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Wrestling fans, welcome back to another round of Q and A on #ask7pound. I am your host Steve Hall and I am here to answer your questions relating to the world of professional wrestling. This week we talk Wrestlemania and my opinion is asked of me on my favorite and least favorite events, matches, and moments in Wrestlemania history. I always love to give my damn opinion on things, because my opinion is better than Eric’s (which you can see every Thursday) RIGHT HERE ON 7poundbag.com (thumbs up).

Have a question? Send me a tweet @StephanHall, or send me an email swhall03@gmail.com. Anything you have related to the world of wrestling, I will tell you the answer, or research the answer for you. Ask away! No question is stupid, well some are, but Ill answer them anyway.

Let’s kick it off as usual with some bad news.


Here we are at the End of July which meant in 2008 that was the start of the Mike Adamle era on Raw…That was bad news from the word go.


Did you know that Paul Bearer was actually a real life funeral director? Much like the part he played when he managed the Undertaker.


And here are the questions this week.

Jameson asks my opinions about Wrestlemania moments.

Just curious, what is your favorite and least favorite Wrestlemania moment? Also can you give me your opinion on your favorite matches, and most memorable moments in Wrestlemania history?


I will start with my favorite event, Wrestlemania III, and not because of Hulk Hogan vs Andre the Giant. All the matches, with the exception of Andre vs Hogan were amazing, topped off with the match which to this day is my all time favorite, Ricky Steamboat winning the Intercontinental Championship from Randy Savage. This has to be my favorite match in the history of Wrestlemania. The whole card was full of excitement, and it helps that it was my first Wrestlemania that I attended, and had pretty good seats as well. The atmosphere was intense, and the place was so loud, it was a great time.

As far as my least favorite Mania? It has to be Wrestlemania XI. I mean for fucks sake, your main event featured Bam Bam Bigelow vs Lawrence Taylor? I thought the Hogan vs Andre match was slow moving and lame. Had Mania XI had the main event being Shawn vs Diesel, I may throw Wrestlemania 27 above it as the worst ever, but XI has my vote right now for the worst one.

Memorable moment? Probably going back to Wrestlemania III, it was my first wrestling event ever, and seeing the match between Savage and Steamboat is something I will never forget. Even when I watch it over today, I still get goosebumps watching the match. If you have never seen the match, go on the Network and take a look, you will not be disappointed. And just because I am a nice guy, here is the match for you right here on #ask7pound..(thumbs up)


George wants to know about Zeus

Was there going to be any push with Zeus after No Holds Barred in wrestling?

hogan vs zeus

No, Zeus was there simply as a marketing attempt to sell No Holds Barred in the theaters. The movie really bombed in the box office. I mean, I enjoyed it, well most of it, but it did not draw well, so they thought if they brought in Zeus to face off against Hogan in the WWE, that may draw some more attention to the movie. The original match at SummerSlam 89 was supposed to be Hogan vs Zeus for the WWF Championship. However, Zeus was not an established wrestler, and he was very stiff in the ring. Hogan used his creative control to add Savage and Beefcake to make a tag team match. I guess Hogan didnt want to get his ass kicked by Zeus and rick losing his championship. Zeus was only going to be in the WWF through SummerSlam, and then he was back to acting.


Benny asks about Wrestlemania III and the WWF title

I was watching Wrestlemania 3 the other day, and heard Gorilla Monsoon say that “Win, Lose, or Draw, this will be the last time that Hulk Hogan wears this particular championship belt to the ring as a new championship belt was being made.” I also watched Survivor Series 1987 later that year, and he had the exact same belt. So was Monsoon wrong here?


The plan was to have a new championship belt made as Andre the Giant was actually suppposed to beat Hogan for the championship at Wrestlemania III when they first booked the match. Due to some back issues that were bothering Andre, they scrapped that idea and had Hogan go over. The belt was already made at this point in time, so they were just going to have Hogan wear that belt from then on out. Hogan did not care for the style of the belt and preferred to keep his current championship belt until the winged eagle design came out in 1988 when Andre pinned Hogan in controversial fashion on an episode of the Main Event. Andre of course surrendered the championship to Ted Dibiase, and the rest is history. They had that winged eagle title belt all the way through Wrestlemania 14, when the big blue belt was introduced. Okay I got off topic a bit, but Monsoon was not wrong. There was a new belt that was going to be used, but Hogan wanted to keep the original belt so they spent like 20,000 dollars on a belt that they never used.


Kim gets me started on WWE suspensions

Recently Brock Lesnar tested positive for drugs, and it was announced that he would not be suspended. Does the WWE hold Brock to a different standard with other superstars, as Roman Reigns was just suspended for 30 days for the same thing.


Of course they hold Brock Lesnar to a different standard. It was recently announced that Brock would NOT be suspended for violating the wellness policy, even though he failed a drug test, not once, but TWICE!!! How does he not get suspended for this? It makes zero sense that you suspend a guy in Roman Reigns for violating your policy, and basically end his run with the championship because of it, but Lesnar, your golden boy, that Vince and the writers have a boner for, gets a pass? I could go on for a long time, but I am going to end my rant right here. It is a mis-carriage of justice that they suspended Reigns just a month prior to this, but because Lesnar is just a part time player, he gets a pass. It is pure and utter BULL SHIT!!


Jeffrey closes us out with Marty Jannetty.

Why did the WWE allow Marty Jannetty to win the Intercontinental Championship from Shawn Michaels? Jannetty was basically a jobber during his singles career, and it seemingly was a set back for Michaels? Any word on why this was done?


It was pretty much to build the feud between Jannetty and Michaels. Several months earlier, Michaels threw Jannetty through the Barber Shop window. Michaels went on to become the Intercontinental Champion when he defeated the British Bulldog later in 1992. He was a cocky champion, and basically said that no one could end his run, so Jannetty makes a surprise appearance on an episode of Raw, and ends up shocking the world when he pinned Shawn Michaels to win the Intercontinental title. The reign only lasted a couple of weeks before Shawn won it back. This was simply to build the feud between the two former partners.






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