Movie Review: Everly

We come into Selma Hayek in the bathroom, apparently she has been beaten by a group of men in a far east apartment. A man is beating on the door wanting her to come out. Selma Hayek pulls a gun out of the toilet, but after looking at a picture in a locket, she takes the gun away from her head and decides to go after the men that just mistreated her.

Everly SelmaEverly takes out the first wave, taking a round in the belly herself, but survives. Once the henchmen are taken out, a text is sent to all the other hookers in the building that she is to be killed, and 50K to the woman that does it. So the other hookers come in to battle, after that wave more Yakuza-ish men show up, and so on and so forth, as Everly tries to find a way out.

So how is Everly?

Alright, this is a pretty mindless and simple movie on the surface, you trap a hot woman, and lets be honest, Selma Hayek is lava-hot at all times, and send wave after wave of people in there to kill her, and do your best to make it Kill Bill III without being Kill Bill.
But Everly pulls it off. We don’t get the spray of blood everytime Everly kills someone, the budget is used very smartly, we get a cutaway instead of a splatter more often than not. We get a quick spurt from the elevator instead of seeing the entire carnage.
We do get stops and starts in the action, to take it away from the video game movie I almost thought we were going to get and to not turn Every into Rambo-ette, and that does tend to take you out of the movie, for some reason, Everly has time to take a shower (no T&A), clean house, talk on the phone, and the bad guys and gals just hang out and give her time to do all things.
Everly DeadmanOne thing that Everly does do well is change it up, and we get the Sadist to break things up from the Yakuza type guys that normally flood these types of movies.

Everly is a hard movie to grade. It’s a fun movie, in that action-movie sense, but I hated bringing in the mother. The Dead Guy, and I can’t say how much I love the Dead Guy was a much better foil, and I would have loved to see more of him and Everly. I guess I’ll go 6 here. If you love movies like John Wick and Kill Bill, pretend I said 7, if you detest Quinten and Saw, pretend I said 5.

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