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It’s all about the the misguided vainglorious authority and false power all gone wrong… whether it is occurs in for profit wars on a global scale or cops misusing their authority in a domestic scenario it’s enough to make even the strongest person cry over the reality of man’s inhumanity to man.


joe1Have ya ever heard the phrase: “The law is an ass?” It’s from Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist.

When a character in the story is told that he is legally responsible for his wife’s stealing some jewelry… “The law supposes that your wife acts under your direction.”…. The character says… “If the law supposes that … the law is a ass…a idiot. I wish the law is that his eye may be opened by experience.”dickens

The character is saying the law (and whoever wrote such a law) is nothing more than a pompous idjit.  He also adds he would wish that the law have its eyes opened with further real and pertinent and obvious knowledge… aka experience. In the case of the Dickensian story… the suggestion is that women are independent people and, in reality, husbands don’t really control them or their actions and, therefore, a husband should not be held responsible for a wife’s personal criminal activity.

In simple terms… if something is obvious then why complicate it with presumptive and unsubstantiated bullshit convoluted logic.

Recently, in Nebraska a confirmed and convicted sex offender was given custody of two teenage stepdaughters by the Nebraska Supreme Court, with two dissenting opinions. This happened over the real father’s objections and his continued attempts to get the girls… who are 17 and 15… out of the sex offender stepdad’s house. A fight that the real dad took to the state’s highest court and was still rebuffed in his quest because… according to the law (or the court)… he… the real dad… “Presented little evidence about the risk (the stepfather) allegedly poses.”

The law ruled this despite the fact it acknowledged that the circumstances that were involved in the sex offender’s initial sex offense bore “… a strong resemblance to (his) current domestic setup.” Despite that observation by the law, the law said that the real dad failed in his presentation of evidence to show that the convicted sexual predator could, or might, molest his new stepdaughters.

In short… the law is a ass. In long… the law is a unmitigated son of a bitch stupid dumb fuck of an ass.

What part of the step dad is a convicted sex offender… did four years in prison… no parole… for his sex crime, and, now is in the same situation as when he first committed his predatory crime is not clear to the law? That and that alone is all the evidence that the real dad should have needed to present any court to get his damn blood… his children…  out of a situation of hell possibly happening.gavel

Now… let me set the scene in even more specificity for ya’l l to grok the reality of what the hell is going here…

The court… aka the law… said that the convicted sex offender and the stepdad of the two girls “… had volunteered for extensive rehabilitation during his incarceration, even (though he was) ineligible for parole.” And… “(The sex offender) had not been investigated for any sexual wrongdoing since his release. It had been over a decade since (his) offense. And further, (he has) expressed remorse and exhibited a highly positive response to treatment.”

I don’t give a fuck… I have said this before and I am now gonna say this once more… people change but not that much. Can peeps rehabilitate themselves? Yep… I’m certain that they can. That still doesn’t mean I have to trust their ass… especially if it involves my blood kin.

Then, there’s this interesting morsel…part of the story…

According to court papers, the girls’ father… aka real dad… and mother divorced in 2004. The mother won custody of the daughters, with the father earning regular visitations. Why he didn’t get custody wasn’t available in anything I read but the fact he still got visitation rights makes me lean to the conclusion  whatever the reason for the divorce it wasn’t because he was a totally bad and morally depraved person or dad… and… I think it can be safely assumed that he wasn’t a sexual predator.

After the divorce the mom started dating… and… that dude eventually was convicted of sexually assaulting another… daughter… a third child of the mom.

It never states whether she divorced that dude but it can be safely be assumed it happened due to the fact there is a stepdad 2 because… in 2013, the real dad found out his ex was with yet another dude… the current stepfather in question… who was yet another sexual predator and who had “access” to his children… his  daughters.

The “new” stepfather was convicted in 2002 of sexually assaulting a previous stepdaughter. I won’t get into the gory details it’s not necessary except to say there was enough evidence that he was convicted of first-degree sexual assault and sexual assault of a child and spent four years behind bars. Which by the by seems like a fairly lenient sentence for such an abhorrent crime.  Any ways… three years after he got out of jail he met and then started dating his now wife the ex-wife of the real dad.

When ex-wifey eventually learned about second step dad’s sex crimes she told a therapist she “preferred to put the thought of (his) history out of mind.”

Ex-fucking-cuse me?!

Nebraska Supreme Court
Nebraska Supreme Court

How the hell did this woman get custody of these children in the first place is what I would like to know.

She just wants to put the fact that he was a sexual predator… a convicted sexual predator… out of mind just like that?

Wish I could forgive and forget about stuff like that so easily…

Wait a damn minute… no, I fucking do not…

I am all for forgiveness… I am all for second chances…. But just because I forgive does not mean I forget what the hell transgression someone has did to me or my loved ones. And when it involves a sexual predator? I am especially not willing to just put it behind me… I am damn well gonna keep that in the forefront of my mind… especially, if it involves children.


Moving along… and though there were “precautions” for the situation… a “dress code”… a lock on the bathroom doors…the girls had to change in private (no shit!)… the sex offender… aka step-dad… still had plenty of solo time with them, and even took each girl with him alone for hunting trips.

As I initially read through this story … it just kept becoming more and more bizarre as it developed… truthfully… it did.

The real dad began filing court papers to get them… his two girls… out of that environment. He said that the sex offender’s history “creates a very strong presumption against custody.”

Seems damn well cut and dried to me. I mean if there is something about real dad that isn’t being revealed… that says he is a damnable and terrible father who can’t create a good environment for this girls… I sure didn’t see it in anything I read. So? What’s the problem? The problem with the law deciding in favor of the dad getting custody?

And… here is where the assholisness of the law is revealed…

The Nebraska Supreme Court wrote there is “no such policy” stating outright that sex offenders cannot keep custody of kids AND it also said that testimony from the girls’ psychologist, who defended the sex offender’s parenting abilities was instrumental in their decision.thelawisanass

Despite the fact that the psychologist said that the two girls had said the sex offender…aka step-dad… had tossed a brick in at least one angry outburst and in another angry outburst had punched out a grain bin. And… despite the fact that the psychologist had said she never interviewed or even met the step-dad and told the law.. the Nebraska Supreme Court… that she therefore  “…had no basis to determine whether (he) had actually been rehabilitated.”

“The law is a ass”… truly and defiantly and definitely.


This is a picture of a Syrian boy… syria-airstrike.3stunned, bloody and covering in grime… that has gone viral.  This is the result of an airstrike from who cares who’s planes.

Five-year-old Omran Daqneesh was rescued along with his three siblings… ages 1, 6, and 11… and his mother and father. Then the building they lived within… their home… collapsed into a rubble of bricks and what not… into one calamitous heap of uselessness…. nothingness.

Wanna know what war is? This what war is…syria-airstrike.2



As is this…









And this… Hiroshima-1Or this…


children of war2





And this…


children_in london










war child1


So, next time some of ya’ll be so quick to wanna go rattle your sickass war swords remember, more than not, this is the result of all that damn sword rattling…


Collateral damage… bullshit… war is not good for the lives anyone and anyone is usually the ones that suffer the most from war. Not the generals… or the politicians… or war materials suppliers… all of  who usually go around advocating for war under some mostly bullshit pretext… usually tainted with some obscene and absurd sense of patriotism.

War is not hell; it is a tragedy of the worst possible kind…it is humanity at its worst… it’s the total manifestation of man’s inhumanity to man… mostly taken out on their own children.

If, that’s your version of hell, then, I guess, maybe I was wrong… war is hell… after all…

If, you advocate for war then whatever god you pray to… I hope he has some type of mercy to give you when you meet him… if… you ever do.

False authority…

I just saw another disturbing cell phone video… this one has a white cop… looks youngish… telling a Black student… high school… to get in the cross walk while crossing the street. The kid complies but the cop decides he needs to make a bigger issue out of everything. The kid complains that he didn’t do nothing and the cop decides he’s gonna escalate this even further.

Ya’ll know where this is headed.

No, the kid doesn’t get shot but he does get put in the ubiquitous choke hold and the two start to tussling… all the time the kid saying he didn’t do anything wrong… while another person (I assume a student, also) can be heard in the background saying stuff like “Hey, what ya’ll doing to this student?” as he films the action involving the cop and the student with his cell phone.  Another cop arrives on a motorcycle and they subdue the kid and cuff him.  jaywalking

With the first student subdued and cuffed, the first cop then  goes after the cell phone video taker who can be heard saying … “Ya ain’t  gonna catch my ass, fool”… or something to that effect any way… as he runs off.

I can’t help but flash on a situation that happened to me when I was in high school. I was at the mall with two female friends. We were just being kids and having fun when on a spur of the moment thing, we decided to just embrace one another and then… a lady friend on either side of me… walked hand in hand while we window shopped. Nothing nefarious about it… nothing even somewhat kinda, sorta sexual about it either… just kids… friends… being kids.

A mall cop comes up and yells at us and me in particular. He tells me to cut it out and quit being a showoff.

We weren’t bothering no one… we were just being kids. But, this dickhead had to just show the world… and us… he was a big powerful man with a badge and a gun and we need to listen up to him or there could be repercussions.

No…  I ain’t in any way comparing this with the seriousness to the Black teen being roughly manhandled, choked and cuffed. Although, I could tell ya other interactions I have had with cops that were very similar to what happened to that kid… but… that’s not the point.

The point is this… cops need to stop this bullshit. This crap of thinking they can just start ordering folks around any way they damn well please and we have to listen to them or there can, and many times will, be repercussions.  Because, the truth is that ain’t the way it should be or is supposed to be. Unless I, or anyone else, is breaking the damn law then the cops need to mind their own business. Just as walking through a mall with two female friends while holding one another hands is nothing to get hung about… walking outside of the crosswalk lines is not a fucking big time crime… or… even a little time crime that is worth any cop getting all worked up over, or escalating, into a confrontation with any one either. Regardless of any color or skin tone. But, when it seems the confrontation is based on skin tone… that makes the matter much worse than a cops being big badass with a badge… now, he is a big racist badass with a badge. good cop

Initially the Black kid did what he was told to do and the cop escalated his interaction with the Black teen for one reason and one reason only… because he could. Because he as a fucking badass cop who belonged to a badass gang called the police department. A gigantinormous reason… in my opinion… this occurrence of police brutality occurred is the kid was Black and the cop was white… but the primary reason it took place was probably… and I’m willing to put money on it… was because the cop thought… hell, he believed…  I a damn cop and you best listen to me or there will be in a whole lot of hurt.

Yes, there do need to be repercussions but the repercussions need to be against cops who misuse their so-called power and authority.

One more time… cops are supposed to protect the citizenry; not hassle the citizenry.

Is that such a damn hard idea to grok?


In the middle of writing the preceding piece, I took a break and decided to check out the NYDN website to see what was happening in the world… sometimes the mind just needs to move away from writing something so that the mind can come back and see things in a slightly different, and, hopefully, enlightening perspective.

Anyway… the first thing I see on the Daily News site is a video that shows a  Los Angeles cop kicking a Black man who just happens to be face down in the street… looking like he is trying to surrender.lapd23n-3-web

According to the News, The Los Angeles Times got the video of this incident… which happened October 2014… after a court order had to be obtained because the LAPD was withholding it based on “… the video was an investigative record exempt from disclosure under the California Public Records Act.”

During the video, the cop… Richard Garcia… is seen kneeing the man in his back, driving his elbow into his body and punching him in the head.  Other cops at the scene move away and let Garcia do his shit to the man… Clinton Alford Jr.

Garcia can be seen pressing his knee deep into the man’s back for over two minutes when other cops finally pick the handcuffed Alford up and take him away.

The LA Times reports that LAPD Chief Charlie Beck said the use of force, such as what Grace exhibited, is to be condemned but the video needed to be kept from the public domain because of disciplinary actions against Garcia… who was charged with felony assault. During Garcia’s trial,  Deputy Dist. Atty. Oscar Plascencia told a judge… “From the get-go, Mr. Alford… you can see in the video… does not threaten the officers in any way, shape or form.” Still, Garcia got to plea deal no contest to misdemeanor assault and was sentenced to probation, community service and told to stay away from Alford and donate $500 to charity. He had faced up to three years in jail on the felony assault charge.

Garcia, 35 and a ten-year-veteran of the LAPD, said he had to use the force that he did because Alford was resisting arrest.

A woman who had seen the brutal incident unfold on a monitor inside a nearby factory’s surveillance system told the LA Times, “I didn’t think it was a proper action. The victim was already held down.” She also told the Times that cops who later came to the factory and viewed the video in her presence “laughed” at the footage.

According to The Times, Alford faces charges including pimping, rape and assault with a deadly weapon. He has pleaded not guilty and is still in jail. The LAPD maintains that cops went after Alford because of a detective who was looking for robbery suspects in the area.

Now… after all of that… Garcia is awaiting a Board of Rights hearing within the department to determine his professional fate.

Do I need to say it? Ex-fucking cuse me???!!!!ROdney-King

I see not much has changed since Rodney King in LA.

Remember when I said I could tell you of other incidents I have had with cops that didn’t go down so well? I’m about to recall one right now… and… it involved the LAPD.

Back in 1969 I left Connecticut… I was avoiding getting my as kicked from a deal that went down wrong as well as trying to avoid being drafted.  I had gotten my draft notice and the lottery hadn’t been enacted yet, so, I was kinda taking the attitude that if the army wants me, then let the army come find me. I don’t think they ever looked for me all that hard if’n ya’ll want my opinion.

Anyway… I was pretty much living around the streets of LA doing my hippy sidewalk thing when I hooked with these folks… both Black and white…who was going to some church to help prepare a big Thanksgiving Day feast for bunches of those folks who had nowhere to go for Thanksgiving. After spending all night fixing up a bunch of turkeys and the fixings  in the church kitchen we loaded up some cars and station wagons and started driving to one of LA’s big ass parks to feed the homeless and hungry multitudes and anyone else wishing to latch onto some free grub. On the way over there we got pulled over by the LAPD…

One thing led to another as they made us all get out of the vehicles… searched our vehicles… searched us as they began questioning us about anything and everything… general harassment type shit…when one cop reaches into his pocket… pulls out a jay… a marijuana cigarette… and then stuck it into my shirt’s pocket and then reached back in my pocket as he said… “Hey look it here… this guy’s got some pot.”

Long story short… they kicked my ass…

As I was half passed out and to the point where I couldn’t even stand, they handcuffed; me threw me in a cruiser and took me down to some station house to be processed. As they transported me from the copmobile to the station house, one cop held my legs and another held me by the chain that links each cuff that was around my wrist together. Ya knows what happens when they do that? Hold the chain between the cuffs? My weight is pulling down and the damn fucking steel cuffs tighten around my wrists curtailing the circulation to my hands. handcuffed-hands

As they are carrying me like this, another cop is whacking me with what I assumed was his night stick into my ribs. When they threw me into a room and then picked me up and plunked me down in a chair for “interrogation” one cop fucked around and pulled out his service side arm and started saying stuff like  “Remember what we did to that guy last week?”

Yeah, I got scared shitless… honestly… when he pointed the gun at me I had closed my eyes and was prepared to die.

That is a first person remembrance of part of my experience of being in LA… the cops in LA are mean ass mutherfuckers. And… I can see, as I said earlier, not much has changed. In fact, I remember when the Rodney King incident first hit the airwaves I nodded to myself and I said, yep, that them damn fucking pigs. Nobody had to convince me that what was being aired was in fact the truth and that they were beating King’s ass just because they could.

Police brutality is real. It is not just white cops on Black folks… it can be a Hispanic cop… as happened with Mr. Alford… it can be a Black cop… it can be any cop of any color at all. And, the people being brutalized can be anyone… white, Hispanic, Black, brown, yellow.

The simple fact is police brutality is real and can happen at any time to anyone. It just so happens it tends to happen more often to Black folks than it does to most other folks where many times the Black folks can wind up dead.

Until other cops tear down the blue wall of silence… and shame… and start testifying against bad cops… cops who violate the law… violate people’s rights… as well as their lives… until other cops start being good cops, the bad will have no reason to stop  being what they are… bad cops who act like the gangsters that they are supposed to protect we the people from… bad cops who believe they are members of the biggest and the baddest gang around… who have a license to literally kill with impunity if they so desire.

Think about this… out of all the incidents ya’ll hear about of police brutality… about Black folks being beaten and sometimes murdered… how many times do you think these things occur that we never hear about? How many of those bodies mysteriously found in some dank filthy dirty alley or murky swamp could have been a victim of police brutality unreported? How many people have been beaten up or just accosted by cops for no other reason than they could be? But, it never got reported because folks believe what’s the use? Nothing will happen or they ain’t gonna take my word over a cops anyway.

FYI… LA County Jail

I spent my first Thanksgiving in Los Angeles in  LA County Jail… that’s another story that someday I might have the opportunity to relate to ya’ll… but, I obviously made it out alive… although, I now had a new fear of them dudes in blue.

But… being one of two white dudes in a community cell with 48 almost all Black guys sure did open this white boy’s eyes to a lot of shit going down in Amerika.

God’s will…

In 2015, Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, said he agreed with the thinking that certain devastating natural disasters… hurricane and the like… were signs of God’s unhappiness over, among other things, abortions and the legalization of gay marriage. At the time he said, “God is trying to send us a message.”


Now with the recent heavy rains and the aftermath of flooding that has is plaguing parts of Louisiana, Perkins has said that the flooding was nearing “biblical proportions” and that he and his family “… had to escape from our home Saturday by canoe. We had about 10 feet of water at the end of our driveway. Our house flooded, a few of our cars flooded.”

I just hope that he is getting the message that his god is sending to his damn ass real loud and clear.

Another thousand words…



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