Our ESPY Predictions; Part 2

For the Third Year in a row, we are making our ESPY Predictions

I’m going to go in reverse order, so you can make your picks with us as you watch the show.

I’ve clipped a few of the awards, simply because I could care less about who did the best sound editing on motorcross, and considering I have yet to get one comment about how we didn’t pick who was going to win best skier, I’m guessing you all are fine with it. I’ll be back tomorrow with the second half predictions.

Let me also state I HATE the fact that Disney moved this to ABC.

In categories where the response was “I don’t know or I don’t care” we just skipped It. If there was no comment, I just put Vote.


Cristiano Ronaldo
Jim: Vote
Chad: Vote
Novak Djokovic
Joe: going with the sport and the name I know best… what can I say.
Steve: Vote
Lydia Ko
Luis Suarez
Canelo Alvarez

BEST COACH/MANAGERNCAA Notre Dame UConn Final Four Basketball

Ned Yost, Kansas City Royals
Geno Auriemma, UConn Huskies
Joe: what can I say his record and history speaks for itself.
Jim: Vote
Steve: Vote
Chad: Vote
David: It’s hard to argue here, even though I wonder if a Teddy Ruxpin doll wouldn’t win 20 games and the first weekend in the NCAA Tourney.
Jay Wright, Villanova Wildcats
Nick Saban, Alabama Crimson Tide
Tyronn Lue, Cleveland Cavaliers


Cleveland Cavaliers
David: Kinda by default. I don’t think Villanova was the best team, but that’s a one and done. I don’t watch baseball or the NHL, and I can’t take Denver, cause they beat my Panthers and I don’t think they win if Von Miller doesn’t go NUTS.
Pittsburgh Penguins
Kansas City Royals
Denver Broncos
Alabama Crimson Tide
UConn Huskies
Joe: screw it…s o I’m p biased… gotta pick UConn. 4 time champs in a row…
Jim: Vote
Steve: Vote
Chad: Vote
Villanova Wildcats


Aaron Rodgers Hail Mary vs. 16. Crazy 66-yard Ole Miss’ TD
Kris Jenkins buzzer beater vs. 15. Connor McDavid goal
Michigan St punt block TD vs. 14. Stanford trick play w/ circus catch
LeBron Game 7 block vs. 13. Louis Oosthuizen hole-in-one off of ball
Steph Curry 38-foot game-winner vs. 12. Army softball player leaps over tag
Holly Holm knockout of Ronda Rousey vs. 11. Bartolo Colon first home run
Tiffany Howard HR robbery WCWS vs. 10. Josh Donaldson diving into stands
Jairo Samerio scores on scissor-kick ground vs. 9. Dele Alli juggling goal for Tottenham

How about we just rank the top 4?Holly Holm

1.  Aaron Rodgers Hail Mary
2.  Steph Curry 38-Foot game-winner
3.  Holly Holm Knockout
4. Jairo Samerio scissor-kick

1)     Holly Holm KO
2)     Lebron Game 7 Block
3)     Kris Jenkins Buzzer Beater
4)     Michigan St. TD

1) Holly Holm knockout of Ronda Rousey
2) Aaron Rodgers Hail Mary
3) LeBron Game 7 block
4) Michigan St punt block TD


Villanova vs. North Carolina, Men’s NCAA Basketball Final
Joe: Carolina came from 6 points down with 1:52 reamining… the njit a late 3 and looked like it would force OT. It was not to be. Villanova hit a buzzer beating 3 of their own… 77-74.
Steve: Vote
Chad: Men’s NCAA Basketball Final- That is what March Madness is all about crazy shots and a buzzer beater; both teams refusing to lose
David: Outside of the last few seconds. It was an amazing game, even thought the right team did not win /homer
Arizona Cardinals vs. Green Bay Packers, NFL Divisional Round
Golden State Warriors vs. Cleveland Cavaliers, NBA Finals Game 7
Jim: Vote


Holly Holm knocks out Ronda Rousey, UFC
Jim: Vote
Steve: Vote
Chad: UFC- Watched it Live; Literally dropped my Jaw.
David: Just an amazing upset. She beat the unbeatable, and she did it convincingly.
Middle Tennessee over Michigan State, Men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament
Roberta Vinci over Serena Williams, US Open
Joe: never saw this one coming. It just shocked the hell out of me. I thought Serena had the single year Grand Slam all locked up.


Stephen Curry single season three-pointers made
Steve: Vote
David: Not going into Geno again, and every team is going after threes and Curry didn’t have one blocked forever, and we all knew where the Warriors were going with the ball as option 1A. Add to that all the time Curry sat on the bench.
Geno Auriemma most NCAA basketball titles in D1 history (11)
Joe: Geno Auriemma most NCAA basketball titles in D1 history (11)… what Curry did is really damn amazing and I had a hard time not taking him in this category… but, I’ll go with UConn this time. Geno’s taking an NCAA Womens program from essentially nowhere and building them into a perennial contender is, in itself, amazing. The fact he has won that many titles is absolutely outstanding. Add to it his teams are undefeated in the championship games…
Christian McCaffery single season NCAAF all-purpose yards
Jim: Vote
Chad: Mad respect for this guy does not get enough national respect


Jake Arrieta
Joe: I’m still not sure why this guy suddenly has blossomed into the next coming of Cy Young… ok, maybe only Sandy Koufax… but he appears to be the real deal and to me it seems it comes from out of nowhere.
Steve: Vote
Chad: Had a dominant run of pitching not seen in baseball…ever.
Conor McGregor
I have to go Conor here. The man was dominant and actually made people care about the lighter weights.
Chloe Kim
Karl-Anthony Towns
Jim: Vote


Von Miller, Super Bowl
Joe: I gotta go with Von Miller… arguably he led a Denver defense to the Super Bowl win…. Impressive no matter how you cut it.
Chad: Dominated Carolina to send Peyton Manning off right.
David: Has to be Von Miller. I can’t remember a defensive player just take over a title game and put the whole team on his back, and I go back before LT.
Carli Lloyd, World Cup Final
Jim: Vote
Sidney Crosby, Stanley Cup Playoffs
LeBron James, NBA Finals
Steve: Vote


Breanna Stewart
Chad: 4 years in college; 4 national championships
Elena Delle Donne
Steve: Vote
Katie Ledecky
Simone Biles
Joe:going against another of my bias… this it’s UConn and Breanna Stewart. I have a feeling that she wins this category but I think Biles is the better overall athlete. I won’t list all her accomplishments, awards, commendations, etc… but in my opinion she is the best athlete overall out of the four choices.
Jim: Vote


Stephen Curry
Steve: Vote
Cam Newton
Bryce Harper
Joe: maybe its my baseball prejudice showing but I’m going with Bryce Harper. I just got a funny feeling this guy could compete in almost any sport he wanted but that he just choose baseball and he’s arguably the best at it that there is.
LeBron James
Jim: Vote
Chad: Actually won a Championship out of the choices; cemented the legacy
David: Has to be LeBron James, no one delivered under more pressure.

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