Movie Review: I Spit on your Grave

Young woman comes into a store- and it’s one of those THAT GUY who is giving her the keys to someplace.
Apparently there is a cabin in the woods that she’s taking He gives her a map drawn on paper. Gotta love that. Driving out to the woods with a map drawn on a paper pulled from a three ring binder? She comes to a convince store with some creepy guys and one guy that is way too good looking to be this far out in the woods. Apparently everyone knows this cabin. She missed it about 10 miles back. The damn map has lines on it for a reason lady! So the lady is a writer, and she’s a bit of a dumbass so far. Going into a strange house she finds, dropping her cellphone into the toilet (using a hairdryer to fix it) and being a bit of a turd to the local repair boy, who’s a little slow. She pops up and gives him a kiss when he makes the toilet flush. Soon after, the kid shows up to fish with the guys from the gas station. They watch some peeping tom action one guy recorded of her last night. They all decide that the girl is stuck up and a cocktease.

I spit 1 girlShe sits in the cabin, smoking weed. They invade the cabin that night. Apparently a gang rape is in order. This is not a fun scene, but does a great job of building tension. This is a horrible scene, of course, but this is very well done. Lackey #3 gets caught and maced and she takes off, running into the night. She comes across THAT GUY from before and cop out hunting. She’s saved! They come back to the cabin. The cop finds the weed and questions her on it, and all the booze at the house. Oh this isn’t good. The cop is in on it. I’ll save you the details, but the slow guy rapes her, and she goes out staggering out to the woods before falling into the water, but doesn’t come back up. The cop tells the boys to go back and burn everything, and drag the swamp to find her body.

So how is I Spit On Your Grave?

This movie is amazing. Now keep in mind, I enjoy the SAW films, and Criminal Minds and that kind of genre. If you can get past the rape scene, and yes, it’s a bit disturbing, to say the least, but when the second half comes to pass, it’s very raw, and very well done. This is a revenge film at it’s core, and yes, you are cheering for the woman and for these men to end as painfully as possible. And it does. She brings it all back to them.

I’m going a full 8 here. I know this movie gets some serious hatred on it’s choices and it’s subject manner, but I enjoyed the ride, as simple and straightforward as it was.

Spoilers ahead.

Is she alive or dead?

i spit 1 bridgeI take the case that she is dead. She never came up from the water (that we saw) she pretty much staggered to the water- cleaner than she was in the previous shot, and then she’s able to come back in a few weeks, and overpower the evil ones. I’m sure I’m wrong, but that tends to make the movie a bit more fun for me, for some reason a wronged spirit enacting revenge I just enjoy.
Reading the IMDB page and message board, as I am want to do, apparently I am in the minority here, but I just tend to have an issue with a city girl, raped and beaten , hiding from a group of country guys, including the local sherriff, for a few weeks- and remembering a cabin she just happens to remember from that one run she had passed before. It’s a slight complaint, but it’s my show.
I do see where there are two more of these, I think this is a fairly easy series to make into a formula, the problem is how not to make it stale. SAW got around this with a continuing muddy story and more and more elaborate kills. How can I spit on your grave do this with a seemingly small and non-replicate cast?

Tune in next time to find out.

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