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Hello again wrestling fanatics! Welcome again to the Wrestling Roundtable, where our panel of “experts” weigh in on there thoughts and opinions relating to some of the most current events surrounding the world of wrestling. Alot happening with the Draft now behind us, we chime in on our thoughts on what occured on the first Smackdown LIVE last Tuesday. Plus, Should Brock Lesnar be suspended? This and much more.

Power rankings

1.Dean Ambrose– Ambrose will go into the the draft and to Battleground as the WWE Champion, but will he leave champion?

2.Seth Rollins– Came within an eyelash of recapturing the WWE Championship on Raw, can Rollins do it again this Sunday?

3. AJ Styles– big win on Raw, pinning Enzo Amore in the 12 man tag team match. Can he do the same to help the Club to victory on Sunday?

4. Darren Young– Will Darren Young be great again and win the Intercontinental Championship this Sunday at Battleground?

5. John Cena– Can Cena lead his team to victory this Sunday at Battleground, or will the Club one up him once again?


this week

2008- The WWE held the Great American Bash with featured Shawn Michaels vs Chris Jericho. Michaels bladed during the match that actually caused significant damage to his eye, and the match was stopped. This caused Vince McMahon to end the TV 14 era and go to TV PG. He also banned blading in the WWE.

2010- The WWE holds its first ever Money in the Bank Pay Per View. Both Raw and Smackdown had separate ladder matches, the Smackdown case was one by Kane who went on to win his second World Championship that same night against Rey Mysterio, and the Raw case was won by the Miz, who went on to defeat Randy Orton for the WWE title later that year.


And here we go with today’s topics of discussion.

smackdown vs raw

With the draft now behind us, and the brand split now in effect. Which brand interests you the most?

Steve: I think the draft went off pretty well. Both brands got great wrestlers, and it is really evenly matched I think overall. I had said before that whoever got Ambrose, would be more compelling to watch, but then you have both Rollins and Reigns on Raw, and Ambrose on Smackdown. You had the Club and Wyatts split up, and New Day is on Raw. I am wondering if they are going to create a new tag team title for Smackdown now. I love that Finn Balor will be making his debut on Monday night on Raw, I love the Alpha Americans pick for Smackdown as I think these two can bring some awesome excitement to the Smackdown tag team division. I was upset that Bayley did not get drafted to either brand, as I think she could have sparked up that womens division, especially the matches she had against Sasha Banks last year. So overall, I can get behind the two rosters. I was hesitant at first with the draft, but hopefully it will playout well.

Josh: I guess Smackdown, since Ambrose and Styles are there.  I mean, they still are going to have the same writers, which is to say that both are going to suck, pretty bad.

Todd: I am not interested in either brand because I think this whole thing is stupid. I understand WWE wants to get ratings up on Smackdown but the sole reason the brand split is taking place is to put the McMahon Family drama on T.V. I mean creating a second World title is dumb. How come that title will be the only title with two of? Makes no sense! If the rumor is true about having 24 PPVs a year. Really? Thats two a month, too damn many. WWE is about to get really stupid for a long while and it quite possibly might not recover. WWE is trying to bring guys like Jimmy Wang Yang, Stevie Richards, Carlito, just to name a few back for the draft. Again, really? WWE couldn’t get better talent than that to come back? WWE could lose veiwers from both Raw and Smackdown because of this brand split. We want to watch wrestling not a soap opera!

First of all I don’t think WWE can count. They said there were 6 picks coming from NXT and there ended up being 6 and a half because I only count Eva Marie as a half a pick. Second Raw ended up with 33 picks and Smackdown ended up with 25.5 picks again because they picked Eva Marie. I have been out of school for a long time but the last time I checked that was not a 3 to 2 ratio like the rules stated it was supposed to be. The WWe Universe should protest for every woman who got picked over Bayley, especially Eva Marie and Nia Jax. This is an Out rage! Bayley is by far the most deserving woman in NXT to be moved up to the main roster. She should have been the first woman to be picked from NXT. Why didn’t Asuka get picked? She would have been a great pick also. Shinsuka Nakamura would have been anoter great pick.I know WWE wants to keep some talent down in NXT but they have to stop holding some of these wrestlers back especially Bayley. Whats up with the announce team changes. Why did WWE remove Jerry Lawler completely? He is clearly better than Byron Saxton. Is he gonna be released? What is next for the King?

Jim: RAW will always be king.  Smackdown still has to prove itself as a stand alone product.  So Smackdown interests me more, just because I want to see where it goes.  If it just becomes the same old boring Smackdown, then who cares?  But if they truly try and build an independent product, it could be incredible.

Chad: Paul Heyman said it on his WWE documentary Smackdown will always be the Bitch Show. So I have to see what they can do with the talent they have on that show. But two other questions I have coming out of the Draft

  1. Mick Foley as GM of Raw how long will that last?
  2. What will happen to Heath Slater; lol?



What are you thoughts regarding the Cruiserweight division coming back to Raw?

Steve: Seems like a pretty good idea with the Cruiserweight Classic going on right now on the Network. It has been getting rave reviews and there is a lot of talented cruiserweights. This gives guys like Sin Cara, Kalisto, Sami Zayn just to name a few a good chance of gaining championship gold for the Cruiserweight division. I like the idea, and I hope they run with it.

Josh: I think it would be better served on Smackdown….other than that, it will bring a breath of fresh air, but if the writers are the same ones….It will suck too.

Todd: I changed my mind. Its a terrible idea. There are not enough cruiserweights on just one show to have a division.

Chad:  With a 3rd hour they need something different and this perfect why not give them the first hour to have their matches (a la Nitro in its’ glory days).

Jim: I LOVE the Cruiserweight division.  I’ve always hated little guys pretending they could beat big guys.  It’s simply not possible for Tom Cruise to beat Andre the Giant, no matter how hard they sell the storyline.  He can’t do it.  Little guys should wrestle little guys.



Brock Lesnar was alledgedly caught using performance enhanced drugs during his UFC fight against Mark Hunt. This would be a violation of the wellness policy in the WWE. With Lesnar not a full time competitor in the WWE, should the WWE pull him from Summerslam?

Steve: He absolutely should be suspended, and not suspended for just 30 days as he is part time. I think the appropriate suspension would be to leave him out of Summerslam. Reigns got suspended for the same thing and was suspended for 30 days. It is only fair that you hold Lesnar to the same rules and standards. However, Vince holds Lesnar to a different standard, and it would not surprise me if he is suspended but would be back in time for Summerslam. That just makes the Orton match that much more disappointing because you would not have any build up to the match.

Josh: Reigns didn’t even get pulled from Random Stupid Unnecessary PPV #4, why would Lesnar be pulled from the most important PPV of the summer?  He should, and Reigns should miss this PPV, but they won’t.

Todd: Yes, they should pull him from Summerslam. Why should Lesner get special treatment? He should be punished like everyone else and since he is not full time they should pull him from Summerslam.

Chad: They should, Roman Reigns should be also pulled from his title shot at Battleground for his suspension. Doesn’t the WWE will do it because like any company its all about the money. They’ll probably suspend him 30 days retroactive from the UFC fight on July 9th and boom he can fight at Summerslam.

Jim: Tell me what happened to Reigns.  OK, repeat it for Lesnar.  He cheated.  He’s done in the UFC, and he should be suspended from the WWE.  There’s simply no excuse, in 2016, when testing is done every day, that someone should still be cheating.


brock vs orton

In the event Lesnar is in fact pulled from Summerslam, who would you get to replace him to face Randy Orton?

Steve: Before the draft, I had said that Orton would be a good matchup with Rusev for the United States Championship. Now that they are on separate programs, I could see Orton going up against the Miz for the Intercontinental Championship, as I don’t think Darren Young will be champion come Summerslam. If Lesnar can’t go, put a secondary title on Orton for his return.

Josh: Clearly the correct answer here is Bob Backlund. Heck, I am suprised the writers don’t think it would be a great idea to give him a 1 month run with the title. Make that three days, he will lose it to Big Cass at Madison Square Garden in 10 seconds.

Todd: There  is only one man that could replace Lesner and his name is the Undertaker! You can’t get just anyone. You have to get someone who is gonna be as big of a draw or bigger than Lesner. Undertaker is the only man for the job.

Chad: Shinsuke Nakamura

Jim: Nobody.  The Lesnar Orton fight made zero sense anyway, so what do you do now?  Throw just anyone in and call it one of the top two fights of the night?  If Lesnar doesn’t go, then Orton can fight in the pre-PPV card, but has no business headlining.


rollins vs ambrose

Agree or Disagree: The Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose match on RAW was the best match to being the new era of the WWE with the brand split?

Steve: Agree and Disagree. Okay so hear me out. The match was awesome, and the ending was great too as it did not give a clear cut winner for the championship. A double pin, no winner, who is the champion? It was great going into Battleground without a clear cut champion. You hold the championship up and winner takes it at Battleground. I am okay with that. Then you have a rematch just one night later, where Ambrose wins clean. What does that prove? Nothing! Now the match at Battleground really does not do anything for me, because I think what will happen is that Ambrose will retain, and then Rollins will face Reigns for the Raw World Championship the following Monday to crown a new champion. So it just didnt make any sense the way it was booked, and took away the hype for Sunday.

Josh: It was a great match, until it ended…..Dumbest, stupidest, most idiotic ending to an era of all time…..The only thing that would have been worse would be to have an NFL player defeat one of the most iconic and hard working wrestlers on the roster in the main event (Yes, I just referenced stupid WrestleMania where LT beat Bam Bam Bigelow)

Todd: It was a terrible match to put together just before the brand split and Battleground. The ending was even worse. I think the writers have their thumb stuck up their ass or something. These guys seem to be clueless on what to do or Maybe it is Vince who has the final say so. Whoever it is needs to get thier thumb out of their ass and start doing their damn job. The ending makes the fans think that they have no confidence in Ambrose as World Champion. They already destroyed Reigns reputation and made him look like a paper champion, now they are trying to do the same to Ambrose. Seth Rollins everyone seen his first title run, he couldn’t seem to win on his own. So the bottom line is this match was terrible and the ending was even worse.

Chad: The match was good but good god the story was awful. I go to bed Monday and wake up Tuesday thinking Rollins is the champ. Not till my lunch break do I see the post Raw video and the rematch for Smackdown Live being made. I just wish it Could have played out on TV>

Jim: Disagree.  They’re fighting in a headline on Sunday.  What purpose did it serve on RAW 6 days before that?  Are we supposed to now believe they get drafted onto different shows but still headline the PPV?  For what purpose would that serve?  If one goes to Smackdown, he can’t hold the RAW title, so there’s zero chance the title will change hands if they get separated in the draft, and no purpose for the match on RAW if they’re staying on RAW or both moving to Smackdown.  Again…piss poor story development.

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