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Hello again NBA fans to another edition of NBA RoundTable. This week on the slate is how the 76ers should manage their big men, is anyone really surprised that Dirk stayed in Dallas and so much more on NBA RoundTable.

Here we go:

ben simmons

Ben Simmons was drafted to be the face of the franchise of the Philadelphia 76ers. The 76er’s have a whole lot of big men that they have drafted the past few years including Joel Embiid, Nerlens Noel, and Jahlil Okafor. There has been talk about trading one or two of them. who do you think they should trade?

Todd: With Embiid injury history he has no value at all since no one has seen him even step on an NBA court yeat in 2 years. I would trade Nerlens Noels as I see Jahlil Okafor having a better upside.

Steve: I said before that the city of Philadelphia should trade the entire 76ers roster and franchise for some nice steaks to make their infamous Philly Cheesesteaks. That would be ideal considering that is the only thing good that is coming out of Philadelphia lately. To answer their question, I think they should try to unload Embiid. I don’t think anyone will take him because he has been injury prone, but if they can get a few draft picks for him, or even maybe a decent player out of it, that would be a win for Philadelphia.

Chad: With Embiid’s injury history I think that Noel would be the most likely to get traded as I would value Okafor over Noel. I think you have something with Okafor and Simmons that could eventually move the 76ers forward…slightly

Dan: Nerlens Noel makes the most sense to trade. Some teams are trying to get him for some solid talent, like Cleveland, Los Angeles Lakers and Toronto. Why not trade him, get a JR Smith or a similar-type player and you can keep a great, young squad. You could trade Okafar, but I think he can score better & is the better overall player who will vibe better with these two young guys in Ben Simmons & Embiid.


What are your thoughts about the NBAPA voting unanimously to provide health care to all retired NBA players with at least 3 years of service in the league?

Todd: I guess it is ok. I would like to see it to be a few more years of service like 10.

Steve: I don’t really have much of a problem with it, however if it were me, I would make the years of service a little bit longer. There are guys that have been drafted, and technically part of a team for three years but have not even played yet. I think they should make it 5 years with a minimum number of games played to make this fair.

Chad: Its a good step to show players that there is concern with their well-being. Th eonly change I might make is to make the service time longer or say you to appear in x number of games to be eligible.

Dan: I think that’s a great idea. I don’t like how these leagues abuse their players than turn around and don’t give them the proper care overall. What this shows is that the NBA isn’t just about making money, but they’re also for supporting their players during their careers as well as after.


Agree or disagree. The phoenix Suns should allow Amar’e Stoudemire to retire a Sun?

Todd: Agree. Stoudemire had some of his best years in Phoenix playing along side Steve Nash.

Steve: Agree, he gave the Suns some of there more prominent years, so it would only be fitting to let him suit up one more time as a member of the Suns.

Chad: Sure why not its’ not like the Suns have anything else going for them.

Dan: Agree. They really should let Amare Stoudemire retire as a Phoenix Sun. That is the team is most known for, had his most success with and really made his career on. Let him retire as a Sun as a curtesy call and everything will be right. I mean, he is going to play in Israel but let him end his NBA career.


Is It any surprise that Dirk Nowitzki stayed with Dallas?

Todd: No, I am not surprised. Dirk has been the face of the franchise for 18 years.

Steve: Not surprised at all. I think Dirk made the right choice. He is one of the Mavericks biggest names, and anywhere else he would probably get lost in the mix. He is highly respected in the city of Dallas, and since he is on the downside of his career, if he has a bad season or two, he would not nearly be ridiculed as much in Dallas as he would in any other city.

Chad: No I am not surprised; Dirk is the Dallas Mavericks; he has a championship I think it would be very hard for him to leave and go somewhere else

Dan: No, there’s no surprise at all. This is what I expected from the start of free agency. Where is Dirk going to go that will treat him as good as they do in Dallas? Gave him a nice contract, still has a nice squad, he’s all set. I firmly believe he will complete his entire career in Dallas.

Team USA 2014

Team USA is running rough shot over everyone in exibition play. Are they gonna do the same thing in the Olympics on their way to an Olympic Gold Medal?

Todd: USA will win the Gold with ease even without fielding the best team possible.

Steve: Is this even a valid question? Of course they are going to run all over the competition. Even with not the best US roster that we could have put together, this is still easily the best team in the world. Only way any other team has any shot is if Todd joins one of the other countries.

Chad: Yes, Gold Medal for the USA with a side of polluted disease-riddled  water and a chance of Zika virus.

Dan: I think they will do the same thing they do every year. I really can’t see one country competing with them or stopping them. It’s blowout city for Team USA just like last Olympics. Not much else to say on this, if you want to see 40+ victories, watch Team USA games. If you don’t, avoid them.

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