. The new cast of characters is always fun, they do a decent job of dipping toes into everyone just enough to make us care about them, before either killing them or taking them out. I’ll go a 4 on this one, its getting goofy, and starting to wear, the new twist makes it even worse than before, as we have a set of creatures that have been around for millions of years, and now have jumped up two monster evolutionary rungs in as many movies.

So now the twist.

Tremors 3 BLastersFlying? Really? From Giant worms to walking to flying in 11 years. Nice. I have to say they tried to pull it off, but it just isn’t as good a model job and to be honest, they make Michael Gross’ hideout just seem useless. How you spend all that money building a safehouse, but a large flying dog can take it out? I mean this is the desert, so having a metal roof might glow hot, but that thick Spanish tile would be hard to get into it, or if nothing else the big piles of rock most places have there. It weakens Gross and hurts the movie and just makes it cheezier than it needed to be. Tremors does a good job of keeping it’s place on the mythology of the series, other than having the Graboids mutate every movie and making it worse. I hate to use the comparison, but the first one did so great a job of making it a land-based takeoff of Jaws. The Sequels have damn near made it Piranha 3D in the next few down the road! The Ass-Blasters name are about ignorant, and what creature really has two systems that if they merge makes them explode? Just ignorance at its finest, it would be like if our blood and our bile would explode if we got a wound there. Just a layer of cheese that’s not needed.

Oh well, lets see what part 4 does.

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