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Hello again wrestling fans and welcome back to yet another roundtable discussion between some of the finest wrestling experts, and most controversial panel. This is the Wrestling Roundtable. Roman Reigns has a new role, and SummerSlam is still shaping up to be epic. We give our thoughts and opinions on the latest happenings around the world of wrestling.


Power rankings

1.Dean Ambrose- The WWE Champion is leading Smackdown, but faces a tough test against a show-off at Summerslam

2.Seth Rollins- A big win over Sami Zayn in an epic match up. Will Rollins become the first Universal Champion?

3.Finn Balor- Balor looks confident going into Summerslam, it seems as this Demon will not back down from Seth Rollins.

4.Dolph Ziggler- The number one contender to the WWE Championship may have shocked the world last Tuesday, but can he overcome odds and win the title?

5.Randy Orton- Orton is not backing down from Brock Lesnar, but after an RKO on Raw, has Orton awakened a Beast?


this week

1979- Rowdy Roddy Piper makes his WWE TV by defeating Johnny Rodz

1985- Miss Elizabeth makes her WWE debut as the manager of Randy Savage

2015- Speaking of Rowdy Roddy Piper, the Rowdy one passed away sadly one year ago this week, marking the second legend in a month to pass away.


And here are the questions this week


It would appear as if Roman Reigns has been regulated to the mid card as he is starting a feud with Rusev. Do you agree with this move?

Steve: Slow clap for the WWE for finally getting this right. The Roman Reigns project ran its course at the top, and the fan never got behind it. Did you hear the massive pop that he got when he came out against Rusev on Monday night? I am not a hundred percent sure that this was a utter hatred towards Rusev, or that the fans realized that Reigns is not going to be a part of the World title picture, at least for the forseeable future. This was a great move by the WWE, they finally listened to the fans.

Todd: I think it is a good move for him. He actually got the biggest pop I have heard him get since he was with the shield when he came out on Raw. It might even rejuvenate him as a babyface. This could be the best thing for his career at this point.

Chad: Thank god almighty the powers to be are reading my rants…ok maybe not…but Roman Reigns in a mid card role is a perfect for him coming off of a 30 day wellness suspension. Vince’s golden boy screwed up and now he has to pay the consequences which include having to earn your way back into the title picture. I’d actually like to see Rusev beat Reigns at Summerslam.

Jim: It’s absolutely the right move.  Did you hear the fans?  They LOVED him fighting Rusev.  That’s not a push to the top.  That’s him being a hero.  They hate Rusev, and rightly so.  No disgusting blob like him deserves that wife.  He should be despised.  Hopefully Reigns wins the US title, brings it back into an American’s hand again, and the fans will eat it up.  Then we can have a John Cena vs Reigns storyline that will be epic.


As of right now, with a few matches already signed for SummerSlam, what grade do you give to the WWE for promoting this event……so far?

Steve: Like Stephanie McMahon said to Daniel Bryan, I give it a solid B+, but I reserve the right to change this up to an A should the card get even better. This is shaping up to be one of the best events, not just Summerslam events in recent memory. WWE is thinking that this may be the best weekend of wrestling in a very long time with NXT Takeover also promoting some huge matches, and just remember what they did last year at the event. This could be an epic event. I say B+ because I have this feeling in the pit of my large stomach that they will find a way to ruin it for me, much like they did last year.

Todd: I give it an A+. This card is outstanding with several matches set up to steal the show. Seth Rollins vs Finn Balor is gonna meet for the first time ever and it should be an awesome match. Dean Ambrose vs Dolph Ziggler should be another great match. Sasha Banks vs Charlotte already stole the show once on Raw a couple weeks ago. John Cena vs AJ Styles should be another good match. I would like to push for a match. One more match with Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn in a last man standing match. They stole the show last ppv and this match would be sure to steal the show once again. I am least excited about the Lesner vs Orton match. I could careless if that match takes place.

Chad: I’ll be generous and say an A. The Styles/Cena feud is coming to an end; Orton and Lesnar/Paul Heyman are doing some great promo work to get me excited for the match. The title matches feature new faces (Ziggler, Finn Balor, and Apollo Crews, and even Sasha Banks as defending champion. I’ll be curious how the rest of the card shapes up being a 4 h hour show and all.

Jim: The WWE does two things right.  Promotion of Wrestlemania…and promotion of Summerslam.  I think it’ll be one of the best PPVs ever, and I can’t wait to see it.  Belts on the line.  Cross promotion with RAW and Smackdown Live.  It’s going to be one worth watching…FINALLY!!!!!  I’m actually thinking the three monkeys with two typewriters that write for the WWE finally got a Tandy computer.  One day they’ll realize it’s 2016.


Agree or Disagree: Dolph Ziggler was the right choice to face Dean Ambrose for the WWE Championship at Summerslam.

Steve: Disagree, Ziggler is great don’t get me wrong, but Bray Wyatt should be in this match. I said it during the six pack challenge match, and again when he faced off against Ziggler on Smackdown. I thought for a moment they may in fact listen to me. Nope, not saying this wont be a great match, I think it will be, but for god sake, give Bray a push in the main event circuit.

Todd: Agree. Dolph Ziggler deserves a push. He works his ass off day in and day out. This is his chance to get back in the main event picture. I am really looking forward to this match.

Chad: From the Smackdown side of things I will agree it gives Ambrose a different opponent. Yes he could have faced Bray Wyatt but Ambrose and Wyatt have been in the ring with each other a lot already (TLC Match, Ambulance Match, Shield vs Wyatts, Tags with Roman vs the Wyatts).

Jim: Dolph is absolutely the right choice.  And him winning would be incredible.  He’s earned everything they’re giving him right now.  Nobody, and I MEAN NOBODY, gives more, night after night, than Ziggler.  He is what makes the WWE great.  He puts his heart and soul into that company and it’s damned well high time they realized it and rewarded him with a major push.


Agree or Disagree: You are sold on the notion that Apollo Crews should defeat the Miz and win the Intercontinental Championship?

Steve: Agree, Miz is getting annoying, Crews is a hot young superstar that can be a huge star in this business. If he does not win the championship, we will be forced to have Miz down our throats for how much longer? Crews is absolutely the right guy to take the championship off of Mike Mizanin.

Todd: Considering he is facing The Miz he should win. The Miz is a joke to me. This is the new era and seeing how Crews was on the 6pack challenge for the number one contender match for the new WWE Universal Championship, I think he might get a push right to the IC title.

Chad: Apollo “Creed” Crews (sorry Daniel Bryan) is ready to be the man with the IC belt, 100% agree, Doesn’t Miz have to go film the Marine 28 anyway?

Jim:  I was sold on Crews the first time I ever saw him wrestle.  The Miz is miz-erable.  I want Crews to hold every belt in the company, all at the same time, for the next 10 years.  I love this guy. He is the future of the WWE.


What is your take on Raw putting “jobbers” up against Braun Strowman and Nia Jax respectively the last two weeks on Raw?

Steve: It kinda reminds me of the old days back when Superstars was around, and it gives us a chance to see future WWE Champions like James Ellsworth make an appearance and nearly knock off Braun Strowman. I think Ellsworth is the next John Cena…okay but for real now, I honestly think that this hurts Strowman as he needs to establish himself at least in a mid card run with at least some decent opponents. Not everyone is going to put up the fight that Ellsworth did. As far as Nia Jax, if fans are like me, I don’t know much about her sadly, but it gives fans a chance to see what she can do in the ring. We already know about Strowman as he has been established for the past year in the WWE.

Todd: It is ok to build them up but they can’t keep putting them up against jobbers forever. Sooner or later they will have to face real competition.

Chad: I have no problem with it; it is something that have been used in wrestling for the longest to get people dominant wins so why not do the same thing with these 2 dominating superstars.

Jim: You want it clean or can I pull out my cussing dictionary and tell the truth.  Braun Strowman can beat me.  Wow, how can we sell that?  It’s the same as that miserable little idiot they had him wrestle this week.  What’s the point?  The largest man on the active roster right now (that’s right, the Big Show is a No Show). So how do we give him a push?  Let’s let him wrestle a high school debate team nerd.  Yeah, that’s the answer.  And Nia Jax?  Are you KIDDING ME WWE!!!????  Just when I think you’re figuring out storylines, you give us this piece of trash?  She has no muscle.  No personality.  No skill.  And obviously no mirror when she put that outfit on.  If I never see her again that would be fine.


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