Movie Review: In Your Eyes

Written by Joss Whedon.

Yes, THAT Joss Whedon.

We start off with a young girl who is about to go sledding down a snowy hill- insert Rosebud joke here- and across the country, a little boy is being picked on in class. When the girl slams into a tree, the boy is knocked to the floor.

Move forward a bit, and the girl is arm candy to a doctor who is a social climber, and the man is an ex-con trying to put his life together working in a car wash with Michal B Jordan’s dad from Friday Night Lights.

Suddenly, the physic link re-starts, and the pair are able to see what the other is looking at, and talk to each other. Sadly this is before Bluetooth, so standing around talking to one’s self soon raises some eyebrows on both sides.

In Your EyesSo the boy starts to try and give the girl some self-confidence and some spine, and the girl tries to pull the boy out of his shell, and to stand up for himself when his buddies try to pull him in to help in another robbery. Obviously, they begin to fall in love.

Not expecting a ton might have been the best thing for this movie, it’s a fairly quick watch, and while not exactly keeping you guessing, I found myself engaged enough to care about watching. I do love the ending, and the guessing about what happens next.

As a chickflick, it’s well worth the watch when the wife wants to watch a movie with you. I’ll go 7, since I can’t see watching a chickflick twice, but throw it on Netflix, it’s worth it. To be honest with you, a fun little series could be made with this premise.

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