Movie Review: Tremors 2

Tremors 2: Electric Bugallo starts off with a oil field worker climbing across some pipes, trying to get to his truck, trying to so some Mario Brothers on some barrels, he falls and is eaten, a departure from the first movie, as we see the Graboids early.

Tremors WormFlip over to Fred Ward, who is presiding over an ostrich ranch, and we don’t get Kevin Bacon this time around since he’s off, married to the college girl, and no longer having a house payment. Fred Ward is broke, and a Mexican oil baron shows up and asks for his help in hunting the graboids, offering 50K for each one killed and 100K if he can catch one alive. After some fun with a remote control car rigged with dynamite, Fred Ward and his . . ward are up over 600K, and I can’t wait for this kid to die. Sadly, the pair get surrounded and find out that there are more graboids than they expected, and call for backup, and its Michael Gross! Sadly Reba has left him over the collapse of the Soviet Union, but Gross shows up with a ton of explosives and some toys for his collection, with the Mexican Army giving them anything they want. So now the smaller band is back together to take on the Graboids, who have a new surprise in store for them. I’ll talk about that at the end.

Lets talk about Fred Ward. He’s less annoying than before, but the kid is more annoying than Kevin Bacon on his worst day, but as the movie goes along the kid goes more and more in the background as the HOT CHICK moves forward, it’s like the writers can only pair Fred Ward with one person, then throw it to Michael Gross, then back to the pairing, either Fred and the Kid, or Fred and the Chick, we can’t have all 3 (or 4) doing anything at the same time. Fred Ward does center on the movie, and he does a fine job in holding it down as the movie gets goofier and goofier. He does a fine job. Michael Gross again steals this movie, “Burt can fix anything”, and if he fails, he blames it on intelligence, and yet, he’s the only one who did anything really intelligent. Fred and the Kid show up with toys and a quarter-ton single cab truck to take on the Graboids. Michael Gross shows up with a 5-ton military vehicle, and enough explosives to level a city block, not to mention elephant guns. You get the feeling that they want to push Micheal Gross as a gun-nut, but he actually comes off as the only smart guy in town.

This is a step down from the first one, and I’m going to come back and talk about the surprise, but I don’t think in part 2 you had to take that step, you don’t send Jason into Space in part 2, You don’t being in Michael Myers cousins in part 2. Tremors took a jump that they didn’t need to do. It makes the movie goofier, but again, had this been Tremors 5, It would have gone over better. This is a decent popcorn flick, I’ll go 5 on it as there really isn’t a reason to watch it more than once, even though if my boys wanted to see it, I would throw it in.

Time for the spoiler. Spoilers Shead

Tremors 2 BipedSo these tunnelers have been underground since before the dinosaurs- somehow never hitting a major population center or any history books even though there have been people in the desert for centuries. But anyway, these things have been around, seemingly unchanged. Now thanks to people finding them, NOW they evolve? Not only do they now, uh, chew out of the asexual parent, now they can run. Someone explain to me how being the size of a bus and able to outrun a person underground is better than being the size of a large dog and running on 2 legs above ground. This is right up there with cloning Stormtroopers as a bad idea in the name of “progress”. Also just for fun, instead of using a time-tested method of feeling vibrations in the ground, they now have gained Predator-vision. I’m not even getting into the whole eating a MRE allows them to reproduce.

But ignore all this, right? I do think it kind of paints them in the corner for 3, but I’ll get to that next.

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