TNA’s Dixie Carter is Out as President

Via TNA Press Release:

IMPACT Ventures, the parent company of TNA Wrestling and IMPACT WRESTLING, today announced the appointment of Billy Corgan as its new President. Current President Dixie Carter becomes Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer of IMPACT.

So let me get this straight, a lady who did not grow up in the business (I.E. Stephanie) or come into the business in a young age and spend the bulk of his life learning (HHH, Bischoff, or even Saint Vince himself) has run the company so far down that the guy from the SMASHING PUMPKINS is taking over?

As President, Billy Corgan will be responsible for leading day-to-day operations for IMPACT and its affiliated brands. As Chairman, Carter will focus on long-term planning, strategic partnerships and global growth.

I’m actually perfectly fine with Corgan taking over, it’s not like he can do worse, and it’s not like there isn’t something there to try and build on, but I would not say that “long term planning” is what Dixie is good at.

If nothing else, TNA has gone from Spike to Destination America to Pop. No matter how many countries TNA is broadcast in, that is a monster step down by any measure. TNA has gone from a viable alternative to WWE, to for 80% of America, no better than ROH- and considering the booking of ROH, less so. I know the only non-WWE option I have right is NEW JAPAN re-broadcasts with Jim Ross and Josh Barnett on AXS. Better for TNA to get someone that can book a show, build a strong streaming base and try and get on a network that is closer to broadcast than the Music channels, and hope Vince really pissed off the USA Network again.

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