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Hello NBA Fans! Welcome to another edition of NBA RoundTable. Training camp is right around the corner. This week we will discuss LeBron James, which lottery team is most likely to make the playoffs, and so much more on NBA RoundTable.

Here are the questions:


Do you think LeBron James’s dream of owning his own NBA Franchise is just because he wants to out do Michael Jordan all together?

Todd: Its like a son following in a fathers footsteps!

Steve: First of all my apologies for being absent last week on the NBA Roundtable discussion. I had a very busy week, and simply did not have time to respond. Ive done my Hail Mary’s and now I am back.

Honestly, I am not going to read in to this very much simply because many NBA star caliber players have some sort of desire to become an NBA owner. So I don’t think this has anything to do with LeBron wanting to out do Michael Jordan. I am going to put this to rest right now, Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player that ever played the game, and no one, not even LeBron James will be able to take that title away from him. Im saying this, and am not even a big fan of Michael Jordan.

Chad: I think it’s part wanting to be like Michael Jordan at least in his own eyes, and part wanting to be like Jay-Z which a lot of the NBA guys look up to because of his music and how he has turned himself into a mogul.

Dan: I don’t think so. It just seems like he’s in too much competition with another man and I just don’t see that from LeBron James. i think he wants to own an NBA franchise because of his love for the game and how much passion he has. He doesn’t want to retire when his career is over and that be it, he wants to still be in the mix of the NBA and be in control and run a team. Yeah, he wants to compete and be better than Michael Jordan, but I believe it’s just concerned with career, after it’s over.


Out of all 14 lottery teams, which team has the best chance to make the playoffs this up coming season?

Todd: I would have to say the Minnesota Timberwolves if they were not in the West. Although the West is not what it used to be I just don’t think they will be good enough. I do think Minnesota will be the best team out of all the lottery team but will miss the playoffs by getting the 9th seed. The Chicago Bulls are another team by adding Rondo and wade. they should easily make the playoffs this coming season after just missing the playoffs last year by a game.

Steve: This may come to a shock to many of you, but I am going to pick a potential favorite as well as a complete underdog. Obviously the Chicago Bulls with the addition of Dwayne Wade, along side Jimmy Butler should have enough talent on this team to make the playoffs, so that is going to be my primary pick here. However, don’t count out a team on the rise, and that is the Minnesota Timberwolves. They have a host of young talent, and I think that Andrew Wiggins is going to have a breakout season under the tutelidge of Tom Thibedaux. I would not be surprised in the least bit if you see the Timberwolves sneak into that #8 spot next season.

Chad: I’ll say the Bulls because of he talent they added in Dwayne Wade, Rondo, and draft pick Denzel Valentine but having Butler and Mirotic with Olympic experience I think can only help them get back into the Playoffs which would be easier in the East than in the West.

Dan: The team out of the 14 lottery teams who I think has the best chance is the team that was supposed to make the playoffs last year – Milwaukee Bucks. I think this season it will be between the Bulls and Bucks as the lottery teams who is going to compete for a top spot among the lottery teams but I think the Bucks have the better squad. They have a tall scheduled line-up with all starting five over 6’8″ with Khris Middleton growing a couple of inches over the off-season. They added Thon Maker in the draft who has handles, can shoot and is a great Center. They put Greg Monroe at PF where he belongs and they have a great duo down low. Then they have Khris Middleton at SG, just added Delly who has done a great job for Australia in the Olympics, especially against the United States. Have Carter-Williams coming off the bench as well as Giannis running the point. Then have Jabari who is now fully healthy. If Jabari and Giannis play like they did in the second half last season when both got healthy, there isn’t going to be many teams who can stop that starting 5. I’m really looking forward to the Bucks season and I think they can finish second in the Central.


Mamadou Ndiaye is a 7’6 300lbs undrafted free agented out of UC Irvine. Will he eventually make an impact at the NBA level?

Todd: At 7’6 he could definitely be a beast in the post but as the game has changed to a faster pace it will be harder for him to keep up. He just recently had a tryout with the Lakers and they were interested.  I think if he gets with the right coach and team he could make some kind of impactat the NBA level.

Steve: In most cases, having a 7’6 center can be a huge asset to any team. He would display a power presence under the rim, but he is so one dimentional, and very slow with his size. That is all he would be able to do. While I do think that some team will give him a shot, I dont think that he will make any sort of impact on the NBA level.

Chad: He probably deserves a shot just based on his size, but I think his skill set or lack thereof will hinder him and not allow him to make a significant impact on a team.

Dan: I think he can make a nice impact for some team in this league. He’s 7’6″ tall and I know some team is going to want him. He’s a tall player and height is key especially for down low. He has weight on him and he’ll be solid for a team that need some height and rebounding to come off the bench and give the starters a break. He’ll make a solid impact as a starter for a couple years at least in the league.


The Milwaukee Buck are in discussion with free agent Jason Terry. Would this be a good signing for them?

Todd: Well for they want him for, I don’t think it will happen. Lets face it Jason Terry isn’t the player or the shooter he once was.

Steve: The Bucks are another team that is on the rise, the addition of Jason Terry would only be a plus for the Bucks. So depending on the deal that would be in place, and if they can get him for a reasonable price, then sure it would be a great signing for the Bucks.

Chad: With the Greek Freak and Jabari Parker at the controls the Milwaukee Bucks are definitely a team on the rise and I think a veteran presence the likes of Jason Terry would be a great addition for the team.

Dan: I think the Jason Terry signing will be a good idea. He provides a veteran presence off of the bench as well as a solid contributor. They won’t sign him for cheap and he does have some valuable experience he can offer to teach these young players. He won’t get much playing time as they have a lot of talent in his way. As a solid, veteran contributor off the bench, it’s a great signing.


J.R. Smith is still a free agent. As we all know he has had his problems in the past which team will he end up on?

Todd: I think he will end up in Cleveland, that is the only place he has not done anything stupid.

Steve: So my take on J.R. Smith is that he is one of those supporting players that when he gets hot and plays well, his team will play well as well. He had a great post season last year with the Cleveland Cavaliers en route to their first ever NBA Championship. Smith can help many teams, and again if the deal is right, then he would be a great asset to any team. If he asks too much money, then no one will be able to pay him what he wants.

Chad: I think eventually he winds back in Cleveland because Lebron seems to like him enough to where Cleveland will find a way to keep him on especially after winning a title and convincing Lebron to resign with them.

Dan: I think that JR Smith will end up with 1 of 2 teams – Cleveland or Boston. My prediction for him is a return to Cleveland. He had a really nice contribution to the Cavs’ World Championship season last year and rarely turned the ball over. Yes, he wasn’t extremely happy over his deal and opted for the player option to test the free agency market but that move has backfired on him. I believe the Cavs will upgrade his contract after the season he had last year, but it won’t be for much and with a limited offer and the season approaching quickly, JR Smith will accept and return back to the Cavaliers.

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