Movie Review: I Spit on Your Grave III

Ah hell.

The woman from the first movie is proven to be a living person. She’s gone somewhere else and trying to put her life together, but turns out to be a bit of a bitch to everyone, including her co-worker who is trying to be nice to her.
We follow Angela into a rape-support group, meeting a few other victims. On her walk home, three men surround her, but in one of those movie things, a woman from the group shows up and insults the head dude, and they stand there in silence as the women walk off. Soon Marla and Angela are doing the little Thelma and Louise thing about the victimization of women and how helpless the cops are to help them. When Marla is killed, Angela goes out on her own for revenge.

I Spit 3 GirlSo how is I Spit on your Grave III?

On the first viewing, pretty good movie, we don’t have the Hostel feel of two, and the actress is very good at going from normal to rage and back again. I almost felt we were going for a TV pilot for Showtime or something at first, to be perfectly frank, this would have set the show up nicely.

Second viewing? Eeeeh, kinda loses a lot. She really becomes a bitch to her co-worker. I mean he seems like a good guy, he’s trying to be a good guy, he’s honest and not hitting on her, yet she is just a bitch to him. Angela seems to quit trying and flip over to revenge with almost no rhyme or reason to it. The first viewing, it’s such a fun ride, you don’t notice, I mean how can you when the revenge part starts, but the second time? You begin to connect the dots and there are a few missing.

I’ll go a 6 here. I did enjoy it the first time, but a second viewing just dings it hard, so do me a favor, if you enjoyed the movie- don’t watch it again.

As far as the series itself is concerned. Watch the first one, skip the second, and if you REALLY enjoyed the actress from the first one, watch the third, then burn the disk.

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