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Hey there wrestling fans. Welcome to another edition of the Wrestling Roundtable. Summerslam is behind us and we give our thoughts and takeaways from the event. Plus, are we about to see the return of Beer Money? All this and much more.

Power rankings

1.Finn Balor– With his victory at Summerslam, I am going to give the Demon King this top spot for this week, as his injury will force him out of action for at least 6 months.

2.Dean Ambrose- Huge win over Ziggler at Summerslam, what is next for the lunatic fringe?

3.Seth Rollins- May have taken out Balor, but can Rollins become the next Universal Champion? Only time will tell.

4.Roman Reigns- After completely taking out Rusev, Reigns finds his way back into the WWE Universal Championship picture.

5.The Dudley Boys- Announcing their retirement this past Monday, we pay tribute to Bubba and Devon by giving them an honorary spot on these Power Rankings.


this week

1945- Vince McMcmahon Jr is born

1978- Dusty Rhodes wins his first ever NWA Championship defeating Harley Race. His reign would be short lived as he lost it back to Rac five days later.

1997- In a twist, Steve McMichael, a football player defeated Jeff Jarrett to win his first and only championship, the United States Championship on Clash of the Champions.

1999- Triple H defeated Mankind on Monday Night Raw to win his first ever WWE Championship. This was a night after Mankind won his third and final WWE Championship in a triple threat match at Summerslam against Steve Austin and Triple H, when Gov. Jesse Ventura was the guest referee.

And here are the questions this week.

beer money

James Storm recently stated that he is done with TNA for good. He followed up by saying he is looking forward on reuniting with his former tag team partner. Would you be interested in seeing the reformation of Beer Money in the WWE?

Steve: Beer Money would be an awesome addition to the WWE Roster. I would love to see them against teams like American Alpha, or even Enzo and Cass. I think they could be an amazing tag team once again and be able to showcase what they can do. Shoot, if they can be successful in TNA, then they can make it in the WWE. Honestly, they were the only reason I watched TNA.

Todd: I would love to see Beer Money reunite in the WWE. It would give them more star power and veteran tag team now that the Dudley Boys are gone.

Chad: On the surface Yes, but with the way Roode’s character is now in NXT it would make more sense for Roode to go with Austin Aries to reform their tag team from TNA #DirtyHeels. But if they want to put Beer Money together I am all for it one the greats of all time In My Opinion. Of course this all goes out the window if NXT signs Chris Harris (Braden Walker) and James Storm LOL!

Jim: I’d love to see Bobby Roode up on the main roster, and if that means Beer Money on the main roster, I’m all for James Storm coming along.  The WWE needs tag teams that are internoesting, and Beer Money is definitely interesting.

Christa:  I’ll be honest.. Not a clue who that is. I was going to try to Google him and pretend but not so much…

cena vs styles

Do you think that AJ Styles is the right guy to replace John Cena?

Steve: At this point, I would have to say yes. AJ Styles was essentially handed the ball and the keys to the top guy in the WWE by John Cena. Sorry Dean Ambrose, as great as you are as the champion, AJ has to be considered the main guy right now on the Smackdown roster. His match at Summerslam was the passing of the torch so to say, and honestly was the only highlight of Summerslam period.

Todd: AJ Styles has the star power as he has competed all over the world. The only problem I see with this is that he is only a couple months younger than John Cena. I think the guy who should take John Cenas spot should be a little bit younger than AJ Styles.

Chad: I’m going to go off base here and say that actually the company is positioning Bayley to be the Female John Cena replacement. Looking at their characters they are quite similar with the never give up attitude and I could never see a heel turn in Bayley’s future. But for AJ Styles I think he is the right guy because he is different from Cena in that he has been everywhere in the world and is better as a bad guy.

Jim: Of course I don’t.  I don’t think AJ Styles would be a good choice to replace the cashier at the McDonalds I got breakfast at this morning.  He’s not interesting.  Sucks on the microphone, and seems to think holding his hand up in the air with a couple of fingers pressed together is interesting.  Watching Summerslam and his match with Cena was like watching a local car dealership commercial try and sell me a 1971 Ford Pinto.  It was shameful how they tried to tell us what a beast he was.  Even Cena was so impressed he quit.  GFY WWE.  Stop pushing junk on us.

Christa:    No, never! AJ Styles is so incredibly boring.. YAWN!!! He has exactly zero charisma and likability. He desperately needs to be one of those silent characters that focuses solely on his wrestling skills.


What were your overall thoughts on Summerslam? Did the event live up to the hype?

Steve: NOT…EVEN…CLOSE!!! This was just a repeat of last years Summerslam where I seriously almost stopped watching WWE Wrestling all together. Takeover was pretty good, but not as good as it could have been. The Cena vs Styles match was the best match on the card, and honestly had the least amount of expectations for me. The Balor vs Rollins match was okay, but I felt it could have tore the house down. I think the injury to Balor probably impacted that a little bit, so I can give that a pass. The tag title match was a joke with Jon Stewart once again, when are they going to learn? The womens title match made me cringe as they gave the title to Charlotte again, which makes Sasha’s reign look weak, again she was hurt so I can understand. Then you waste a golden opportunity to push Apollo Crews, only to have him lose? The show failed in my opinion, and Im not even going to comment on the “Main Event”

Todd: Wow. where do I start? If you take out the Cena vs Styles match all this was is a extended Smackdown. Cena and Styles was the only match worth watching. WWE gave away the Reigns-Rusev match on Raw and then you book that shit on a PPV. Really? What was the point of having Sasha Banks drop the title so fast? WWE starts out the PPV with a Smackdown  match. WTF was that all about? The Lesner-Orton match weather it was a work or not was Bullshit. Lesner should have been Suspended for Summerslam. Why does he get special treatment? The Eva Marie thing WWE needs to give up on that. Are you kidding me? On Vacation? Maybe it will be forever because she don’t need to come back. The Miz needed to drop the title, that is like the first time he defended it in like 6 months. Sorry Kane and Darren young don’t count. the New Day they are a joke and annoying as hell. Lets see did Summerslam live up to the Hype? Hell No! It would have lived up to the Hype if it were Main Event or Superstars. I thought they said Summerslam was supposed to be the best weekend in WWE History. I realized whoever said that was Joking.

Chad: Except for the Styles/Cena and Balor/Rollins matches I was not impressed by the show. Ambrose vs Ziggler which I though I was going to be good was a so-so match. Apollo Crews was given no time to show his stuff. The Lesnar/Orton match just came off thrown together at the last minute. It was a decent show but there was room to improve.

Jim: No, it did not live up to the hype.  It was as predictable as anything else in the WWE Universe these days.  Oh wait, they announce a woman who we all know is suspended then lie and say she needs a vacation?  WE ALL KNOW SHE’S SUSPENDED!!!  “Here comes Nikki”, said my wife.  And there was Nikki.  Jon Stewart looking stupid. “Here comes Big E”, said my wife.  And there was Big E.  “John Cena is gonna walk away”, said my wife.  And there was the armband and him walking away.  No surprises. No shockers.  Just the WWE, the same as always.  Could have been Smackdown.

Christa:  The event was long and BORING! All of the crap about Eva Marie ‘being on vacation’ was just lame especially given the fact that they had already announced that she has violated the Wellness Policy. Just let her go into obscurity please!! Nikki Bella’s return was lackluster (at best) but fans love to hate her so it will be interesting to see the impression she will make on Smackdown. I was pleasantly surprised to see the writers give Balor the title but, unfortunately, that didn’t last long. The Lesnar/Orton match was the ass beating that everyone expected until the end. The vast majority of WWE fans know that it’s scripted so when they are able to create these moments that leave everyone wondering, it makes for a great show. Too bad Lesnar isn’t going to be back until next year because a feud based on the real life brawl in the back with Jericho would have been really entertaining.


Finn Balor was injured during his Universal Championship victory over Seth Rollins at Summerslam. This was after a move that Rollins hit on Balor, injuring his shoulder. This marks the third time in less than a year that Rollins had injured someone during his match. Balor, Sting, last September, and then himself last November. Does this say anything about Rollins, and do you think he should tone it down a notch?

Steve: I don’t think it is so much Rollins, as it is the running power bomb, other than Cena’s broken nose, which honestly could have happened to anyone, all of the moves that caused the injuries were due to that running power bomb. I think it is going to be banned here shortly because it will come to light that it is a reckless move. Sting was hurt, Balor was hurt, even Rollins was hurt because he landed wrong doing a sunset flip into a power bomb, again freak incident. I think Seth Rollins is one of the most talented wrestlers on the roster, next to James Ellsworth of course. So while he may need to polish up a little and be a little more safe, but the running power bomb should be looked at, kinda like the curb stomp was banned.

Todd: To Seth Rollins defense Sting was an older athlete and I think that was probably bound to happen. The more bumps he takes the better chance he has to get hurt. Sunday night at Summerslam if you look at the replay I it was as Much Finn Balor’s fault as it was Seth Rollins fault. His Injury was probably gonna happen no matter what. The only injury you can blame Rollins for is the broken nose suffered by John Cena last year a few weeks before Summerslam.

Chad: In an interview on the WWE network Sting took responsibility for the spot; the spot overseas could have happened at any point in any match ACL’s are weird injuries sometimes; Balor’s it didn’t even look bad remembering back to the match. I think Rollins is fine in the ring and is just a victim of bad luck.

Jim: You forgot Cena’s broken nose.  If I were a top tier wrestler, I’d refuse a match with Rollins until he goes back to training and learns the craft.  Just being an idiot in the ring isn’t enough.  You have to know HOW to do things, and not kill people.  And he obviously missed that day in wrestling school.

Christa:  Seth Rollins needs some time back in NXT to brush up on his skills. To add to the list of Balor, Sting and himself, he did break Cena’s nose in rather spectacular fashion. He’s absolutely a danger to anyone that he gets in the ring with. His fellow performers should be protesting any and every time they are slated to wrestle him.


The Dudley Boys announced their retirement this past Monday on Raw. Where do the Dudley Boys rank among the all time greatest tag teams?

Steve: Before they returned to the WWE they were easily one of the top 5 greatest tag teams of all time. How can you argue with that? 20 plus runs as tag team champions? Held the WWE, WCW, and ECW Tag team titles, one of just a few teams to accomplish that. Then they made a return to the WWE last year, and basically, for me anyway, took them out of the top 5 because it simply ruined their legacy. They could have gone out on top, maybe made a one time appearance at the Royal Rumble or something, and that would be it. They got lost in the shuffle with all of these new teams that are up and coming, and I think that hurt them a little.

Todd: The Dudley Boys rank as one of the best tag teams in the world. I would rank them in the top 5 best tag teams of all time.

Chad: The Dudleys are at the top of the list for me they have been on top for 20 years across multiple promotions over 20 tag team championships across ECW, WWE, WCW, TNA, New Japan. based on longevity and success they are the top of the list.

Jim: Me personally?  They are the greatest tag team of all time.  I have a feeling Road Warriors fans would argue, but D’Von and Bubba Ray are something special, and I can’t wait for their Hall of Fame induction.

Christa: I think the Dudley Boyz definitely rank in the top ten but I think that their return to WWE this time has really tarnished their image. They were brought back to lose and they definitely deserved better than that.

Bonus Question


Who walks out as the new Universal Champion on Raw this upcoming Monday Night?

Steve: I am going out on a limb here, and this is a very tight limb at best. I am making the prediction that Big Cass will walk out of Raw this Monday as the new Universal Champion. Of course Seth Rollins is the attractive pick, but I think the WWE has high hopes for Big Cass, and they wanted to put the Universal title on a newer guy, so he seems like the kind of build that Vince likes. It is a long shot pick, but Im calling it now!

Todd: Well, Seth Rollins is the obvious choice. I don’t think they will go that route. Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho are just stating a tag team and I think WWE is going to run with that for a while. While Big Cass definitely deserves a run at the world title, he is currently in a tag team with Enzo Amore. Breaking up them guys would be like breaking up the New Day at this point. The only guy left is Roman Reigns. I think WWE is gonna give Reigns another run with the Universal title as weird as that sounds.

Chad: I’m going predict a swerve and say Kevin Owens gets a shot at being the man on Raw.

Jim: If there’s any justice, Reigns gets the title.  Because Cass isn’t ready, and the other two suck.  Meaning, Rollins will get the title.

Christa: Kevin Owens should walk out the champion. There have been rumblings about Owens getting a big push and Balor’s injury may be the opening that he needed. Rollins needs more training, not the championship belt. Reigns still needs more time developing his baby-face persona and Big Cass is not ready for a singles push. Owens will be THE MAN despite the spare tire around his mid-section.

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