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Hello NBA fans! Welcome to another edition of NBA RoundTable. Now that the NBA schedule is out I am excited for the season to get started. I have some ideas once we get a little closer to the season starting to make the RoundTable a little more exciting. So any ways this week on the slate will be Ray Allen’s comeback, Spurs vs Warriors on opening night, and so much more on NBA RoundTable.


Ray Allen is looking to come back in to the NBA after sitting out the past 2 seasons. Who should pick him up? and can he still play?

Todd: I think he needs to go to a contender for sure like the Warriors, Spurs, or even join James in Cleveland. to me it would make no sense to come back to play for the 76ers.

Chad: I would say the Spurs, Warriors, or Cavs should pick him up because he could give 10-12 minutes a night and hit a couple of shots.

Dan: A lot of talk in MIlwaukee, besides the recent events here, have been Ray Allen returning to the Bucks not only as a nice, solid three-point shooter contribution off the bench as the 8th or 9th man, but also as a fan favorite. A lot of people stopped attending Bucks’ games, buying tickets, merchandise, etc just because of Ray Allen leaving Milwaukee. Bring him back and I believe that’ll not only be a publicity stunt to get these fans back attending games and buying merchandise, but also a solid player who still has a shot and a three-point shot, which the Bucks definitely need.


The Spur and Warriors didn’t play their first game unit the middle of the season last year. Why do you think the NBA put them on the schedule on opening night this year?

Todd: Well, I don’t think the NBA thought the Warriors or Spurs would have the seasons they did last year. They wanted to get some ratings on opening night so I think that is why they put them on the schedule.

Chad: Opening Night Ratings I mean when was the last time a game on opening night got any buzz.

Dan: I think the NBA put the Spurs & Warriors on the schedule for opening night to make their opening night line-up solid. These are two teams everybody wants to watch play and now they get to open their season with a bang with these two great teams. This was a huge match-up last season and they’re going to start the season off right. Every fan gets treated right to the first game, Cleveland-Knicks, then they get the next feature, between two top West teams who will compete for the number 1 West slot this season.

Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics are reportedly interested in Nerlens Noel. Would he be a good fit on the Celtics?

Todd: sure why not. him and Horford on the inside would be a force to recon with especially in the Eastern Conference.

Chad: Yes it gives them another big man to go with Thomas and company in the backcourt to make the Celtics that much better of a team in the East this upcoming season.

Dan: I think he would. They’re looking for a big man to go with Al Horford and I think Nerlens Noel is that perfect big man to fit. He’s young, extremely talented and can really partner well with Horford. They’ve had a duo combo down low that most teams just don’t have and really sets Boston up for down low, in the paint play along with the boards. Would be a great move.


Do you see any kind of rift between Fred Hoiberg and Jimmy butler going into the start of the season?

Todd: No, it just the media trying to stir up problems like always.

Chad: I wouldn’t expect as everyone has basically this is Jimmy’s team and I think everyone in the Bulls organization is prepared for that.

Dan: Personally, I really don’t see any problems really coming up. They have a great team and look to be even better than last year with the additions of Rondo and D-Wade. This is a solid roster they have and look to be making big moves. I don’t see either Fred Hoiberg or Jimmy Butler having any problems coming into the season.


Is anyone surprised that LeBron James stayed in Cleveland?

Todd: Who cares!

Chad: I’m Not I mean it’s home it’s where he can make the most money. It just makes sense

Dan: No, there’s absolutely no surprise. The only surprise is that he signed a 3-year contract, but again, another player option after year 2. That’s the year the salary cap is supposed to raise extremely high again. But there’s absolutely no surprise he went back, why would he switch up?

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