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Welcome NBA fans to another exciting edition of NBA RoundTable. This week in the slate is the big news coming out of OKC with Russell Westbrook resigning with the Thunder, also we will discuss a topic that I am sure that will get some people a fired up and that is Charles Barkley getting to host his own show called the Race Card that and so much more on NBA RoundTable.

Lets get started:


In your opinion why do you think Russell Westbrook changed his mind about resigning with OKC?

Todd: My honest opinion, Westbrook resigned with OKC because he knew he was going to be the man after Durant left. I don’t think he did it to prove OKC could win without Durant. He just wanted the spotlight solely on him. Sure he might have been able to go somewhere else and have the same thing but he wouldn’t be able to compete for a playoff spot like OKC can next year.

Steve: Honestly, I think the re-signed with the Thunder to basically say “fuck you” to Kevin Durant. It is a good move for Westbrook, to allow the Thunder to build a competitive team around him. Westbrook nearly led the Thunder to the playoffs on his own a year ago, but fell just short, and as Durant has been injury prone, this is now his team, and his team alone. Just think of it this way, what if, and this is a pure hypothetical, the Thunder meet up with the Warriors in the playoffs, and the Thunder get the best of Golden State and win the series? I think this was in the back of Westbrook’s mind when he re-signed. Had he gone to another team and this occured, it would not have meant as much.

Chad: Quite Frankly Westbrook wants to show Durant that he is the better A option on any team and is willing to stay in OKC to build a team and around him and prove it.

Dan: I feel like there’s two reasons – loyalty and betrayal. In his press conference to announce his contract re-signing, Westbrook kept stressing the loyalty he has. He’s loyal to his fans, he’s loyal to his team and the organization. He recognizes the efforts being put forth by the Thunder front office, especially at the draft where they acquired Oladipo to help improve this squad and improve upon their team. The other reason – betrayal – comes from what Kevin Durant did this off-season in signing with Golden State. Westbrook said it himself that it wasn’t a move he thought Durant would’ve made. He opposed super teams, but went to create an ultra-super team. Westbrook felt betrayed since he found out via text message and he felt the betrayal that the Thunder organization and their fans felt. He wants to re-assure OKC that they won’t lose their two best players and he wants to beat Golden State even more now.


A few weeks ago Charles Barkley took some heat about some comments he made about race in America, basically about all the shootings that have been going on lately. Now TNT has approved a new series where Barkely is the host called the “Race Card”. What are your thoughts on this?

Todd: I think a lot of people out there misinterpreted Charles Barkley a few weeks ago when he was talking about Race in America in today age and time. A lot of people took what he said and twisted I believe. They took him saying only black lives matter. Maybe I am wrong but I interpreted differently. Yes, he was focusing on the black community because probably 80% of the killings are blacks or done by blacks. I understand all lives matter. In reality there should not even be all this black white shit. We should be all one color but that is not how todays kids are brought up. The kids only know what they are taught by the parents. I think it is just a useless show to make money.

Steve: I could go off on this question, and I had to put myself in a brief timeout before answering it. So, being the professional that I am, I am going to keep this clean. To Charles Barkley: You low life piece of shit, it is people like you that continue to cause this media circus around the race card. We are not in the fucking 60’s anymore. The United States of America elected an African-American President of the United States eight years ago, and re-elected him four years ago. So don’t sit here and fucking tell me that there is racism in this country. You sir, and I use that term lightly, need to grow up, and should be speaking up to end this ridiculous notion that racism is still a thing. We are in the 21st century, and we are in an era where ALL LIVES MATTER. I don’t care if you are white, black, Asian, Latino, or whatever heritage you may be, your life matters. It is the media, and the African-American spokespeople, like Barkley, that are making this much more than it really is.

Chad: I am going to take the high road here and just hope and pray that Charles Barkley’s show ends up doing some good for our country.

Dan: This is just a money ploy. Try to get viewers for something that came off some comments from Barkley. Well, why not make him the host? Can attract more viewers and get better ratings bringing in more money. That’s all. Just a big money game.


Does it make sense for Lebron James to chase Michael Jordan’s legacy for his own personal gain?

Todd: In my book LeBron James will never equal up to Michael Jordan. Even though I was never a fan of the Chicago Bulls or Michael Jordan, he was one of the best players to ever lace them up. Shit LeBron is not even going to be in the top 10 of all time players when he is done. In my opinion he has too many asteriks by his name like calling Bosh and Wade to make sure they get on the same team. Who Does that? Jordan never did that. Kobe Never did that. Bird or Magic never did that. Then as a result of that he won 2 championships. He is also 3-4 in the NBA Finals. Which if it were not for Ray Allen and Kyrie Irving he could very well be 1-6.

Steve: Whatever floats his boat. We all know the truth, that no one man in the history of the NBA will be able to compare themselves to Michael Jordan. If he wants to grow his head even more, then thats on him. He doesnt hold a candle to Michael Jordan, and I say this being not the biggest Jordan fan.

Chad: Why can’t we just let Lebron be Lebron and build Lebron’s legacy? I know we have to compare people in Sports but the whole Jordan/Lebron thing is just getting ridiculous.

Dan: Yes, it makes total sense. LeBron wants to be the best. Who was the best player of all-time in NBA history? Michael Jordan. Who is the only person better than LeBron James? Michael Jordan. It makes total sense. Not only does him wanting the Championships makes sense (everybody likes to win – plus, the jewelry), so does being the best. It fits like a puzzle piece into his competitive nature. Do I think he can become the best the NBA has ever seen? Yes, I do.

Note to chad: LeBron made those comments, I just asked the question.

Boogie Cousins

DeMarcus Cousins looks to be on his way out of Sacramento, Where would be the best fit for him at this point in his career?

Todd: I guess I am going to go with the Chicago Bulls. He would be a great fit with them considering they need a starting center after losing Gasol and Noah. With Cousins, Wade and Rondo joining the team along with Butler and some of their young guns coming off the bench they would be a very competitive team in the Eastern conference next year.

Steve: The Bulls, now that they have some free room to sign a big named player would be an ideal fit. They nearly made this happen last year at the trade deadline. Cousins has said that he wants to go there, and Chicago would be a top 4 playoff team if they can land him. Another team I think he would do well in is Minnesota. With a load of young talented players, and a fantastic head coach, Cousins could be the key ingredient to propel the Timberwolves to the next level and reach the playoffs.

Chad: The Bulls probably make the most since as they have a good back court and need some help front I just wonder how the whole Rondo/Cousins reunion would go

Dan: There are rumors flying around of the Chicago Bulls being interested in acquiring DeMarcus Cousins. There’s one more team, in the same division as the Bulls, who I also think Cousins would fit greatly with – Cleveland. Both are in need of a center. Both have great teams with multiple superstars. Cleveland would have arguably the best center in the league, have the best player in the league and a top-3 point guard in the league in Irving. They already beat Golden State last year in the Finals. With Golden State grabbing Kevin Durant, why not try and one-up them by acquiring Cousins? In Chicago, he’d fit nicely by filling them with a center. They already grabbed Rajon Rondo and D-Wade this off-season, why not add Cousins. He’d replace, ultimately, the hole caused by Gasol and Joakim Noah leaving and with Rondo and D-Wade making up for the loss of D-Rose, it almost looks as if Chicago would come out ahead this off-season.

In your opinion who had the best franchise in NBA history the Celtics in the 1970’s, the showtime Lakers in the 1980’s, the Bulls in the 1990’s or someone else?

Todd: I am going to have to say the Chicago Bulls. The reason being is they did more with less talent and they had one of the greatest coaches in NBA history in Phil Jackson.

Steve: I think it is hard to compare teams in this magnitude. The Celtics pretty much had there way in the 60’s, 70’s, and were not too spursshabby in the 80’s either. The Lakers shined in the mid to late 80’s, and the Bulls pretty much dominated the 90’s. Honestly I am going to go out on a limb here and while I am not a fan of the franchise. I have to say the San Antonio Spurs team ranging from 1998 through 2016…and counting. This team has been competitive for over a decade and a half with the same core of players, adding and removing players. But the same core has led this franchise to 5 NBA titles, 7 Finals appearances, and have honestly been the team to beat for the past 16 years in the West. Neither of the aforementioned teams can say they have had this kind of durability over this long span as the San Antonio Spurs have had with Tim Duncan leading the charge. Now that he is retired, it will be interesting to see if they can continue the legacy of what the Spurs have accomplished over the past 16 years.

Chad: I would say the Bulls because the 3-peated twice and outside of Phil, Michael and Scottie, the team had completely different role guys where it almost becomes the question do you want the 91-93 or the 95-98 Bulls

Dan: I think the Bulls of the 1990s had the best dynasty ever. Not only were they a dominant force with MJ, Pippen and Paxton, they had one of the best coaches ever in Phil Jackson. The reason I would put them ahead of the 1970 Celtics, even though the Celtics had won more championships, is the simple fact that Chicago not only was winning consistently, but doing it against a bigger, better NBA. They also posted the best record of all-time before Golden State just beat that this past season. Jordan also retired twice during their 1990s run, once after the 1993 season and once after the 1998 season.

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