Countdown of Greatest Fighters in The UFC; Pt4

With UFC 200 fast approaching; We decided to do a countdown of the top 20 fighters in UFC History. The criteria is intentionally left to the voters interpretation, some counted Pride, some counted WEC, some threw that out all together. I do want to mention that Fedor is not ranked, having never fought for the UFC at all, even though he did get a Zuffa check as a member of Strikeforce.

Today we kick off the top 20 proper, with 7-13.

Mighty Mouse Johnson#13) 16pts Demetrious Johnson

David: Love me some Mighty Mouse.
You have to beat who is in front of you. DJ has done that. His only losses are to Brad Picket and Cruz, both at Bantamweight. I thought he lost the fight to Ian McCall, but the idiot judge made it a draw. Either way, that draw was avenged. I don’t want to see Cruz II. I want DJ to keep beating down everyone every 3 months. It’s not his fault that no one can put together a 5 fight winning streak because he’s opponent 4.

Aldo#12) 21pts Jose Aldo

Roni(17): Most dominant champion after Silva. Got caught by Conor, same way Silva lost to Weidman, without the benefit of the rematch.
David(4): I have to look at who he has lost too. Aldo still has one heckuva winning streak, and until Conor, was a fairly active fighter.

dan henderson#11) 24pts Dan Henderson

David(12):I hate Hendo. I admit it. I hated his cheapshot on Bisping, I hated that he was the one that stopped Wandy in Pride. But I cannot deny his greatness. The man has 8 UFC losses; Vitor(x2) DC, Rashad, Lyoto, Anderson Silva, Rampage. Ones that knock him back? Mousasi. I’m sorry I count that as a bad loss. His worst loss since Pride was Jake Sheilds in a bout that just made him look horrible. I don’t have to like Hendo to respect him.
Roni(12): H bomb. ‘nough said.

Werdum#10) 26pts Fabricio Werdum

Roni(15): While his reign as a champion was short,one can’t deny his wins. Fedor, Cain, Big Nog… the list goes on and on.
David(11):I know we are not supposed to count non-UFC for the most part, why there is no Wandy on my list, but I did give Werdum some love for the Fedor win. Yes, it was in the US and not in Pride, and yes, Fedor was a shell of the monster he was. But Werdum used Fedor as a springboard to a second career as a great fighter. I still think there is a Overeem-level egg he can lay fear for me. I can’t deny he’s amazing and deserves the cutoff for the top 10.

Royce Gracie#9) 29 Royce Gracie

Joao(18): While it is hard to compare Royce to modern UFC fighters, fact of the matter is that the UFC – and MMA in general – would likely not exist today if Royce hadn’t beaten everyone in the early UFCs. Showing that BJJ, a somewhat unknown martial art at the time, was a devastating skillset to have against fighters who had no idea how to grapple, Royce captured the imagination of the world as he submitted opponent after opponent on those 1-night tournaments.
David(10):Kind of have to rate Royce, right? The problem I have is that he had special rules, even after the rest of MMA moved on over in Pride. I have to give him love- but he did fight on a stacked deck. Let’s also admit that had Severn decided just to beat on him Royce wouldn’t get a single point.
Roni(1): Speaking about BJJ, the one who started it all have to be here!

Randy Couture#8) 30pts Randy Couture

Joao(14):  On paper Randy does not have the best record in the world. But fact of the matter is that he essentially fought top tier competitors (so maybe we can take James Toney off that list…) on two weight classes. He is a 3-time Heavyweight champion, 2-time Light Heavyweight champion, won the UFC 13 tournament, while also serving as one of the coaches on the first season of The Ultimate Fighter. Randy’s wrestling and dirty boxing are legendary and he has always been a tremendous ambassador for the sport.
David(9):Er, um. I’m a Randy detractor. He’s been in 15 title fights. Think about that. The UFC gave him chance after chance, and for a good part of that, he was highly competitive. I can’t rank him higher because he has some horrible losses on his resume, but he does have some great wins, and that’s why he’s right outside my top 10.
Roni(7): His record might tell a story, but those who followed his career knows it is just because he fought just the top of the top.

I'll be waiting

#7) 33pts Dominick Cruz  

David(17): I have one criteria for greatness. Beat who is infront of you. I don’t judge greatness on who you beat. You are supposed to beat everyone. Cruz has one loss, and he’s put a beating on that guy twice.  I want to see Cruz stay at Bantamweight and stay healthy.
Roni(16): Injuries kept him this low. But if he continues his reign and don’t get injured for long again, he can climb up.

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