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Welcome to The Blog About Nothing. It’s the 19th of August and the Olympics are coming to an end. While that is sad for someone like me, who loves watching the Olympics, I think it’s a good thing for Ryan Lochte and the swimmers involved in his lie. Yes, I will be throwing my two cents into the pool this week. Let’s do this!

When I first heard Ryan Lochte’s story I smelled the lie, but I did not really want to believe that he would lie about being robbed at gunpoint. I did not want to believe that he would make up a story where he nonchalantly described being robbed by people dressed up as police officers and had a gun cocked to his head. It’s when he says that he threw up his hands and “whatever” is where I started to smell the bullshit.

Ryan LochteHe seemed far too easy in recounting the story to Billy Bush. Being robbed is a traumatic event. To keep it real, I’ve been robbed before. I was surrounded by four guys, a weapon was alluded to and I gave up my beat old Walkman and the 5 dollars in my pocket. I had very little on me to surrender and truth be told I think my robbers were pissed off that they got such a light score for their efforts. However, the thing bothered me for a little bit. I was 19 years old and despite me not being completely innocent in life, I still wasn’t someone who ran the streets. I’m not that guy, however, for a little while I was cautious and I definitely wasn’t all “whatever” about the incident.

My own experience, wasn’t the only reason why Lochte’s story did not hold up to me. It was a pretty weak story to be honest. To be robbed at gunpoint, and only relieved of your wallet, and not your credentials, cell phone, and watch did not make sense. If you are going to be robbed in that matter I would expect the robbers to take EVERYTHING. Shoot, they would have driven you to an ATM and make you withdraw some money if they had you at gunpoint. That would have made more sense, however, that isn’t what we were told and that certainly is not what happened here.

The truth is Ryan and company got wasted and thrashed a gas station bathroom. Isn’t that the saddest shit you ever heard? They made up an elaborate story so they wouldn’t have been caught being some punk vandals. Damn. Funny thing the truth isn’t that bad. The truth that you had a night from The Hangover, wouldn’t have been so bad at all. Yeah you might have casted a bad light on you, and some of that may have deflected on to the United States Olympic Committee, but that would have been so much better than your fabrication. Tell the truth kids! People will go a lot easier on you if you tell the truth, but instead we are going to be hearing about Lochte and his idiocy for weeks.

Which is a shame really because there has been incidents of actual crime in Rio. A New Zealand athlete was actually kidnapped by criminals posing as police officers and was forced to withdraw money at an ATM. A British athlete was robbed at gunpoint and there have been incidents of sexual harassment as well in the Olympic village. So we have incidents of actual crimes being committed and instead we have a fake crime being the main headline. What a damn shame. Hopefully, this incident is the end of Ryan Lochte as a public figure and he can go off and be the douchebag that he so badly wants to be. Bon voyage you fool.

meloBefore I move off from the Olympics I want to applaud New York Knicks basketball player Carmelo Anthony for spending time in one of the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. Melo, like me, is a bit of a City of God nut, and after watching that film a bunch of times he decided to spend a day in the slums of Rio. So, he and a few of his associates spent the day hanging out with the inhabitants and he brought some joy and attention to a place that doesn’t see much of either.

Carmelo is definitely coming into his own as an activist and he is becoming a man of the people and I think it’s great of him to become one. Leaders can be found in all shapes and walks of life and the fact that Carmelo is becoming an activist athlete should be championed. I have to give him his props for venturing into a place that authorities asked him not to go and to use his voice and presence to highlight life in a place that most tourists are told to avoid. It’s a great look for him. Word to Lil Ze.

Finally I want to venture into the world of pop culture and talk about a show that I like to watch and that show is called Catfish. Catfish is a show on MTV and it’s basically about people who look for love online, but that person they are talking to is rarely who they seem. Most often they are speaking to people who are mostly lying about their appearance, and in a few cases their sexuality. It’s a crazy show to be honest.

katy-perry-hot-This past week this loser looking guy really thought he was an online relationship with the singer Katy Perry. Yeah, this chump really thought the person who was emailing him for the past six years was Katy Perry. This guy went to the point of having his grandmother’s emerald set in a diamond band for her. Yes, he thought he was about to track down and marry Katy Perry. Please Google this guy if you want a good laugh because there was no way in hell this dude was going to end up with Katy Perry.

Anyway, the two stars of the show do some elementary internet research and track down “Katy’ in England and of course it isn’t Katy. It’s some blond who had no interest in the guy and has just been messing with him for the past six years. Catfish is why I will never turn to the internet to fill that relationship hole.

I don’t care how lonely or desperate a person can feel. I don’t care. The internet, Tinder, etc.… is not the answer. You never know who you are talking to on the other end of that computer, or phone. No damn clue. There is no substitute to the personal connection. None. You want to find love? Hit the streets. It will be in front of you soon enough because it is not on the other end of the bandwidth. It’s not.

I’m done. Thanks for reading and supporting what we do here at 7Poundbag.


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