Morals and ethics… time to talk @ WTF 8/3

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Morals and ethics…

It’s time to have the conversation… time to talk about whether our society is, or is not, very moral or ethical. And, I ain’t talking about no bullshit right wing conservative preacher nonsense where they use false images of what is moral; what is right; what is ethical to try and beat people into a false sense of righteousness. I’m talking about doing what is right for anyone and everyone equally and fairly.

“I am doing unto others… just as I am being done to…”

joe1Morals and ethics are not just words in the dictionary. Or, concepts that are used to placate those who need help the most… false promises. They are real principles that we should be applying to our every day lives… every damn day. Unfortunately, I don’t see a lot of evidence of that being done. Yeah, its kinda, sorta done… some folks do go out of their way to help a person in need… but on a larger scale… not really…

fat pigsAnd, hell… why should it be any other way?  From the very top of the top of the pecking order… the very, very rich… the .01% of the 1%… to the 1% themselves… bankers and Wall-Streeters… car making execs …. political peeps from on high to down to the very low… all are seemingly getting their fingers in the honey pot by all sorts of sneaky ass well thought out  scams, as well as just dumbass stupid greed scams.

And, they tend to get away with the shit.

Their lying ass, cheating and greedy methods usually get bupkus in the form of punishment. They steal, they cheat, they lie and nary a one ever really does time for the crime. Yeah, every once in a while some douche bag needs to be put up on the pillory for all the public to see and get their ass chastised. And, every once in a while maybe get some jail time. And, in even rarer cases… maybe even a long-term sentence… time in a real honest to goodness prison.

But… over all… those peeps held responsible for the shit that goes off the wire… like the housing bubble bursting in 2004… or… the financial crisis that started in 2007…where folks lost their savings… investments… their houses because of collapsed mortgages… where as much as $34 trillion in wealth was lost… jobs lost… businesses failing… the unemployment rate soaring above 10 percent for the first time in 25 years… all the peeps responsible for this shit were, and still are, ultimately free to go along their merry way until they find another royal scam to fuck us all within the old nether regions.

Want some proof?

Since 2009, 49 financial institutions paid out about $190 billion in fines and settlements according to a study done by the investment bank Keefe, Bruyette & Woods. That’s a lot of bucks right? By any accounting… it is.

( l to r) Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs, Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan Chase, John Mack of Morgan Stanley & Brian Moynihan of Bank of America... no jail time
( l to r) Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs, Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan Chase, John Mack of Morgan Stanley & Brian Moynihan of Bank of America… no jail time

But, none of that money came from the fat cats who did immoral and unethical bullshit to initiate, to cause the financial crisis.  The shareholders felt the loss… people who invested money… from big peeps to small… felt the weight of the financial punishments.  Because, the reality is that all financial settlements were put upon the institutions… the corporations… and not any single person. And, those corporations paid it out as an “expense”… the cost of doing business… and in some situations were actually tax deductible.

Want some specific examples? Here…

  • In November 2013, J.P. Morgan acknowledged it misrepresented the quality of securities it was selling that were backed by home mortgages. The bank paid $13 billion to settle the charges. Its CEO, Jamie Dimon, was rewarded with a 74 percent pay raise that year.
  • In July 2015, Citigroup paid $7 billion to settle charges that it sold mortgage-backed securities even though it knew the mortgages were essentially no good.
  • In August 2015, Bank of America paid $16.65 billion to make similar charges go bye-bye. That was the second time in a year’s time that BOA “settled” to stop the legal noise headed its way from Justices Department.

Still, after Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., went bankrupt in 2008,  … the event that was the tipping point and eventual launch of the great financial crisis…  many wonder why the bankers who benefited most from the boom have seen few, if any, consequences from the crash.lehman bros

In 2015 AG Loretta Lynch had a fully blown out press conference… missing were only the trumpeters blaring out fan fare before each of her pronouncements… and she said that Justice had gotten guilty pleas and billions of dollars in fines from five of the major culprits of one of the biggest financial boondoggles and scams ever done in the US. It was the first time any admissions of criminal wrongdoing had come from the major financial institutions who were responsible for the greatest financial disaster since the Great depression in the 1930’s.

The total number of executive’s… real living breathing “people”…  that did, or are doing, jail time for all of this mismanagement of funds or outright thievery and fraud?


1 convictedKareem Serageldin, a senior trader at Credit Suisse, served a 30-month sentence for lying about the value of mortgage bonds in his trading portfolio.

So, why should the folks on the lower strata of the economic scale care about anything about anything… about what is moral or what is ethical… about helping out thy neighbor or practicing a life of good moral turpitude when all they have ever seen is that the rich glom onto whatever works to fill up their back accounts and fuck the other fools that don’t do it the same way.

Understand this…. we keep on going as we are going we will ultimately find there is nothing left to be had and it will be too late for ethics and morality to play a role in our puny and feeble attempts at any chance to continue on in this old world. The resulting world upheaval… yep, not just in America but in the world… would be that catastrophic.

Yes, it would still be years from happening… many, many years down the thorny path but we are on the road to not just complete financial instability and upheaval but we are heading for an eve of perdition if something, somehow is not eventually done to correct the inequity of the distribution of the wealth … of how goods and service are doled out in this world.  But, know this, the world… the 3rd rock from the sun will live on… it will continue spinning around the sun… no matter how much we abuse its climate…. commit atrocities upon it and unto one another to our eventual and ultimate demise… no matter what we do… the world will survive with us or without us. We may not be here… living and breathing… on this orb of dirt and water as it spins around the sun but our ashes… our dust may. Healing itself from the ills we threw down at it and waiting until the conditions are right for the next life form to emerge and develop from the primordial goo.

I’m so tired…

I am tired of hearing people saying stuff like “I am losing my patience with the pro Bernie people and the Jill Stein people who won’t vote for Hillary Billary for ethical reasons.”

Voting for people to rep us is not supposed to be for the lesser of two evils it is supposed to be for the best person for the job… the most honest and the most honorable. Personally, I will vote my conscience and, if, Trump somehow does win the presidency, then its Hillary Billary’s fault and not us people who have voted our conscience… our ethical and moral responsibilities.

Hillary Billary and the DNC stole a chance for Bernie to win the nomination because of backroom… questionable at best and unethical and immoral at worst… politics. In an open convention he just might have won the nomination. But, we will never know because of sneaky donkey politics.

So, back off!DNC emails

I don’t need my damn conscience… my ethics… my morality… and, my method of voting questioned or dictated to by anyone. And, if, your reading this and it fits you, then, as the man once sang… Before you accuse me, take a look at yourself.

And, how will you sleep at night?

Me… maybe I won’t sleep well, but, that’s because I am a crazy ass insomniac who sometimes forgets how to turn off his mind at night, but, my lack of sleep won’t be because my conscience is nagging my brain and ass for going against my moral sensibilities.

One last word about this peep’s… namely me… freedom of choice and the inanities being bandied around about that freedom of choice…

If, somehow, Trumpty Dumpty should get elected to be the prez… first and foremost maybe the country is deserving of him, if that be their choice… but… remember this… you heard it here in the WTF column… the dude will eventually do something that will get his ass impeached. And… then, once he is impeached he will be tried for his high crimes and misdemeanors and be removed from office.

Remember the House impeaches and the Senate tries the impeached…donaldtrumpimpeach

Unless he is smart enough to pull a Nixon and just go away and kinda, sorta just shut the fuck up. Because, if, he was to be impeached, I think all concerned would be more than happy than a blood sucking tick on a hound dog to just let him walk away.

Which, in my opinion won’t happen.

Because, nothing I have seen or heard makes me inclined to believe the bellowing blowhard who speaks whatever attacks his meaningless and stupid brain first would see any cause to do that… just leave while the getting be good or just shut the fuck up and go away. Rather, he would insanely and stupidly stand and fight a losing and useless battle.

Just don’t preach at me no more… you ain’t convincing me you’re right, and, I, obviously, have a snowball’s chance in hell of showing you the righteousness of my beliefs and voting for anyone but Trumpty or Hills.

Stop the stupidity… pleaseeee…

And ya know what… another thing that burns my cookies?

I’m on Facebook last week and I’m checking over some of the threads and posts and come across one of them ubiquitous discussion going on about the race for the prezness of the country. This one particular I read is about Trumpty Dumpty… and there are these ninnies (yeah, I’m making a judgment call here and categorizing but it’s my column, so, sue me)… anyway… these ninnies somehow start talking about how some peeps go around and compare Trumpty to Hitler. I’m “guilty” as charged! So, they wanna argue the point… it’s supposedly a free country with free speech (Hah! But, that’s another column for a later time) anyway the usual shit is being bandied about when suddenly one of the posters ( a Trumpty advocate) says this: “I find that when people use Hitler to compare with anyone they oppose, they know they’re wrong but don’t want egg on their face, Only the antichrist will surpass Hitler, no one else comes close and should never be judged that way.”Pol Pot 11


Then another says… “Actually Stalin made Hitler look like a choir boy as did Pol Pot.”

Now, I won’t bore ya’ll with the continuation of this… BUT…

Now, these peeps are comparing which fucking mass murderer was worse than the other?

They were all mass fucking murderers; they all tried … in fact, some almost damn near succeeded… to commit genocide. They all were ruthless assholic bastards (sorry, to all you peeps born out of wedlock) who were worth shit. How, do you compare a devil and a demon and think one was better than the other?

This is the shit they want to waste their time on? Come on, people there are more important and imperative issues to be discussing in this world. Wasting time and space and what little grey matter some of ya’ll got on shit like this is the way ya’ll choose to go?

I deleted the thread.  I don’t need garbage taking space on my Facebook page or being thrust before my eyes. I made an executive and editorial decision and I intend to stick by it… I see bullshit …delete.

Simply… and… as far as I am concerned… very smartly put…

Get out of here with that shit… ye gods and little fishes… damn and tarnation… (mutter, grumble, grumble…)

Somebody ask for a wrecking ball?

Talk about blasting apart a glass ceiling. Fuck that… not only the ceiling but glass walls, glass floors and glass whatever the fuck else there may be…

Reverend William Barber II… president of the North Carolina NAACP and leader of North Carolina’s Forward Together movement… spoke at the recently concluded Democratic National Convention and probably made some people piss their pants ( for various reasons),while others were shouting in elation but just about everyone was cheering their asses off to high heaven.

(FYI: Barber is noted for spearheading and leading a civil disobedience campaign called Moral Mondays and for targeting the elephant led assembly in North Carolina over some very discriminatory laws that do severe damage to had fought for voting rights, various services that assist people in need and towards women, minorities and the LGBT community.)north carolina

He reminded everyone at the DNC convention why they were supposed to be there in the first place. He reminded people that morality and ethics mattered. And, that it mattered the most out of all the respective political bullshit and oftentimes false promises being displayed and specified at the convention. And, while l don’t subscribe to his religious thinking… he spoke the truth about one thing in particular that maybe shattered some ideals (or least beliefs) that some very Christian, white thinking folks seem to hold to tight to their chests… he maybe popped one their biggest thought bubbles of all when he said that “Jesus, a brown-skin Palestinian Jew…”

Crack… smash… shattered… one glass house of selectivity and whiteness… glass falling down around some erroneous and prejudicial beliefs.

Barber went on to say that “(Jesus) called us to preach good news to the poor, the broken and the bruised and all those who are made to feel unaccepted…”

Barber’s convention speech left no immoral or unethical stone unturned… he spoke about wages and labor conditions… about guns and the effect the guns  have on we the people who live with the violence that they perpetrate… our so-called homeland security… LGBT rights and voting rights… criminal justice… the role of cops in we the peoples lives… immigration… the militarization of America and the profits certain peeps get from that militarization.

Among his more non-religious entreaties for we the people, as well as the politicians and business folk in attendance at the DNC were…

William Barber @ DNC
William Barber @ DNC

“… when some want to harden and stop the heart of our democracy, we are being called like our foremothers and fathers to be the moral defibrillators of our time. We must shock this nation with the power of love. We must shock this nation with the power of mercy. We must shock this nation and fight for justice for all. We can’t give up on the heart of our democracy. Not now, not ever.”

“Pay people what they deserve, share your food with the hungry. Do this and then your nation shall be called a repairer of the breach.”

“Some issues are not left or right or liberal versus conservative. They are right versus wrong.”

“We need to embrace our deepest moral values… for revival at the heart of our democracy. When we love the Jewish child and the Palestinian child, the Muslim and the Christian and the Hindu and the Buddhist and those who have no faith but they love this nation, we are reviving the heart of our democracy.”

And, yes, he chastised those people of so-called faith who sometimes use their religion as a cudgel against certain people in America… “I am worried by the way that faith is cynically used by some to serve hate, fear, racism and greed.”

What Barber was saying to me… hopefully to us all… it is no matter what faith you are, or, even if you identify with no faith … what color… economic status… whatever… we must all strive to be moral and ethical in all that we do, so that, maybe, we can put America on the right road to fulfilling what should be man’s manifest destiny… to make sure all people… anywhere and everywhere… are living with satisfied bellies, decent housing and know that justice and law order are not just words thrown around that really mean that we the people will be discriminated against and kept in our places or damn it all we will pay the price.

Yes… the man is a religious person… a man of the cloth… but there was once another man of the cloth who began struggling… then fighting… for civil rights. That battle grew into a struggle for the rights of all people… from being economically deprived… from fear of war… and from injustice.

He said at that time… “One day we must ask the question, ‘Why are there forty million poor people in America? And when you begin to ask that question, you are asking a broader question about the economic system. About a broader distribution of wealth. When you ask that question you begin to question the capitalist economy… you begin to ask the question, ‘Why is it that people have to pay water bills in a world that is two thirds water?”

Martin Luther King Jr., said those words in 1967…mlk-jr-2

Maybe, William Barber II can take up his torch for freedom and justice now…

Ya’ll don’t have to believe in his version of god or religion, ya’ll just have to believe that all people should have the same and equal rights as any other person in society. That all peoples are treated with respect… moral and ethical respect.

Here is his speech in its entirety… try and listen to the truth in what he is saying regardless if ya’ll tend to be like me… I do not believe in religion whatsoever… or not. Keep an open mind… Hell, many folks of all different sorts heard Martin in a time that was so very long ago… listen now too…

A war hero’s dad speaks out…

Khizr Khan is a Muslim American father of a war hero.  Khan spoke at the DNC… gave a speech before those assembled… about the loss of his son , who died while fighting in Iraq and about all that he has sacrificed.  Just like so many other Americans have also sacrificed… Muslim, white, Black, Jewish, Christian…khan-dnc

Khan with his wife Ghazala at his side, spoke of how twisted and bad intentioned Trumpty Dumpty’s immigration proposals are that he would like enacted upon his being elected… specifically those proposals that are directed at barring Muslims in a so-called effort to combat terrorism.

Khan at one point added that Trumpty has “sacrificed nothing and no one.”


During this speech by Khan, the controversial conservative commentator Ann Coulter chimed in by tweeting….  “You know what this convention really needed? An angry Muslim with a thick accent like Fareed Zacaria.”


Don’t worry I was, too until I figured out what the hell she was trying to do…

She was actually trying to be racist and insulting to two people at the same time… One was Khizr Khan, the dad of the young man who died in combat, and, then, the other person was Fareed Zakaria, who is a well-respected journalist with positions at The Washington Post, CNN and The Atlantic.

And… no… I didn’t misspell Zakaria’ name wrong but Coulter did.

What is going here is a very long and by now tired campaign by Coulter to wage an extremely racist, discriminatory campaign against any one remotely Muslim, with Zakaria as the main and foremost representative of that campaign.

Back, just after the America was attacked by terrorists on Sept. 11, 2001, Coulter wrote an article that said we…America… should respond to the attack on America by attacking (the terrorist hijackers) countries, and then by killing their leaders and finally by forcing the countries to all convert to Christianity… to have them renounce their evil Muslim false religion.

Years later, Zakaria wrote a very different piece about 9/11.

But, Coulter continued with her vitriol by attacking 9/11 widows, writing that “I’ve never seen people enjoying their husbands’ deaths so much.”

Then… in July… Coulter mocked Zakaria’s accent in a tweet.

All up to speed now? Good…coulter-khan-tweet

So… as Khan spoke of his late son she first used the tweet above to try and racially insult Muslims as a whole and Zakaria specifically. Then as Khan continued with his moving speech about his son and all that was sacrificed Coulter responded by bringing Khan’s wife and the mother of the deceased war veteran son into the sick fray… by saying that the woman “stood submissively in a hijab by husband’s side.”

And, if, you think she treats any other ethnic group or religion.., outside of her white Christianity  with any kindness what so ever you would be wrong… she hates on them all with equal passion.


All I can say is… Coulter is the height of all that is ignorance…

No, sorry… let me call it like it truthfully is… stupidity. She is not ignorant. She knows full well what she says and does. She is a fucking lame brained stupid person. She is stupidity incarnate.

Then as the donkey national convention and love fest came to an end on Tuesday she tweeted… “Where are all the Bernie supporters? Did Hillary have them gassed?”


As I see it…

In light of Coulter’s last tweet that I quoted above… I won’t even get into the stupidity of it all. I have no need to… she buries her own ass with the ridiculousness and frankly insulting tone of it all… not only to the donkey nomination for the prezness but to those who were gassed and then burned in the ovens of Hitler’s concentration camps.


I am not a Hillary Billary fan… if, ya’ll read this column with even a haphazard regularity then ya’ll will know that fact.not-qualified-to-be-president

But… I gotta say… she was dead on… as accurate as a seasoned carpenter whacking home a ten penny nail into a piece of lumber… when she “she pointed out Trump’s history of cheating middle-class Americans to make a quick buck, from Atlantic City to Trump University, and all the times he refused to pay small contractors, reneging on deals he’d made. And then when she said… “He stiffed them,.That sales pitch he’s making to be president, put your faith in him and you’ll win big, that’s the same sales pitch he made to all those small businesses.”

In other words believe in him at your own risk… I ain’t saying vote for her but when you go vote try not to fall for Trumpty Dumpty’s malarkey… his bullshit… his lies and phony promises… his damn near fatal attraction with himself and his assumption that he is the best there ever was regarding anything at all… in the whole wide universe…

My personal choice...
My personal choice…

Just vote with an open mind and understand who is on the ballot in your sate… ya probably got more than just two choices in most states. Check them all out. Go online to see who is on your state’s ballot… educate yourself on all the candidates and all their platforms and the promises being made.  Then vote with your conscience intact and pull the lever…or color in the damn dots… for the candidate of your choice that you sincerely believe will do the best for America.

WTF note and FYI:

Trumpty spoke with various news media folks about Khan and his speech and he tried to refute and put  down what Khan had said a the donkey convention especially the part about Trumpty never having sacrificed anything or anyone… at one point during an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos on Sunday Trumpty Dumpty said… “I think I’ve made a lot of sacrifices. I work very, very hard. I’ve created thousands and thousands of jobs, tens of thousands of jobs… built great structures. I’ve done… I’ve had… I’ve had tremendous success. I think I’ve done a lot.

© Bill Bramhall/NY Daily News
© Bill Bramhall/NY Daily News

Stephanopoulos asked: “Those are sacrifices?

Trump replied: “Oh, sure. I think they’re sacrifices. I think, when I can employ thousands and thousands of people, take care of their education, take care of so many things, even in military. I mean, I was very responsible, along with a group of people, for getting the Vietnam Memorial built in downtown Manhattan, which to this day, people thank me for.
I raised, and I have raised, millions of dollars for the vets. I’m helping the vets a lot. I think my popularity with the vets is through the roof, far greater than hers. She’s done nothing. All she’s done is tell everybody that the vets are in good shape. They’re fine. And they’re not fine. People are waiting on line for seven days to see a doctor. She thinks it’s fine.”

All I got is this… Trumpty has no idea what a sacrifice is… creating jobs is not a sacrifice… helping to create a memorial for veterans is not a sacrifice… building great structures is not a sacrifice… having success is not a great sacrifice…

A sacrifice is when you lose something… someone … that is either special or close to your being… or both… and it is for a so-called greater cause.trump losers

I’m not so sure our presence in the Middle East with troops is a necessarily a greater cause (but, as I have said on various occasions lately …that’s a discussion for another time) but the intent of the soldier killed … Khan’s son… by a car bomb while trying to aid and assist other soldiers is definitely something that what I would identify as a greater cause and a sacrifice… Khan losing his son while he was doing what he though was the right thing to do…. to serve and protect his country during a war… is without question a sacrifice.

Decide for yourself but from where I am… Trumpty is full bluster and noise and narcissistic self promotion at the cost of others that frankly says nothing… and the only sacrifice that is ever made are the ears and brains of good people everywhere.

Another thousand words…



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