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Hello again wrestling fans and welcome to another round of questions by our expert panelist. Welcome to the Wrestling Roundtable. How does UFC fighter, Connor McGregor make his way on to the wrestling roundtable this week? We talk Summerslam and much much more.


Power rankings

1.Dean Ambrose- Forced to co-exist with his Summerslam opponent Dolph Ziggler on Smackdown against the Wyatt Family. That all goes to the wayside when the two meet for the WWE World Championship at Summerslam.

2.Seth Rollins- Will it be Rollins to once again lead Raw when he faces off against Finn Balor for the newly formed Universal Championship?

3.Finn Balor- Looking to become the first Universal Champion at his first major Pay Per View event. Will the Demon come out to play at Summerslam?

4.Dolph Ziggler- The number one contender for the WWE title looked impressive against the Wyatt’s on Smackdown. Will the show-off ride this momentum to the championship?

5.Randy Orton- The Viper vs the Beast. Can Orton RKO his way to victory against Brock Lesnar at Summerslam?


this week

1986- Ric Flair defeats Dusty Rhodes to win his fourth NWA Championship.

1997- Owen Hart breaks Stone Cold Steve Austin’s neck during their Intercontinental Championship at Summerslam 97. Austin would win the match, and his first singles championship in the WWE.  Later that night, Bret Hart wins his 5th and final WWE World Championship when he defeats the Undertaker.


And here we go with this weeks questions.


UFC fighter Connor McGregor recently stated that he could “slap the head off the entire WWE roster.” Many of the WWE superstars responded to McGregor’s rant and some went as far as telling him to bring it on. What are your thoughts on McGregor’s rant?

Steve: I don’t really watch UFC that much, but I can say this. If this was the 1980’s and the wrestling industry, I would say that McGregor probably could take them apart. However, in this day and age, these wrestlers are huge, and have much more athletic talent than just professional wrestling. I don’t think Connor McGregor could hold a candle to many of these WWE Superstars, I would guess that in most cases he would get his butt handed to him. Hey Brock! What are you doing?

Todd: Well,I read both sides of the story. I am not too sure if I agree with what McGregor said about the WWE roster. Although I realize MMA is all real and about 90% of wrestling is fake, there are still risks and real life injuries that occur in the WWE. The wrestlers had a good point about MMA fighters only fighting 2 or 3 times a year and the wrestlers are on the road 300 days out of the year. I know that in the sport of MMA you cannot fight to many fights back to back just because it is real but the wrestlers take way more bumps and probably suffer more injuries than MMA fighters do. Take for instance Triple H tore his quad and finished a match. John Cena Broke his nose and finished a match. Cena also started a match with an elbow the size of a basketball, wrestling may be fake but that takes a lot f courage. I am really not for one side or the other.They aer two differents worlds and its like comparing apples and oranges.

Chad: McGregor is trying to get his name out there so he can show up at Wrestlemania and punk Heath Slater out or something. Seriously he is 150 lbs…maybe Many of the stars would stand a fair chance against McGregor.

Jim: Connor McGregor needs to get over himself.  He’s 5’9″, 170 pounds. It’s easy to stand 1000 miles away and say what you’ll do.  I notice I don’t see him actually challenging anyone specifically.  He’s a champion, but let’s be real, he’s the FEATHERWEIGHT champion.  Yay for him.

Christa:   I think it’s understandable that McGregor wants to ‘poke the bear’ and make some headlines for himself after Lesnar’s positive drug tests and Punk’s inability to make his debut. I have also heard rumblings of McGregor wanting a Rousey-type Wrestlemania moment for himself. This could be the beginning of an eight-long cross promotional feud.


show vs shaq

The WWE has already booked a match between the Big Show and Shaquille O’Neal for Wrestlemania 33. Are you okay with this match, or does the WWE need to stay away from these kind of promotional matches?

Steve: This is a complete and utter joke, and it is going to set up to make the Big Show look like a fool once again at Wrestlemania. I mean, I applaud Show for stepping up to make this happen for Vince McMahon, but just like other Wrestlemania’s when he was defeated by a 110 pound boxer, and then a sumo wrestler, this is another horrible portrayal of one of the best wrestling guys in the industry.

Todd: I think they need to make wrestlemania the best it can be in 2017. Summerslam weekend is set up to be one of the best weekends for WWE in history. there is no need to put a match on the card like this. Wrestlemania is the super bowl of wrestling so it has to be the best.

Chad: This is the kind of match that Wrestlemania was built on as the coming together of Sports and Entertainment. The Actor Mr. T was in the first main event. I have no problem with the match as we’ve been teased the match ever since Shaq was a Raw Guest Host in 2009 I believe; Wrestlemania is in Orlando where Shaq began his NBA career (Celebrity Inductee to the WWE hall of fame class of 2017-book it).

Jim: No, I am not OK with it.  It’s ridiculous and stupid and one of the biggest reasons why I can’t stand the WWE sometimes.  If Shaq wins, it embarrasses a guaranteed WWE Hall of Famer.  If Big Show wins….so what?  He beat an overweight basketball player.  Good job.  There is no upside to this match.

Christa:   I think promotional matches can be absolutely beneficial and bring a new audience to the WWE. I would have loved to see Rousey vs. McMahon at Wrestlemania. If McMahon won, we would know that Rousey was getting a HUGE pay day to get her ass kicked but fans would still love it. Shaq in a WWE match?? With the Big Show?? Both are old and irrelevant. Moving on…



Last week, WWE Superstar, Rhyno won the primary election in Dearborn Michigan for Michigan State Representative. There is a history of wrestlers throwing their names into the political ring. Being that this is a major state race, is Rhyno wrestling currently in the WWE good for his campaign? Or, will this hurt his chances at getting elected?

Steve: I could see this going a couple different ways. First, the fact that he is wrestling instead of going out there campaigning could ultimately cost him some votes in the General Election. However, on a plus for this, this kind of seat has a lot to do with name recognition, and most people have no idea who there state senator or state rep even is. If they recognize your name on the ballot, you have a better chance to get the vote of that person. So overall, I think being in the WWE during the election will help him get elected.

Todd: Well, you could look at it two ways. One that it gets him publicity and his name out there. The second is probably the down fall. Its bad publicity. A lot of people for whatever reason look down at the world of professional wrestling when it comes to politics. Yeah Jesse “the body Ventura was the governor of Minnesota but he had been out of wrestling for a while. So it could hurt his chances in the long run because people might look at him as a joke.

Chad: Based on what I have seen of this this appears to be happening with Vince’s blessing and I have seen where Rhyno isn’t leaving that this WWE job is his livelihood so I think that kind of dedication will help him out and I wish him the best of luck

Jim: It’s Michigan.  They don’t care.  At least he’s not poisoning an entire city with his terrible decisions.  In the end, it’s not a “major state race”.  If it were for the US Congress, it would be important.  Since it’s just for State Representative, being on TV helps. The people of Dearborn are dumb enough to elect him to represent them…good on em.  They’ll get exactly what they deserve.

Christa:   I think being currently associated to the WWE can only hurt him. I think anyone that wants to make a difference (especially so close to my home town) is great but I would hate for him to cut off his nose, despite his face.



With the last two weeks of Eva Marie’s “botched” debut. Do you have any desire to see Eva Marie compete on Smackdown?

Steve: She has no business in wrestling what so ever. She has no talent, she cant talk, she looks uncomfortable every time she grabs a microphone, yet she comes across like she is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Once she gets into the ring, I have a feeling she will be exposed, and that is probably why she is running this gimmick she is now, where something happens that causes her to not start the match.

Todd: Hell No!!! It is even a disgrace she is on the main roster. Clearly WWE does not think she is ready to perform on live television, other wise she would of had two matches already. It is just a waste of T.V. time for her to come out and act like something weird happened like the last two weeks. The WWE fans don’t want to see that and personally it was a slap in the face to Becky Lynch. Just fire her and get it over with. No one wants to see her wrestle because she can’t.

Chad: I had more interest in seeing David Arquette as WCW Champion

Jim: Compete?  Absolutely.  Completely asinine 5 minute introduction of the dumbest things ever uttered out of the WWE announcer’s mouth, followed by her inability to actually wrestle?  No, I have zero desire to ever see this again.  And I’m pretty sure that because the WWE writers haven’t had an original thought in 10 years, we’re going to keep seeing it.

Christa: Eva Marie is a JOKE. The end.


new day

Will the New Day’s record breaking reign as tag team champions, be over at Summerslam?

Steve: It probably will be over at Summerslam, but I am not happy about it. The New Day has had a great run, and still are over with fans. Typically when a team or an individual has a long run, fans get tired of them. Not the New Day, they could probably get another year run as champions and still be over with the fans. These guys are hilarious. It probably is time for another team to step up and get a run with the titles. Im not so sure Anderson and Gallows are the right choice, but time will tell.

Todd: First of all, I think the story line with Big E. being injured is stupid. If the New Day does lose the titles at Summerslam, which I think they will I want them at full strength. That is with Big E. because lets face it Xavier woods is clearly the weakest link.

Chad: Yes, I think that a year reign is long enough for them and that the (Balor) Club need to start getting the gold with Balor getting the Universal belt and Anderson and Gallows getting the Tag Belts

Jim: I hope so.

Christa:   I think that the story line with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb is setting them up for loss especially with Big E’s ‘injury’. Dee and Dumb are awful and boring so I’m really hoping that they won’t win but I’ve been wrong before (only once or twice).

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