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Hello again wrestling fans and welcome to yet another edition of the Wrestling Roundtable. This week, we are just a few days away from the Summer Spectacular, Summerslam! Will Roman Reigns walk out of Summerslam as the new United States Champion? Which of the two World Championship matches are you most looking forward to. All this and much more!

Power rankings

1.Dean Ambrose- Are the lunatics days numbered as the WWE Champion, or will Ziggler be his next victim?

2.Seth Rollins- Rollins is the odds on favorite going into Summerslam, but does the Demon have his number?

3.Finn Balor- It would not be the first time, but it is rare that a rookie wins a World Championship in his first year, can Balor be one of the few to accomplish this?

4.Dolph Ziggler- Finally a big push for the Show Off, can he capitalize on this opportunity this Sunday at Summerslam and win his third World Championship?

5.Roman Reigns- Roman makes his return to the Power Rankings.  Can he defeat Rusev this Sunday and become the new US Champ?


this week

1953- One of the darkest weeks in wrestling history as Hulk Hogan was born.

2013- In a great and classic match, Daniel Bryan defeated John Cena to become the WWE Champion at Summerslam. His reign would last mere minutes as Randy Orton cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase after Triple H gave Bryan the pedigree. Triple H was also the guest referee of both matches.


Here are your questions this week.


Will Roman Reigns walk out of Summerslam as the new United States Champion?

Steve: I would think that it would be the right move. However, after he defeated Rusev on Monday night, my guess would be that they are going to continue this feud after Summerslam. Traditionally, the WWE writers will never have someone defeat their opponent the week before the event, and then have them walk away with the championship. If history repeats itself and they go by prior history. Rusev will find a way to win this match and keep his United States Championship. I think Reigns eventually captures the championship, but it won’t be at Summerslam.

Josh: I will answer this question later.

Chad: No, he will because Rusev will get the upperhand at Summerslam and because I don’t think the WWE is done punishing Reigns.

Jim: Well we all certainly hope so, otherwise his run as the World Heavyweight Championship would be all for nothing.  He couldn’t be beaten by Rusev as the top champ, but he can’t beat him now for a lesser belt?  Besides, Rusev wants a proper honeymoon.  And he has to be tired after marrying Lana.  So let’s get it over with and have a new United States Champion that the people suddenly love.  Gotta love WWE fans.  They do whatever the WWE wants them to do.

Christa: No, WWE needs more time to develop his babyface character and give fans the opportunity to accept him. This is the route that McMahon should have gone instead of shoving him down our throats. I think the feud with Russev will be long in the hopes of making Reigns WWE’s top guy, with the fan base to support him (and buy his crap).

Todd: Well if WWE continues with their 50/50 booking they gave the answer away on Raw. No! Roman Reigns will lose. That is not a prediction it is a fact. Even though WWE has ruined Rusev Monster gimmick. For the first time in a long time there have been more of the WWE Universe get behind Roman Reigns. WWE will want that to continue, so there for Reigns will lose to set up another match in the future.

rollins vs finn

Which of the two World Championship matches are you most looking forward to?

Steve: Both of them. The Rollins vs Balor match is going to be absolutely epic, and should steal the show. The Ambrose vs Ziggler match has been built up perfectly, and it is set up to be a great match as well. This entire event is being booked perfectly so far, and has me really looking forward to the show.

Josh: Honestly, Rollins vs. Balor.  I like the idea of Ziggler vs. Ambrose, but feel that Balor having a chance to debut with a title win is a more interesting possibility.

Chad: Balor vs Rollins a lot of intrigue here as to where the future of the Raw brand and the direction that they are wanting to go and no matter the outcome how each guy looks coming out of the match and their indicidual directions following Summerslam as we get into the Seperate PPV show.

Jim: Well, since the advertisements all have Demon King in them, I have ZERO interest in Balor vs. Rollins. Such a useless persona.  So it has to be Ziggler vs Ambrose.  But honestly, it’s Orton vs Lesner.

Christa: I’m really excited that the brand split has finally given Ziggler to rise above being a mid-card performer. So talented and entertaining! Finn-YAWN-Balor (I think that’s his given name, shorten for advertising purposes) is such a disappointing choice for the title match. Rollins was a given but Balor falls flat.

Todd: I am more excited to see Rollins vs Balor. Bothe will be great matches and have potential to steal the show but I think Rollins vs Balor are more athletic. They will be flying around the ring like there is no tomorrow.

kevin owens

The WWE has went on record that they want to give Kevin Owens a World Championship push before Wrestlemania. Do you think Owens is ready for the main event scene?

Steve: Owens is a wild card. I could absolutely see Owens being able to carry the company in a main event capacity and getting a run with the World Championship. It would makes sense as well to have Balor win the Universal championship then go into a feud with Owens for the title. These two have had excellent matches in the past in NXT for the NXT Championship, and they tore the house down with there match last year at NXT Brooklyn. I could very easily see a push for Kevin Owens and he would be great.

Josh: Yeah, he has been for a while.  Don’t listen to Jim.  He is a hater.  Owens is a superb talent and can be a top heel or face, whatever the WWE needs at the time. I see him as the next Triple H.

Chad: Yes, Kevin Owens has paid his dues to go through NXT after being on top in ROH; having awesome matches with John Cena, Dean Ambrose, and Sami Zayn. Kevin Owens will be the title picture before we get to ORland and WM 33

Jim: The only push I want from Owens is either out of the arena or off a bridge.  He’s just not a good wrestler.  He’s just a big bearded blob waddling around in the ring.  And let’s be honest, if they wanted to push him, would they be teaming him up with Jon Bon Jerico in some of the worst promos and matches in history?

Christa: Absolutely! He has been so entertaining with his partnership with Jericho. Despite his less-than-stellar build, he’s quite good in the squared circle and will probably shock us as he climbs the ranks.

Todd: Kevin Owens has been ready. He was ready the day he was promoted to the main roster. The only thing that will hold Kevin Owens back is WWE.


What should the WWE do with Braun Strowman?

Steve: Honestly could care less what they do with Braun Strowman. I think they are going to set him up to be the next Big Show. He will eventually turn face, and heel, put over guys, get a nice little run himself, but will never be the main guy on the roster. It is almost like a Goldberg feel with all of these squash matches that he is in. Though I still think that James Ellsworth put up quite a fight against Strowman.

Josh: For the moment, you keep him squashing nobodies.  Here in a month or so, you put him in a preperatory feud with someone like Big Show or Kane….kind of a passing the torch type deal, as Strowman is going to be your Big Show going forward.  He will be a heel or face, whatever is needed for a feud at the time.  I see numerous turns in his future, and a few title reigns.  Once he is done with that, which he should come out dominantly, you have him feud with Roman Reigns for the US title.  I will now answer the first question. Roman Reigns wins and defends successfully against Rusev.  You then have him feud for one month against, anyone, doesn’t matter, but Reigns retains.  After that, you start the Reigns/Strowman feud and you have Strowman DOMINATE.  I mean not even close, Lesnar/Cena style domination.  To the point where Reigns goes out hurt.  That will give him a chance to stay out for a while, and come back with a tweaked character.  This also sets up Strowman to be unstoppable.  You have him hold the US title for a while, until someone you need to have an IMMEDIATE impact comes along, where they win in a roll up on a surprise or something, freeing Strowman for the main event, and setting up a meaningful set of runs with the US championship.

Chad: At this point have him continue to squash people and then have him start running through the talent roster you have while the seperate PPV’s start and the Titles for the shows are figured to see where someone like Braun would fit.

Jim: Fire him.  Release him.  Ignore him.  Anything besides what they’re doing with him now.

Christa: Hire him to stop the morons from rushing the ring? Yeah, that’s about it. Nia Jax would be an excellent addition to that team as well.

Todd: Well,I said this once before while some might disagree with me I think he should be the next Heyman Guy. I think he would be perfect for the job. I mean sure he needs to get better in the ring but its not like Brock Lesner can wrestle either. All he does is German Suplexes and F-5s. I think Strowman could be better than Lesner. At least Strowman wouldn’t have to be all juiced up!


Give me your Summerslam predictions sure to go wrong?

Steve: Ill start with the two championship matches. I think Ambrose retains the title over Ziggler. I am going with Finn Balor over Seth Rollins, but the feud will continue after Summerslam. Sasha will beat Charlotte, it would not make any sense for her to drop the title at this point. I think we see a new Intercontinental Champion in Apollo Crews as he will defeat the Miz. As much as I hate to call this, I think we will see new tag team champions in Anderson and Gallows over the New Day. As predicted above, I got Rusev retaining over Reigns, but it wont be clean. Give me AJ Styles over John Cena as Cena is set to take some time off, and they want to end this thing. Finally I am calling upset and going Orton over Lesnar.

Josh: My predictions don’t go wrong. Styles over Cena, Lesnar over Orton, Balor over Rollins, Ambrose over Ziggler, Crews over Miz, Reigns over Rusev, Club over New Day, Sasha over Charlotte, Cesaro over Sheamus in match 1.  Also, look for me to take a nap during most of the low/mid card.  I will then get a snack, probably a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, bag of popcorn and kool aid to watch the main events.

Chad: Aj beats John Cena; Balor and the Te Club get Gold; Ambrose retains.

Jim: – Women’s triple tag team.  Who and who and Becky Lynch vs who and why and can’t wrestle.  I’ll go with “I was out making a drink and missed it.”

– Cesaro vs Sheamus.  Dang, I spilled my drink going back downstairs, and missed it.

– Miz vs Apollo Crews.  Oh wait, drink is ready.  And I get back downstairs in time to see Apollo Crews actually hurt The Miz and take the belt.  And the wife.
– Enzo and Big Cass vs retire already and quit already.  I’d cheer for Enzo and Cass against any wrestling team out there.  They deserve the win, because they deserve the push.
– New Day vs Gallows and Anderson.  Honestly, the only wrestlers I can’t stand as a team more than New Day is Gallows and Anderson.  Nuff said.
– Sasha Banks vs Charlotte.  Under no circumstances should they turn around and give the belt right back to Charlotte. She had her wasted run as champ.  Let some new blood flow.
– Rusev vs Reigns.  It’s no surprise I want Reigns holding the belt.  So this will probably be my upset of the night when Rusev wins.
– Cena vs Styles.  Dang, my drink is dry again.  Headed back upstairs.
– Ambrose vs Ziggler.  I LOVE Ziggler.  Meaning Ambrose wins.  But I do appreciate the push for Ziggler.  He’s earned it.
– Balor (Demon King) vs Rollins.  If its the Demon King, I want Rollins, and I hate Rollins.  But Demon King is just terrible.  It’s Balor with a bunch of s**t painted on him. Same wrestler, top to bottom.  If it’s Balor, and he PROMISES to never be Demon King again, I want Balor all day.
– Lesnar vs Orton.  The proper punishment for Lesnar’s steroid usage is to lose here.  And I predict he will.  Orton is ready for a full time push.  Lesnar shows up with every harvest moon.  Let’s get Orton back on top.

Christa: Summerslam should be the WWE’s golden opportunity to show that they are evolving as a company; will they? Probably not. Titles won’t change hands, the same boring people will be victorious and, unfortunately, the portly blonde will more than likely help the ugly blonde beat Sasha Banks. YAWN YAWN!

Todd: I predict a double turn in the Rollins vs Balor with Balor winning with the help of Gallows & Anderson, Dean Ambrose vs Dolph Ziggler is going to be a no contest with the outside interference of Bray Wyatt to set up a triple threat match at the next ppv between the three men. Gallows & Anderson def. The New Day, AJ Styles def. John Cena, Sasha Banks def. Charlotte when Dana Brooks shows up at ringside and accidently cost Charlotte the match, Rusev def. Roman Reigns, Apollo Crews def. The Miz, Randy Orton Def. Brock Lesner really i don’t care who wins this match just as long as Lesner don’t win, Cesaro def Shemaus, Chris Jericho & Kevin Owens def. Enzo Amore & Big Cass

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