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Hello wrestling fans welcome once again to #ask7pound. I am your host Steve Hall and I am going to start your Monday off with a little Q&A from you the fans. Do you have a question you would like answered? Please send me an email swhall03@gmail.com, or send me a tweet @StephanHall #ask7pound, and I will be glad to answer all of your questions about the world of wrestling.

Let’s not waste any time, lets get to some bad news to kick off your Monday morning.


As things currently stand as of the writing Roman Reigns is still slated to be in the World Title Match at Battleground against Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose after serving a 30 day suspension and about that is I have some bad news for WWE…that is not a great message to send to the younger viewers of your programming you look up to the stars and what you are teaching them is that it is okay to get caught taking illegal substances you’ll just be right back on top in the main event spotlight. I think the WWE who sets itself as a company who wants to do the right things especially being a publicly traded and all should not allow Roman Reigns in the main event at Battleground or any other main event until he proves he is trustworthy to be of that spot. Guys like Randy Orton and Jeff Hardy who would be the closest to the stature of Roman were not automatically put into the main event situation after their suspensions they had to work to get back. I just hope someone like Owens comes to Battleground just to jump Roman and start a feud to keep him out of the title picture.


Did you know?

Did you know that Goldberg holds the “record” of 173 wins before his first loss? Some wrestling experts say that he was no where close to 173 and the WCW just started to make up numbers.



Todd kicks us off with a question about the draft

Do the wrestlers know what show they are going to be on before the draft? Or do they really conduct a real life draft?


For the most part the main superstars are going to know where they are headed going into the draft. Most of them have to keep up with different story lines that are going to be going on later this year. I was kind of shocked to see Orton and Cena both on Smackdown. I kind of thought they would have one of those to veterans on each show. Never the less, that is not my call. I just hope we don’t see a Cena vs Orton feud for the gazillionth time. As far as the other undercard wrestlers go, sometimes they are just thrown into the mix to fill the roster. If they are not currently involved in an active story line, they will just be assigned to one brand or the other. So it is possible that they may not know where the undercard guys are going until the day of the show, the main guys know well ahead of time.


Ivan wants to know about Mr Bob Backlund.

I know that Bob Backlund was what they call a transitional champion back in 1994 when he beat Bret Hart then lost to Kevin Nash. I also think he was a part of a transition when he lost the championship to the Iron Sheik. Question: Was there any other wrestler who dropped the title to a transitional champion and also be a transitional champion himself?


I guess you first have to determine what a transitional champion is. you are right that Backlund was a transitional champion back in 1994, when they took the belt off of Bret Hart, and just a few days later put the belt on Diesel in record time. Then, as you mentioned, Backlund dropped the title to the Iron Shiek only to lose it a month later to Hulk Hogan. The days of being a transitional champion are few and far between now because now, the WWE does not care if they have heel vs heel, or face vs face to have a title change. Back in the old days, it was crazy to see a face vs face or vice versa for any reason, not to mention a championship match. Some say that the Rock was a transitional champion when he defeated CM Punk, and also dropped the title to Mankind during their feud for a short time, then he also did it when he defeated the Undertaker in July 2003, only to lose it to Brock Lesnar at Summerslam 2004. They did not want to have Taker vs Lesnar for the championship at that time, so they put the title on Rock and have him drop the belt to Lesnar. So I suppose that would be the best example of a wrestler being a transitional champion, and losing to a transitional champion as well.


Greg wants to know about wrestlers hurting themselves.

This is kind of a strange question and if you need clarification, let me know. Has any wrestler actually hurt themself in the ring by doing something very basic, like when John Cena runs to the ring and jumps in the ring the way he does, has he ever like hit his knee on the apron when he does that?


Let me say this first. I about pissed my pants laughing so hard when I just sat and thought about John Cena running to the ring and forgetting to jump and then crashing into the ring apron. To my knowledge, he has never been hurt doing this. However, one key wrestler has gotten hurt. Randy Orton broke his hand once while pounding the mat when he was setting up his opponent for an RKO. He simply hit the mat too hard and fractured his wrist. A few wrestlers have been said to sprain or turn ankles when they jump over the top rope entering the ring. I know that Jeff Hardy has hurt his ankle a couple times. Rick Martel did it once when he was teaming with Tito Santana with Strike Force. Im certain there are so many more little injuries that occured by there own doing, but the Orton one was the one that stands out to me.


Ben wants to know if and when we will see the Bella Twins again

Now that Daniel Bryan is back, will we see the Bella Twins again in the WWE?


Nikki should be back sometime this year, as she has stated that she wanted to re-sign with the WWE and start her career again. She is still recovering from neck surgery, which is about a year recovery time. So I would bet we will see her back in action sometime soon. As for Brie, I think that she is still content on being home and focusing on her business and her other endeavors. I would never 100% rule out a return, but as for now, I think we will only see Nikki back in the ring, and Brie would stay retired. She may make a cameo appearance here and there as Daniel Bryan is now the GM on Smackdown, but I bet she is done with in ring competition.


Owen closes us out with a question about HBK.

When Shawn Michaels won the World title for the last time in 2002 at Survivor Series, why didnt he get more of a run, because he lost it just a month later back to Triple H?


Basically it was to simply give Shawn Michaels one last run with the championship before essentially becoming a mid-carder in the WWE. Shawn, as you know had a very long career with the WWE, and was one of the only top guys to have never jumped ship to WCW when the opportunity was there when Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. From what I understand, Shawn was very close to asking for his release from the WWE to join Hall and Nash down in WCW, but Vince McMahon convinced him that he would basically be buried. He stayed loyal to McMahon, so McMahon allowed him to get one more run with the World Championship.

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  1. Some wrestling experts say that he was no where close to 173 and the WCW just started to make up numbers.

    Well, he lost his first two matches, so he started 0-2. There was a site that had counted up his wins with house shows (DDTDigest?) and later in the run when even Fat Tony stopped caring they counted Jackhammers on run-in nWo B-teamers as wins.

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