UFC 200 Predictions!

UFC200Welcome to our UFC 200 Picks!

Preliminary Card (UFC Fight Pass)

Jim Miller    vs.    Takanori Gomi

Roni: Both guys are coming off two losses. I was wondering if this is a loser’s out type of fight…
I think Jim wins this one. Gomi will “fade into bolivian” (queue sad music).
David: Uh, What happened to these two? Jim Miller at one time was a rising force, and Gomi has been the man for a long time. Now both are about done. I’ll give it to Miller, just because.

Gegard Mousasi    vs.    Thiago Santos

Roni: They are feeding Thiago to Mousasi, to see if they can build him up again.
And I believe he’ll get a second win, so they can pair him against top rankings again.
David: I think Mousasi is looking past Santos, and it’s not like Gegard dosn’t give fighters open looks to finish him. I think Santos will take advantage and win.

Diego Sanchez    vs.    Joe Lauzon

Roni: This fight has fireworks all over it. Or not…
While both fighters are game for a scrap, Joe only wins when I write him off.
So I got Diego! (see if Joe wins now!!)
David: I love both these guys, but Diego has turned into a grinder. Joe is still a solid ju-ju guy and I think Diego is going to trust his wrestling once too often and get caught.

Preliminary Card (Fox Sports 1)

Sage Northcutt    vs.    Enrique Marín

Roni: Sage needs to win this fight. I believe he will.
Hype-train will get back on track (not that I consider him a hype job, but you know Zuffa’s hype machine, and with Conor losing, Jon Jones getting pulled off cards, and Ronda MIA, they need him & PVZ back on the W column).
David: Sage is coming off his first loss, and I think Marin is a sacrificial lamb to get him back on track.

T.J. Dillashaw    vs.    Raphael Assunção     

Roni: While I am rooting for Assuncao, I question if the 2 years issue with the ankle will play a part.
This is TJ’s fight IMO. He needs to be mobile and he can win it. If he is not elusive, he will lose it.
David: TJ is the second best Bantamweight out there. Assuncao has a very good ground game, but I don’t think he’s going to get a chance to use it.

Johny Hendricks    vs.    Kelvin Gastelum  

Roni: Johny will rebound, setting him up for a GSP comeback fight! (would be great!!)
David: This is going to be one helluva fight. Kelvin can be a fikken beast when he wants, and Hendricks has always been a scary dude, but has lost a step here for a little while. I think I’ll take Kelvin, just because Hendricks has been so up and down, and I’m not sure a 90% Big Rig can beat Kelvin.

Cat Zingano    vs.    Julianna Peña

Roni: Julianna Pena.
David: Cat has been out for a year and a half, but was dominant before. I do like Pena, but I think she has some holes in her game. I’ll take Cat, only because she’s fought better competition.

Main Card

Cain Velasquez     vs.     Travis Browne

Roni: Cain via energizer bunny grind.
Then he gets a title shot, gets hurt, and don’t fight again for the next year or so, tying up the HW division…
David: Cain via Lean and Pray. Travis can slide around and get some shots, but Cain will be able to cut the cage off enough times to grab him to take a decision.

José Aldo     vs.     Frankie Edgar

Frankie Edgar

Roni: Can I vote for both? 🙂
I think this is Frankie’s time.
Aldo is coming back from that flash KO, and he could not even avenge his loss. And while this might light a spark and bring the old WEC Aldo back, it might also affect his confidence. And I think this is Frankie’s time to finally win the 145 belt and make history.
David: I love this fight. Aldo and Frankie have already fought once, and Frankie has only gotten better. I don’t know how motivated Jose is going to be, but I know Frankie wants that Conor fight, and he’s going to be looking to make a statement win. I’ll take Frankie, just on his wrestling game, but this is the definition of a tossup.

Brock Lesnar     vs.     Mark Hunt

lesnar vs hunt

Roni: While my brain can see Lesnar bull-rushing and taking Hunt down then just GnP him for 3 rounds, I will go with my heart on this one. Hunt via KO.
David: Lesnar doesn’t like to be hit. Hunt loves to hit. Brock has got huge mitts. Hunt can take a punch from a wrecking ball. Brock has one chance, to dive at Hunt like he’s hunting pearls in an oyster bed. Hunt knows this. Hunt has known thats been the case for years. Hunt only has to connect a few times to drop Brock, or more likely, make him quit. I’ll take Mark Hunt in the third.

Anderson Silva vs Daniel Cormier

Daniel Cormier

(Fight was put out too late for Roni’s picks)
David: Anderson hasn’t been the same since Obama’s first administration. He’s always been a bit lazy and while he can be amazing (/understatement) name me the last time he was amazing. For Anderson to win would be like going to a Wizards-Era MJ to walk into a Spurs game and drop 40. Possible, but not probable. Cormier just has to drop Anderson on his back and pound on him. For a ticked off DC, who is going to have 30 pounds on his opponent- no problemo.

Miesha Tate (c)     vs.     Amanda Nunes


Roni: I live Nunes, but this will be a grind, and I got Tate winning.
David: Nunes can and will gas, and Tate can roll all day. I look at Tate shooting again and again and trying to either catch a cheap submission or soften Nunes on the ground. I think Nunes might be better on the feet, but Tate has a pretty good jaw. I think Tate wins a fairly dominant 50-44 fight, as the building starts to empty.

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