Whats up wrestling fans! Welcome one and all to another round of Q and A with DA DA DA….#ask7pound. I am Steve Hall, and I am here to answer your questions relating to the world of wrestling. SummerSlam is right around the corner and one of our fans asks me if Finn Balor has a chance at SummerSlam to win the newly formed Universal Championship? Also we go back to the late 90’s and revisit an old Pay Per View in WCW, World War 3. This and much more.

Lets get to some Bad News.


The WWE recently held their brand extension draft…and I have some bad news Eva Marie was drafted to Smackdown which means she is going to be allowed to wrestle on Live TV which cannot end well for anybody.


Did you know that The Big Show won the WCW Championship in his very first professional wrestling match when he defeated Hulk Hogan at Halloween Havoc 1995.




Joshua gets us started taking us back to World War 3 in WCW.

Will we ever see another World War 3 event, like they did in WCW in the mid 90’s?


Well sure if Donald Trump becomes the next President of the United States. I think we may very well see World War 3. Now to answer your question seriously. I don’t think we will ever see anything that WCW produced over the later years because how poorly it was ran. World War 3 was a nice concept and a really cool Battle Royal. There would be a few things that would stop WWE from doing this particular event though. 1) It takes up too much room. Vince wants to sell tickets, and having three rings would probably cost the WWE thousands of dollars on ticket sales for an PPV event, especially what they go for on floor seats. 2) The roster. The roster on the WWE barely reaches 60 superstars, and that is including NXT, so sure they could pull it off, and even throw in some old school guys to take part in it, but they would not have any room for other matches for the event, unless of course they pulled double duty. And finally 3) They already have something similar for the winner. If you recall, the winner of World War 3 got a guaranteed championship match, except for the first one when Randy Savage won the WCW Championship. The WWE already has Money in the Bank, and trust me, that is not going anywhere anytime soon.


Matt goes current events on me and asks about Finn Balor’s chances at Summerslam.

When Finn Balor shocked the world and beat Roman Reigns to be the number one contender, I was stoked. That being said, do you really give him a snow balls chance in hell at actually winning at SummerSlam against Seth Rollins?


Does he have a chance? Sure he does. The WWE has very high hopes for Finn Balor, and the proof of that is that he is already in a main even for a major championship against of the the best wrestlers in WWE currently. He pinned the United States champion, Rusev, and also pinned Roman Reigns, a former 3 time WWE Champion, cleanly, and on his first appearance on Monday Night Raw. So to say that he does not have a chance at Summerslam would be ridiculous to say.

Now that being said. Will he win? I am on the fence to see what will actually occur. My mind tells me that they are going to put the championship on Seth Rollins. So I would say no he will not win the match. They can go a few ways here to make Rollins look good, and to make Balor look good and not lose any momentum. First: You can have an absolute epic match up between the two and have Rollins win clean, and the two have a few matches over the next couple of months culminating with Balor winning the championship, maybe at Survivor Series. You could have Balor win the championship at Summerslam, and have just the opposite happen. Or you can do what I honestly think will happen, and would be a complete disaster. You can have Reigns cost Balor the championship literally handing it back to Rollins and turning heel in the process. This would be fine for Balor, but it would keep Seth Rollins as that champion who can never win on his own, and we are set up for that for the next few months. That would be a disaster for Seth Rollins and a potential second championship run.


Gerry wants to know about a match made in heaven

I have always wanted to know about the match made in heaven with the marriage between Savage and Elizabeth. Was that a real wedding, and were they really married at this time?


No, that wedding was simply a part of a story line that the WWE was doing with Savage and Liz. However, they really were married during this time period. They actually got married back in 1984. Savage was just breaking into the WWE, and they wanted to pair him with a valet as he was going to be called the Macho Man. He told Vince McMahon that he already had a gorgeous brunette that could play the role perfectly, and it just so happened to be his wife, Elizabeth. Ironically, Savage and Liz were married in storyline mode in August of 1991, but in real life divorced less than a year later in 1992, shortly before Savage dropped the WWF Championship back to Ric Flair. If you followed 1992, Liz was basically written off of TV after Wrestlemania, when Savage won the championship over Flair. Liz was a big part of this match, when Flair kissed her, and then Savage beat the hell out of him before being awarded the championship. According to many people, Savage was very protective of Savage, and Elizabeth confided in Hulk Hogan’s wife, who advised her to leave him. This is why Savage always blamed Hogan for ending their marriage.


Jessica wants to know about interviews on the WWE Network.

Are the interviews given on the WWE Network scripted or are they allowed to really get down to business. What I mean is shows like Legends with JBL, Unfiltered, etc…


There are times where wrestlers will go off script during these shows, but most of what they are being asked has to be approved by management in the WWE. Usually when they book certain guys, there are things that may be off limits, for example if a wrestler had a criminal history, they may not want to discuss it. Vince wants these shows to appear to be shoot interviews, so for the most part he will allow anything to be said during these shows at any given time, as long as it will not look bad against the company. While I don’t know for certain, I believe that most of the wrestlers know exactly the questions that are going to be asked, and there may be a curve ball if a door opens up. One episode of Legends with JBL with Michael Hayes, there was a discussion of a wrestling death of Gino Hernandez. This went a little off script, and Hayes stated that the “suicide” of Hernandez he strongly believes that it was a murder, and he knew who did it. He refused to elaborate after that, by just saying that his death was not a suicide. Then during shows like the Stone Cold podcast, Austin and his guests may go off topic at times and just kinda shoot the shit. I think that is more improv than any other show that is on the Network, mainly because it is Steve Austin doing the show. I believe that most of the shows are at least partially scripted.


Pistol Pete closes us out with WWE theme songs

Wrestling theme songs seem to change for wrestlers from time to time, how many wrestlers have actually kept their theme song throughout their career. If there are not any, who has had the longest run with the same theme song?

big show

I don’t know if there is one wrestler who has had the same theme song for his entire career. Even today, they seem to change them periodically or at least modify it with some sorts. One that comes to mind right off the bat, as far as the WWE goes is the Big Show. Since his debut in 1999, he has had the same theme song, and literally it has not changed. Go back to a show in 1999, and listen to one today, there is absolutely no difference in the theme. Ric Flair pretty much had the same theme song in WCW, but there were a few slight modifications, and he used the Horsemen theme when he came out with the group. His theme 2001 Space Odyssey, has been used by him pretty much his whole career, again with slight modifications. Stone Cold Steve Austin has used the same entrance music ever since he became “Stone Cold” however he had different music when he was the ring master. Bret Hart has had the same music pretty much with a little modification, but same melody. And Shawn Michaels has had the same tune during his singles run with the exception of in his first year, Sherri sang his song instead of him. Then finally there is one final one that we can put on this list. Bob Backlund. He has never ever ever ever had theme music coming down to the ring, so does that count? What do you think? Did I miss any?


That’s all for this week, come back again, and please send me your questions that you have related to the world of wrestling. @StephanHall #ask7pound. Or email me swhall03@gmail.com. Have a great week wrestling fans!




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