Movie Review: I Spit on Your Grave 2

This time we take off to New York City, where all the fun is, and this time we meet waitress Katie who wants to be a model. She signs up for “free” photography sessions, and its with 3 Bulgarian men, because of course it is. They want her to go topless, and since she’s our Heroine, she refuses and goes home.

I spit 2 girlSoon one of the men show up at her house and stunguns her. She’s raped. One of her neighbors who is sweet on her shows up but gets killed. The man calls the other two Bulgarians and they show up and clean up her place, drug her and fade to black.

We flip over to a basement and Katie is naked and chained to a pole, laying on a mattress. She’s tortured and raped again, but is able to escape, and now she’s in a strange country.

So we have gone into Hostel territory, and not in a good way. The introduction of white slavery (and I hate that term) doesn’t pan out, and the revenge aspect really isn’t carried off that well. I stopped where I did in the introduction so I wouldn’t spoil anything, but most you can see coming. I can see where the film was going, and it’s a good solid try, but just not carried off that well. It’s almost like they should have named the movie Katie, and dumped the ISOYG formula. A revenge flick would have served the movie better, as would some toning down of the horror. I wanted to think that the woman in the first movie was a vengeful spirit, but in this one, there is no chance of that being the case, I think had we seen the woman in the first movie swimming away and doing everything to prove she was still alive, it would have cost the movie 1 if not two points. Why didn’t we just see Katie buried and then the revenge hits?

I spit 2 killBecause the movie got lazy.

So how is I spit on your Grave 2?

I’m going with a 3 here. It’s a well shot movie, and I still enjoy the concept, but there is a lot of dings here. Depending on my mood I might even bump it up to a 4, but I can’t see stopping on this one if it comes across my screen.

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