Movie Review: Eyes Wide Shut

Kubrick has always been real hit or miss with me. I love me some Full Metal Jacket, and its will be a LONG time before I ever care about 2001. I’ve always been a big Kidman fan, and Tom Cruise is a solid shot to have a good movie, unless he’s chasing an Oscar.

I’ve heard good and horrible things about this one, plus its a chance to see Nicole Kidman’s goodies!

So Tom Cruise and Kidman are the classic yuppie couple in New York City. He’s a doctor and she’s raising the classic one kid at home.

Eyes Wide Shut Cruise and KidmanThey get invited to a party and kiss the kid goodbye till the end of the movie, and when they get to the party, Kidman gets hit on and dances with a smooth talking European dude I feel I should know from somewhere. He keeps hitting on her, and I swear, if Tom Cruise wasn’t Tom F’N Cruise, he’d be taking her home right now. Cruise ups the wife by having not one but two women hit on him at the same time. His wife being Nicole F’N Kidman, they are unsuccessful. For those of you that don’t know hot insanely hot Kidman was around this time, yes, turning down a threesome with two prom queens for one Kidman is a deal 99% of all men would do.

Cruise is pulled aside to go help out the host who just got a hooker ODed on drugs, meanwhile. Cruise saves the happy hooker, and the couple enjoys the party and goes home.

After smoking a joint (Whaaa?) Kidman and Cruise have some pillow talk, and they argue if men or women are more faithful, and we find out that Cruise gets to look at boobs all day, and Kidman got all wet over a man in uniform that could have had her had she asked. Cruise really doesn’t respond, but gets called away to see a man who is dying. No idea why a dying man calls a boob doctor, but hey, its Tom Cruise. His daughter makes a pass at him and kisses him. Tom Cruise as James Bond! When her fiancee shows up, Cruise leaves. He then gets approached by a hooker, but before he can seal the deal at her place, Kidman calls him and cock-blocks him. He still pays the hooker, but leaves. He drops by a jazz club to talk to the piano player he went to medical school he met at the party earlier, and we get a convoluted conversation about the piano player seeing hot people have a sex party. With NICOLE KIDMAN waiting for him at home and wet as all hell. Cruise worms his way into figuring out where and when the party is.


So how is Eyes Wide Shut?

Eyes Wide Shut CircleIt starts off well. I care about Cruise and I care about Kidman. Kubrick does such a great job of setting up the scene that I actually wonder what the hell is going on with the upper-crust of New York City. The characters are all fun, from the guy and his goofy kid at the costume shop to the happy hooker. I understand Kubrick died before finishing everything, so I have to give it a bit of a pass for the ending, but that is my big problem with the movie- the ending, but I’ll come back to that in the spoiler part. But I enjoyed the ride, but the ending just kinda nails the rewatchability factor as well. Let me go a 6 on here, and yes, if you love Kubrick, you have to watch this one.

Spoilers Shead

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