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Welcome to The Blog About Nothing. It’s the 12th of August, and my hometown is wrapped in a humid bubble. It’s terribly hot in New York City and I feel like that I have sweat so much that these past few days that I do not know how I still have any water left in my body. It’s crazy how my sweat glands have been working on overdrive. I’m sweating more than Alex Rodriguez would be before a surprise drug test. I swear.

Well I guess those surprise tests will be in Alex’s rearview if he does retire after the New York Yankees play the Tampa Bay Rays tonight. Yes, on Friday August 12, 2016, Alex Rodriguez will be taking his last bow as a New York Yankee and likely as a Major League Baseball player. This past week has been real interesting for A-Rod considering manager Joe Girardi has been stonewalling him every chance he has gets.

arod1He’s kept A-Rod on the bench, he refuses to play him in the field, and despite the Yankees being sellers at the trade deadline; Girardi is still insisting that the Yankees mission is playing to win. Yeah, I wonder where was that line at last season when the Yankees kept throwing a clearly done Derek Jeter out there in the number 2 hole and at short stop when he had nothing left to give. I guess it’s alright to give Captain Jeter the long farewell, but give pain in the ass A-Rod the bum rush out the door.

Yup, A-Rod never really fit in with the Yankees and despite putting up big numbers in his career and being the key player on the 2009 World Series Championship team, it all ends with a whisper for Rodriguez in New York. It’s sad really, but it’s the ending that should have been expected. So, we are going to watch on Friday night as the Yankees and Rodriguez act nice, but I’m sure both sides can’t wait to move on from this whole deal.

Now, we’ll have to wait and see if the 41 year old Rodriguez, who clearly still wants to play, convinces someone to give him one last shot. Being four homeruns short of 700, I still believe the Miami Marlins will be that team but we will have to wait and see. As I said last week, I would not feel confident placing a bet on Alex Rodriguez playing again, but I also can see someone being charmed by him to give him one last run at the record books. However, as I said we will have to wait and see.

Rio OlympicsAnother thing I have been watching these past few days is the Olympics. Like most of the nation, I have been in awe of the phenomenon that is Michael Phelps, and I’ve kept my eyes glued to the gymnastics and swimming. So far it seems like the only Olympic events that have taken place is gymnastics and swimming since those events are the primetime events, but I for one cannot wait for track and field to start.

I love the athletics events. The sprints, the endurance races, and everything in between catch my attention. Like most people I think I’m interested to see if Jamaican sprinter, Usain Bolt, can win his third straight gold medal in the 100 meters, the 200 meters, and the 4×100 meter relay. Usain has crushed the competition in the past but the combination of age and injury gives his competitors the chance to see if the lightning bolt can really be caught.

The track and field events also gives me a chance to see the athletes of Trinidad and Tobago. I root for the United States of America, like any good citizen, but I have to be honest: I take a special pride and joy in rooting for the athletes of T&T. Winning an Olympic medal for a nation the size of 1.3 million people is a huge and life changing thing. It’s a real reward. For example I will be glued to the television to see if Keshorn Walcott can defend the gold medal he won in the 2012 Olympics in the javelin.

It goes deeper than my support for Trinidad though. I like the feel good story, and sometimes you do not get that when American athletes win. I root for the athlete who wins the medal from the small nation, because you know that medal means so much for themselves and their country. In athletics, you get a better chance of that story instead of the other big sports like gymnastics, swimming, basketball, tennis etc.…

As I sit here listening to P3, the brand new album from PartyNextDoor, I think I’m going to leave the blog on that note. It’s Friday, it’s hot as hell outside, and I got about 4 hours of sleep last night.

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  1. I’m gonna kept this short and sweet because I want to deal with it in next week’s MLBRT… Joe Girardi (and by extension the Yankee hierarchy in Hal and Cash) lied and disrespected ARod in a huge way. That to me is wrong and should not have ever had happened. I guess there’s a new Yankee way in place these days, eh?

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