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Hello NBA Fans and Welcome to another edition of NBA RoundTable. I didn’t mention this last week but congradulations to the Chicago Bulls for winning the Summer League title! This week we will discuss the All-Star game moving from Charlotte, are the Knicks really a super team, and so much more on NBA RoundTable.

Lets get started with the questions:

What are your thoughts of the NBA moving the All-Star game from Charlotte, NC to anoter city all because of the new HB2 law that passed back in March?

Todd: The NBA has the right to have their events where ever they so choose. If they chosse to move the All-star game from NC because of some law they have then that is their right.

Steve: It is pure discrimination, so yes they made the right call, basically telling North Carolina that if you want to discriminate, you are going to suffer the consequences and we are pulling our weekend from your city. This is going to cost the city of Charlotte hundreds of thousands of dollars. Maybe North Carolina should get on board with todays society and realize this is 2016. I should start a riot over there, isnt that what we are aiming towards in this era?

Chad: I do not want to put my foot in my mouth and say anything offensive to our readers. In my opinion, the NBA has the right to place an event where it wants when it wants. North Carolina may have to look at the indirect consequences of its’ actions because this isn’t the first event to leave NC.


Agree or disagree. The New York Knicks are going to be considered a super team next year.

Todd: WHAT? You got to be kidding me? Thats the funniest thing I have heard since the last time I watched one of Jeff Dunham comedy shows.

Steve: LMAO, need I say more?

Chad: Super Mediocre, Super High Medical Bills, Super overpaid executive, Super overhyped, Super no Lebron. Oh sorry I thought this was a fill in the bank. Disagree

What are your thoughts about the WNBA fining 3 teams for uniform violations in support of the recent shootings by and against police officers?

Todd: You see player break uniform policy all the time doing something they believe in. Sure they usually get fined but the question they got to ask themselves was it worth it? If the answer is yes then what the hell do what you belive in and fuck everyone else.

Steve: On one hand, policy is policy and if it is a violation and these players knowingly violated the rules, then yes they should have been fined. I don’t want to get started on my real opinions on how bad this country has gotten, that we are even forced to discuss such a topic. So I’ll just say that, while I respect what the players did, they violated league policy, so yeah they should have been fined. Im sure that someone, somewhere will start another fucking protest on the whole thing though.

Chad: Policy is policy so I understand where the fines came from but I also support the recent announcement of the WNBA rescinding the fines because of the societal issues in the country that they were addressing. Sad situation when these kinds of things come up.

Golden State Warriors

Golden State won the Kevin Durant sweepstakes during the free agency period, in the process they had to let some  very important role players walk such as Harrison Barnes, Andrew Bogut, Festus Ezeli, and Leandro Barbosa. Will the Kevin Durant deal cost them or can they still win with limited role players?

Todd: The loss of Bogut and Ezeli is really gonna hurt their inside presents. They signed Zaza Pachulia to replace Bogut in the middle but really have no backup. Everyone thinks Golden State is gonna run rough shot over every body just cause they signed Durant. I don’t think that will be the case, They will have the same problems they did last year maybe even more so this year because in my mind the team got even smaller by adding Durant. One team that will give them fits will be San Antonio. How will they gaurd Gasol and Aldrigde at the same time?

Steve: I think the loss of Bogut for an inside presence hurts them a little, but losing Barnes for Durant? This is a no brainer. I don’t think the Warriors are in any kind of trouble losing these guys. Having a guy like Durant makes the Warriors that much better, and that is that much more scary for all of the other teams in the West.

Chad: The major loss is gpoing to Bogut and Ezeli as an inside presence on both ends of the floor but Barnes and Barbosa for Durant I am sold on the changes for the Warriors


An Academy Sports + Outdoors store in Oklahoma city marked Kevin Durant’s Jerseys down 99% to $.48. Is this right after everything Kevin Durant has done for the city the past nine years?

Todd: My personal opinion it is a slap in the face to Kevin Durant. I understand lowering the price after a player leaves but $.48  is kind of ridiculous.

Steve: Most players jerseys are marked way down once they leave a team, so this comes to no shock to me that they did this. I have seen jerseys marked down way cheap after they leave, even superstars. No one is going to buy a jersey of a player who is no longer on the team, unless it is simply to mock them. Look at what Johnny Manziel’s jersey is going for now. $1.49? So this is common in stores to mark down jerseys, just so they can make some kind of money on them.

Chad: It’s common practice to slash a jersey price after a player departs I think going this low is just a publicity stunt. The fact he is left the team whomever has name and number on OKC merchandise can sell and buy as they please I have no problem with it.

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