The Blog About Nothing 7/29 Edition

Welcome to The Blog About Nothing. This is the last blog for the month of July, and the dog days of summer are in full effect. This week I have to include some political service announcements. Hope you enjoy these major keys.

Opinions are like assholes, and we all become one when we wade into the political cesspool. Especially when we all interpret things in our own way. Facebook and Twitter have shown me that. I’m not entirely sure if people believe the shit that they type on social media, but I for one, have grown weary of reading it. It’s the 29th of July. Election Day is November 8th. There is just over 100 days to Election Day. So in order for me not to be more apathetic or cynical between now and then I think I’m going to chill with the politico talk.

dukakisI’m just as guilty as the next man by the way. I have talked so much politics these past few weeks that I am starting to hate myself. I have worked on political campaigns when I was younger and I was almost certain that politics, or at least working for a politician (which I did do for a few years) was my future. Why? I was always designed that way. I was always attracted to politics. The first Presidential Election that I can remember was the 1988 Presidential Election and that was because I used to see Dukakis stickers all over my part of Brooklyn. So that made me curious as to who Dukakis was.

From there my interest only grew. I have family members who were certain I was going into politics. My own sister was very sure of the fact. Then I grew up. I grew cynical of a process that I actively participated in. Why? I was tired of the crap that goes into politics. I don’t have the heart for it, even if I did have the mind for it. However, this election has burned me out. The candidates have burned me out, and the fact that every last person, educated and informed, uneducated and uninformed all have an opinion. They all have something to say, which is fine, but the vitriol behind some of these “facts” are down-right sickening to me.

Frankly I am tired of the amateur politicos, and arm chair quarterbacks out there who insist that their hot take is the most accurate hot take. The amateur politicos who quote incorrect memes, or some speech full of fact check holes, and regurgitate it as their own opinions. I can’t take it. I cannot take it! I’m walking away while I can so I declare that this blog will be a political free zone, unless something comes up that absolutely needs me throwing my two cents into the well of crap. Ok? Good.

bernie-sanders-hillary-clinton-However, before I kiss political talk on this blog goodbye for good (or at least until I feel the urge to wade back into the cesspool) can I please say that I agree with comedienne Sarah Silverman? I felt the Bern, I voted for Bernie Sanders in the New York Primary back in April but he lost. He fought the good fight but he lost. It’s about time we move past that. Booing Hillary, or booing Bernie for falling in line is just freaking stupid in my mind.

The process of electing an official is far from perfect but it’s either play the hand you’re dealt or shut the hell up. I don’t like her, and I don’t want to be with her, but I’m with her. In my mind Clinton is better than the alternative so it’s time to shut up and fall in line. If you are a Democrat it’s time to support the nominee or just shut the fuck up.

Also, do anyone really care about these emails Hillary Clinton deleted? I don’t frankly. I might make fun of her on social media, because I make fun of a lot of things on my social media, but I could care less about these emails. It’s such a stupid topic that the opposition is trying to make a big deal of. It’s not one. It’s not. Move on.

I’m done. Thanks for reading.


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  1. So your first vote in a presidential election was when Dukakis ran? For the record, my first presidential election was when Kennedy ran.

    I wonder if the difference in style between those two candidates might be part of the reason we both have the attitudes toward elections that we have today?

  2. No the first election I remember was 1988. I was only 6 so no vote was casted and neither of my parents were citizens at the time so I would have been nowhere near the poll booth.

    My first vote was in 2000. It was for Al Gore.

  3. This is really dumb but I can’t remember… but since i was a smart ass, weed toking beer/wine guzzling hippie back in them days I know it was a donkey… unless i was too preoccupied by being on the road hitchhiking across the country… 😉

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