Secret Life of Pets Review

We’ve all seen the ads, right? The headbanging french poodle, the goofy cat, the dumb dog and so forth? I’ll be honest, we really didn’t get much of what the plot was going to be, and I was a bit afraid we were just going to get joke after joke with a thin thread to connect the dots.

Nope, what I got was Toy Story in fur. Secret Life of Pets 2

So Max (Louis C.K) is happy in his home in New York City, and trust me, this movie LOVES NYC. I’m almost stunned they don’t live in the Empire State Building. We get a quick intro into Max’s neighbors and an awesome dog across the street who is totally in love with him, but Max ignores her to stare at the door and wait for his owner. I’ll admit to a bit of a queasy feeling in my stomach thinking this was going to be the plot. Soon Max’s owner shows up with a giant dog named Duke, and conflict erupts. Due to some hipster slackness, Duke and Max are lost around town. They are soon picked up my animal control, but rescued by Snowball, a rabbit voiced by Kevin Hart.

Now the plot really kicks in. I won’t spoil more than that, since the previews I saw didn’t, but let me just say that the Secret Life of Pets really dips when we get away from what we were promised as the secret life of Pets. We get out of the apartment building for plot reasons, and then it becomes a basic Woody and Buzz at the Pizza Planet trying to get back to Andy’s house story.

Secret Life of Pets 1So how is The Secret Life of Pets?
It’s a solid, forgettable film.
I’m not saying that is a bad thing, it’s a good solid time-waster of a film that is the definition of a movie to throw on with the kids as soon as it comes on TV. I will say that if there is a dollar theater in your town still, I would make it a point to go see this one there. The opening visuals are great and some of the motion sequences are wonderful. I’m going to give this one a 7, I don’t see a whole lot of rewatchability here, but my FIVE kids all enjoyed it, and that’s hard to deny for a good family movie. I do think this could be a decent franchise, and I hope we get a short with Tiberius, who was just awesome.

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