Season Predictions: AFC East

1. Predictions

Jim Dan David
First New England Patriots New England Patriots New England Patriots
Second New York Jets New York Jets Buffalo Bills
Third Buffalo Bills Buffalo Bills Miami Dolphins
Fourth Miami Dolphins Miami Dolphins New York Jets

2. MVP of the divisionBrady&Hoodie

Jim: Tom Brady, because when he gets back, God help the rest of the division.

Dan:  Tom Brady. I have either him or Brandon Marshall or Matt Forte winning it with what will end up being Tom Brady. Yes, he’s out the first four games of the season but he’s going to come back and light up the league. He’s going to look vicious and be angry especially after his suspension.

David: Has to be Brady, simply because he’s the top QB by a mile. Even with a 4 game head start, he still will have more TDs than any other QB in this division.

3. Starting a franchise, who do you want from this division?gronkowski

Jim: I’m taking Gronk.  A younger Brady would be better, but he’s not younger.  Gronk is in his prime, and the best there is.

Dan: Here’s what I’m going to do. I need a quarterback, a coach and some defensive positions. If I can only pick one to start the franchise with from this division, give me Tom Brady. Here’s why. He has about four-five seasons left in him. Get him as the starter and utilize those talents of his to lead the organization to some successful seasons starting off. I need a young back-up quarterback immediately for Brady to teach. Once he retires, I’ll have a quarterback for the future. I think of what the Packers did. Grabbed an absolute steal of the draft in Aaron Rodgers after he dropped to 24th, had him behind Favre for several seasons, then let him play and he went off.

David: Sadly, all the greats in this division are old. Brady, Mangold, Revis, and Wake all way past starting a franchise with. Should I just go with Wilkerson? Sheldon Richardson? I guess I take Gronk and then trade him for a package.

4. Strength of the division (as in, how does this division compare to the others?)Suh

Jim: If you take away the Patriots, this is one of the worst divisions in football.  I mean honestly, BOTH Ryan’s coaching the Bills?  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA  The Patriots alone make it a top 3 division though, because you can guarantee they’ll be playing for the Super Bowl.

Dan: I think they’re probably the third best division in the NFL. It isn’t the best but it’s not that weak. You have the Patriots as clear favorites which helps the division out. NYJ can win 10 games, Buffalo can win 7 or 8 this year and Miami got 5+ in them.

David: The Pats are the class, and then there is a steep dropoff. Each team has strengths but there are so many holes here. Just on QB alone, I think this could be one of the weaker divisions, even with Fitzpatrick.

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