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My column posted six days before the July fourth holiday and now is posting two days after… so… this is the first chance I got to say to ya’ll… have a happy a good, happy and safe fourth…

In retrospect… I damn sure do hope it was all of them things for ya’ll. It was… for the most part… for me.

eagle & flagNow, I could go on saying something about this country… about its history… about its greatness or lack of greatness… about what it means to be a true American… a patriot… how its not all about some parades and fireworks… hot dogs and burgers and beer and soda… all of that stuff… some of it sometimes real damn schmaltzy and a bit maudlin, if, ya’ll really wanna know about some  hidden truths…

But… I think the best way to celebrate Independence Day… aka the Fourth of July… is to see it in action. So, to kinda, sorta borrow from a feature of my weekly column… Another Thousand Words… here’s another million words…

And… it’s a tad long so watch it from the beginning to its end… it’s worth it, in my opinion…

That’s a bald eagle… one of the most well known, and well liked, of the country’s symbols…  who was part of a pregame ceremony at Dodger Stadium on Monday…eagle 2

As the ceremony opened the eagle was set free to fly around the field as “America the Beautiful” was being triumphantly played… around and around he went… he soared… he swept… he dove and he dipped… and, as he started to go back to his  handler…  he said.. uh, uh… fuck off…

…and, he kept right on soaring through an opening in the center field wall… exiting the stadium proper in a strongly symbolic entering into a life of freedom…

And, that my friends is what the fourth is… ain’t it?… a celebration of freedom from tyranny… no?

What better example than the symbol of our country exiting from its being slaved in captivity to soaring off into a new found freedom…

May rabbits, mice and other field critters for ever be at your beck and call… fly on my stealthy eagle… from shore to shore and o’er purple mountains majesty, let your freedom peal…. Screeeeeeeee………………

AP reporter Greg Beacham tweeted that the eagle was eventually caught in the parking lot and returned to the zoo… But… Hell for one fleeting moment we all could believe that freedom wasn’t just another word for nothing left to lose with nothing being worth nothing ’cept that it’s free.

Anyway… it’s really supposed to be all about the so-called freedom and the sacrifices made. Let’s hope some day we somehow do get there… real freedom for all… no half steeping it or three-quarter stepping it…

Until then… let’s just keep on keeping on…

Another one dead on the ground…

joe1Early morning reports in the NYDN says two Baton Rouge cops shot and killed a 37-year-old man who was selling CDs outside a convenience store. The cops had gone there to “investigate” after an anonymous call came that a man selling CDs had threatened and had a gun. .

So far… the only “evidence” regarding the shooting that is available are those of eyewitnesses and a 48-second cell phone video of the killing outside of the Triple S. Food Mart. The video shows two cops rushing at and slamming a big dude against a car hood and then throwing his ass to the ground.

One cop says he has a gun, as the two cops are holding him down… then the words are heard… .“You fucking move, I swear to God.”alton being accosted

The guns come out… the phone video goes away from the violent scene… five shots are heard… two hit the big man… one in the chest… one in the back…

A man’s voice is heard… “They shot him?” A crying woman says, “Yes.”

Some facts…

In Louisiana, gun owners are allowed to carry weapons without a permit as long as they’re over 18 and not felons.

Alton Sterling… the big dude… wasn’t exactly squeaky clean throughout his life… a rap sheet goes back twenty years…it includes incidents involving drugs, weapons, robbery and assault. He was once sent to jail for five years for possessing pot and having a weapon.

The cops didn’t know that beforehand…

According to the owner of the Food Mart… first he heard of any altercation or argument outside of his store that night was when he was informed about it by cops who interrogated him.

alton-sterling-split-exlarge-169That store owner also said he knew Sterling had gotten hold of a gun a few days earlier because many of the local dudes who sold CDs were being robbed… so, he decided he need a little extra dissuasion for the robbers…

And, he added that Sterling, who he considered a friend, was screaming at the cops  “What did I do…What’s going on,” as they bull rushed him.

And one other thing that Abdullah Muflahi…  that’s  the Food Mart owner/witness… said was that the cops took his store’s  surveillance camera footage that would have captured every second of the Sterling being accosted and then killed by the two cops.

Muflahi also said, “His hand was not in his pocket, nor did he have the gun in his hand. While he was laying there dying, the cop went inside his pocket to pull the gun out.”

Muflahi said, “I think they really handled it the wrong way.”

Plus… a cop spokesperson said the cops were wearing body cams… but… the devices somehow came loose and were simply hanging loosely from their chests during the entire incident.

Abdullah Muflahi
Abdullah Muflahi

What can I say… what do you want me to say? I been through the argument… actually the arguments…many times before…I think we all…. the sane and logical of “we all” at least… we all understand that we need cops in this world that we live within. It can be a bad ass world because, unfortunately,  there are some bad ass peeps in it.

Cops are not supposed to be badass peeps.

And defiantly not to us…we the people who essentially go along obeying most of the laws… most of the times… And, for all intents and purposes, have no desire ever to be involved in violent bullshit.

Again… cops are not supposed to be badass peeps… especially not to we the populace, unless, they got a very good reason… make that a damn very good reason.

I know cops go into situations where they have no idea whether the so-called perp they be going after is armed or not but all too often cops have their hands on the gun and ready to draw before they have any idea whatsoever what is going down. If, not already out of their holsters and ready to shoot at any movement they decide is too damn furtive and suspicious.

Cops have a shoot first mentality for the most  part in this country and that needs to change.

Yeah… I know… someone called into 911 and said a man had a gun and he had threatened him. That may be very well but  sad to say… by all accounts that I have read so far…when cops arrived on the scene… a gun was never shown. By all accounts that I’ve read the man was being wrestled to the ground and was asking “What did I do…” That he didn’t grok what the fuck was going on… why the man was accosting him in the manner that they were. I see no indication that they even tried to talk to this man… no indication that they asked him to step over to the curb and then explain the situation.  No indication the cops did anything but rush onto the scene and act like fucking goddamn jackass badasses. Cowboys in a sad forsaken rodeo… in a some bullshit third-rate western movie scene where they go riding into town to save the townsfolk from badass desperado. Only, this was not a movie or a bad dream… it was life… a sad slice of life where cops off another man without doing the job they were assigned to do… to serve and to protect…

These two cops need to stand trial for this… seriously they do. This should not be… must not be… whitewashed and swept away like some dirt off of some shoe that fell on the kitchen floor. It is way beyond being dirt on the floor it is a sordid mess that needs fixing…

But what of due process? What of the cops rights? Fine. They can have that…

But riddle me this… why did they confiscate the tape from that grocery store? Right off the bat, I got suspicions…

And, that’s might convenient about them body cams. After all, what good are body cams if they ain’t even able to be fixed upon a cop’s uniform… if they come off and record absolutely nothing of any consequence?food mart

So far, all we got is cell phone video right now that ain’t looking none too good for the officer-do-wrongs. Right now we got bunches of witnesses who say they.. the cops… handled it totally wrong… they come in all cowboying it when maybe… hell that maybe stuff… when another less provocative modus operandi would have served them better… would have served the dead man a lot more better.

What do you want me to say?  I got nothing any more… because its all been said too many times and this time the only words I wanna hear is that there will be justice in the streets of Baton Rouge… Baltimore… NYC… wherever… for all of we the peoples.  All I wanna hear is that cops are gonna stop rushing into action with their fucking gun mentality…shoot first mentality.

Too often in this country everything is about the damn guns… and rightfully so… but… it also needs to be on the mentality of the person who has the damn guns. And, cops right now have as bad a mentality… an attitude… as the damn bad guys that they are supposed to be protecting us from. That mentality needs to change.

How a person becomes a cop needs to change. The training they go through needs to be rigorous and intensive. And, that goes for psychologically and educational part of their training and not just the physical part of it. Often, The mindset of a cop is mostly just fixated on being the baddest dudes on the street. I am the law… you cross me, you will pay.  The mental part of being a cop… the psychological discipline involved… is very lax if it exists at all in some towns and burgs.

Simply put… everything that is coming out in this situation… it appears to be Eric Garner all over again…

Because some phone call came in that said a man threatened him and he had a gun and was outside of some store selling CDs is not reason enough to go over there… grab the dude and then within seconds shoot him dead…

Sorry… that’s not right. That’s damn wrong. That needs to stop. That needs to change and somebody needs to pay for another life that just got wasted away…

I don’t like her… but…

Since this present presidential electioneering has been going on I have been anything but a Hillary Billary supporter. In fact… I have been an unapologetic, abject, anti-Hillary Billary person.

I don’t think it’s necessary to go into my rationale for my feelings…Hillary Clinton

If, ya’ll read my weekly column on these pages then you should already know why… if, you are a newcomer to 7Poundbag and to this column, then, ya’ll will just have to accept the fact that I don’t like her politics and from where she garners her support and who she will be/is beholden to for that support (Goldman Sachs, et al).

However… there can come a time when I will steadfastly defend an enemy… if… they are falsely accused… or… if, they are associated with blatant misrepresentations by words, images or any other media form particularly if it is racist or ethnically biased.

Where am I going with this?

I saw this on the pages of the Huffington Post the other day…  “Donald Trump Launches Blatantly Anti-Semitic Attack Against Hillary Clinton.”

What the fuck is this shit…  I mused.

It seems the two editors of the Huffington had co-authored a piece that said on Saturday (7/2) Trumpty had tweeted “… a blatantly anti-Semitic image Saturday morning, causing an immediate backlash online and further confirming the Republican nominee is willing to sink to depths well beyond usual, acceptable bounds of politics.”

What they were speaking about (see image to the right) was a tweet that had a picture of Hillary Billary which was pasted over a passel of hundred dollar bills… with a six-pointed star… which is often times implied to be… if, not directly meant to be… the Jewish Star of David… and within the star was a statement that read, “Most Corrupt Candidate Ever!”

The Posts editors said… “This is not a dog whistle. It’s not subtle. It is anti-Semitic imagery aimed at a candidate who isn’t even Jewish.”

Now… let’s face the facts here… I am not a Trumpty person… don’t like the guy…

Before & after Trumpty tweets
Before & after Trumpty tweets

I have even said, right here in this column, that a lot of the of the crapola he disseminates, from either his mouth or from his campaign HQ, has been either racist or strongly anti-worker to the point where I believe he is more than probably walking us down a thorny path that some folks walked down previously when they listened to another who sounded a lot like what Trumpty sounds like now. And… back then, it led to the rise and reign of Nazism and the Second World War… as well as the displacement and the murder of folks who were not pure blood Aryans… most of whom were Jews… who had to wear a Star of David as they were first segregated in ghettos from the rest of German population and later marched off to concentration camps for the final solution… being murdered from extinction… genocide.

Make no mistake… this is not the first time Trumpty has used shit from white supremacists and neo-Nazis. But,  when he is confronted by folks about the shit that he posts, or says, he usually just plays a role that he has perfected… the dumber than dumb guy who is just telling it like it is. Who innocent little old me? I ain’t got a prejudiced bone in my body. I’m the least racist of them all.

And, after he initially denied his tweet was racist or anti-Semitic… but…. then for some funny reason changed the image of the start to a circle… he even some folks who… if not coming directly to his defense… were at being apologists for the inanity of what he tweeted…

Ari Fleischer, a Jewish elephant who once was a press secretary for President George W. Bush said, “I suspect this was a case of stupidity and not malice, but no matter what, his campaign keeps making foolish mistakes. It would be nice to make it through a 3-day weekend without his campaign hurting itself.”

And, then, there was Trump adviser Roger Stone who sent an email to HuffPost just hours after the twin editorial was posted by the Post whit his subject line reading… “Total Horseshit.”

He then wrote… “A sheriff badge is the same shape as the Star of David. You should be ashamed to publish crap like this – but then you don’t work for a real news organization.”

That could be true… but… let me ask…is it very believable? I mean if you really use an open mind and take the image the Trumpty… or one of his minions… posted do you really believe it was a sheriff’s star that was being placed next to Hillary Billary’s face with the words that were added?

I sure as hell don’t.

But. don’t listen to me…I mean…who the hell am I but just another guy with a keyboard sitting at a desk typing furiously away with pontifical words of vitriol and hubris… raising up all sorta storm clouds that sometimes some folks say mean exactly not a whole hell of a lot…

And then… the HuffPo dudes updated their article with his little factoid tidbit of fact…  “UPDATE: July 3 — Mic News reported that the image Trump used was previously shared on a website used by neo-Nazis and anti-Semites. The site said the image appeared on an entry posted around June 22, more than a week before Trump’s team tweeted it.”

original post as it appeared on 8chan's /pol/ — an Internet message board for the alt-right, a digital movement of neo-Nazis, anti-Semites and white supremacists
Original post as it appeared on 8chan’s /pol/ — an Internet message board for the alt-right, a digital movement of neo-Nazis, anti-Semites and white supremacists

I’m going to tell ya’ll something about Trumpty… I have known peeps like him before in my life… the man is lair and a user… probably pathological in both aspects. He will say and sometimes do anything as long as it promotes he himself… he is a narcissistic, racist, misogynistic, bullshitting, pompous ass who cares about no one but his own damn self and worth… and… I mean worth in the terms of money… dollars… dough re me…

He also will never… ever… apologize for anything he says or does… he will never admit he is wrong… ever… he will always have some excuse at the ready… and then even will do that rarely… he will tend to just shut the fuck up as if it ain’t nothing and besides the stupid sheeple will forget it all in a day or two anyway…

Know this… he will never say he is wrong or that he is sorry… about anything about what he, or his minions, put forth about anyone… he just doesn’t really care or give a fuck about them… you… me or Hillary… or anyone.

Believe what you want regarding what he posted/tweeted about Hillary Billary…it may, in fact, in some minuscule way be based on some form of twisted logic and slim, vague reality of where her money comes from.  I’m guessing he is saying Jewish bankers… but the way he is repping it is racist and ethnically biased… it is anti-Semitic. It just another way he is promoting fear among the white populace of those other people… those immigrants… those minorities… those un-American types… those  rich Jewish bastards… those  who are the real cause of America being stuck in its own present day problems…

Its whoever serves his purpose at the time… Muslim immigrants, then… now… he is blaming Jewish money for the cause of your problems…which is… Horseshit! To use a term one of his own recently used.

Look whether he tweeted the tweet, or someone within his campaign trust did, it makes no difference…

He as the head of his run for the presidency… as the  presumptive presidential candidate for the elephants… is responsible for all and anything that comes with his name attached…

He needs to apologize for being racially and ethnically divisive and for using wrong imagery… imagery that is just ambiguous enough to mean one thing but probably means an entirely other thing which is wrong and hateful and, in this case anti-Semitic, in an attempt to besmirch his donkey opponent.

He needs to fire some asses (in every meaning of the word) from his campaign… and… then, say he is sorry for what happened… that it was wrong….  and, it won’t occur again…

Yes… He does.

Just don’t hold your breath while waiting for the jackass to say he is wrong or to go correct anything what he done did.

He won’t. He is not capable of doing anything like that. He will never admit he is wrong… he can’t be. Hell. He’s Donald Fucking trump… don’t ya’ll grok that fact?

Yes, I do and that’s why I won’t fall for his bullshit… ever.

I’ve met someone like him a long time ago in my personal history. It almost cost me my life. I won’t do that again… fall for an old glib tongue… a bullshitter who always has an answer and an easy way out…

I will not be taken in by Trumpty’s bullshit… his tongue of glibness… in the old glib tongue’s attempt to destroy America.trump-fascist-

America doesn’t need to be returned to a false god of greatness. America needs to face its truths about itself and then with redoubled… retrebled… efforts… go work to correct whatever faults it has and then go from there…

I don’t like Hillary… I won’t vote for her. But, I will defend her when some oaf tries to besmirch her name and her campaign by associated it with false and bullshit racist images.

I will say this, too…  I’d rather she would be the next president than some offensive piece of a waste of human flesh like Trumpty.

I’d grit and bear my teeth for what would come during her term as the president but believe you, me, it’d be a hell of a lot better than the bullshit fool’s gold road that Trumpty would lead us all down.

But then on the other hand…

FBI Director James Comey just came out and Hillary Billary and said essentially that she is about to skate on the brouhaha that has surrounded her usage of emails while she was SecState.

Comey said her handling of classified emails was “extremely careless” but not criminal. He further roasted her ass for using a private server for her emails…no-charges-for-hillary

He said, “Although we did not find clear evidence that Secretary Clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of classified information, there is evidence that they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information.”

He also added that said “no reasonable prosecutor” would bring a criminal case against Clinton, and recommended the Department of Justice not attempt doing so.

Which, as I said, means she is about to skate on this entire deal.

Yes, the Justice Department could still bring charges but unless something very huge breaks regarding this email shit that is highly unlikely that they would go against a Feeb recommendation.

More on that “not criminal” stuff in a bit…

Let me just say… She fucking just was called out on another serious damn lie.

Comey specifically said that Hillary Billary, and her staff, sent 110 emails in 52 chains containing information that was classified at the time. Eight of those emails carried top secret information, eight contained classified information and 36 had secret info.

She has constantly said that she never sent classified information through her private server, only information that was “retroactively” classified during the investigation.

She lied…comey

She led federal investigators down a rabbit hole and through a warren of falsities. She lied reportedly. Straight out fucking lied. And, then…just like Trumpty… acted like, oh well… the sheeple will forget about it all in few weeks any way when her campaign trust issued this message: “We are pleased that the career officials handling this case have determined that no further action by the Department is appropriate.” They added that although Hillary Billary made an oopsey… a mistake… she is now “glad that this matter is now resolved.”

Except for the fact once again she has been proven to be a serial liar who just doesn’t give a damn and has no intention of admitting it forget trying to fix it.

But… here is that criminal shit… Comey said her action were not a criminal event.

I ain’t no lawyer but I thought ignorance of the law was no excuse… Besides don’t lots of people have no intention of ever breaking the law but do so any way and then get busted for it, prosecuted and do time?  But…hell… I ain’t a lawyer so what do I know and who am I to be saying the Feebs don’t know diddly about what the law is…

But writing for the National Review is Andrew McCarthy… and… he is a lawyer…

In fact, McCarthy is a former assistant U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York. His credentials include… He led the 1995 terrorism prosecution against Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman and eleven others who in 1993 bombed the World Trade Center.  And, he contributed to the prosecutions of terrorists who bombed U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. He resigned from the Justice Department in 2003 and now writes as a contributing editor of National Review.

This is his opinion on what Comey (who McCarthy says “… is a former colleague and longtime friend of mine”) said…  “Hillary Clinton checked every box required for a felony violation of Section 793(f) of the federal penal code (Title 18): With lawful access to highly classified information she acted with gross negligence in removing and causing it to be removed it from its proper place of custody, and she transmitted it and caused it to be transmitted to others not authorized to have it, in patent violation of her trust. Director Comey even conceded that former Secretary Clinton was “extremely careless” and strongly suggested that her recklessness very likely led to communications (her own and those she corresponded with) being intercepted by foreign intelligence services.”

Grokked that? Then let’s move on…

“Yet, Director Comey recommended against prosecution of the law violations he clearly found on the ground that there was no intent to harm the United States.”


Federal law... did she or didn't she??
Federal law… did she or didn’t she??

“In essence, in order to give Mrs. Clinton a pass, the FBI rewrote the statute, inserting an intent element that Congress did not require. The added intent element, moreover, makes no sense: The point of having a statute that criminalizes gross negligence is to underscore that government officials have a special obligation to safeguard national defense secrets; when they fail to carry out that obligation due to gross negligence, they are guilty of serious wrongdoing. The lack of intent to harm our country is irrelevant. People never intend the bad things that happen due to gross negligence. (my emphasis) I would point out, moreover, that there are other statutes that criminalize unlawfully removing and transmitting highly classified information with intent to harm the United States. Being not guilty (and, indeed, not even accused) of Offense B does not absolve a person of guilt on Offense A, which she has committed.”

In addition McCarthy states, “I was especially unpersuaded by Director Comey’s claim that no reasonable prosecutor would bring a case based on the evidence uncovered by the FBI. To my mind, a reasonable prosecutor would ask: Why did Congress criminalize the mishandling of classified information through gross negligence? The answer, obviously, is to prevent harm to national security. So, then the reasonable prosecutor asks: Was the statute clearly violated, and, if, yes, is it likely that Mrs. Clinton’s conduct caused harm to national security? If, those two questions are answered in the affirmative, I believe many, if not most, reasonable prosecutors would feel obliged to bring the case.”

Let me say this simple as I can… (1) She lied… she lied to the Feds… that to me is a crime in itself. But… (2) She committed an act…albeit through gross negligence… that was criminal and deserves to be prosecuted but she won’t be. read into that what ever you will… friends in higher places, etc…

I been saying this a lot today… but… I got nothing else to say.hills

What else is there to say? She is skating. She’s damn lucky she still has a political career and she is damn lucky there are more sheeple in this country than there are people who have their own minds and can think for themselves.

I will say this… there are….in most states… two other choices on your ballot… and usually not just for president… there is the Libertarian candidate… Gary Johnson… and… there is the Green Party candidate… Jill Stein.

You don’t have to vote for the elephants or the donkeys this year. You can vote for someone who cares more about you than their political career and fattening up their own bank accounts. It doesn’t have to be business as usual in Washington…

To borrow a phrase from the peace movement… We can have it, if you want it.  All we are saying is give us a chance.

And while I got Trumpty Dumpty on my mind…

Ya’ll hear what he just said down in Raleigh (NC)?Donald Trump Campaigns In Raleigh, North Carolina

He praised the former ruler of Iraq, and mass killer, genocidal despot, Saddam Hussein.

Now… in no way have I ever supported Hussein’s reign and regime. But, I still say we never should have invaded Iraq and then overthrown Hussein.

Why is that?

Ever hear of something called ISIS? Maybe they eventually become the powerful murderous shits they presently are any way… But me?… I think we hurried their existence along if not allowed it to be born by invading Iraq and over throwing Hussein.

Anyway, back to Trumpty…

“Saddam Hussein was a bad guy, right? … But you know what he did well? He killed terrorists. He did that so good. They didn’t read ’em the rights, they didn’t talk. They were a terrorist, it was over.”

What can I say? Some folks may say this is why they like the guy. But, as for myself… this is exactly why I don’t like the guy.

If, this is any indication of what four years of Trumpism will be like, then, we is in for a world of hurt if he is elected.

Think of it this way… if, he is willing to allow terrorist rights to be violated then how far would it be to say a criminal’s… any criminal… rights could be violated? After all, they are just bad guys doing bad stuff, right? They’re bad guys, so why give them any rights.

Then maybe its your rights next when they stop you on the street just because…

Don’t. Just don’t…Dogs-Temperature

I’m a dog lover… actually I’m an animal lover if the truth be told … but… I do like dogs a lot.

Anyway… the fact is I like dogs… and… I dislike… intensively… any stories that have anything to do with cruelty to animals. I applaud the authorities when they catch some asshole doing that shit and then bust his, or her, ass. Although, it does seem it’s guys that do this evil shit that usually gets done to dogs, but I’ve seen and read stories where some women make Cruella De Vil (101 Dalmatians for Criminy sakes!) look like a saint.

So, imagine my feelings when I saw and then read this story about what some Pensacola cops did to help a defenseless pupdog who was locked in a car with the windows up on a day that the weather report declared was at a high of 92 degrees…

Saved puppy...
Saved puppy…

FYI… animals are only able to cool themselves off by panting and sweating and through their paw pads. Therefore, if, someone locks them in a car on a hot day it is especially dangerous or them… in a matter of minutes if it is 90 outside then within 10 minutes it will be 109 inside the car… In 30 minutes it will be 130 degrees… 130 freaking deadly degrees. You sit in a hot car at 130 degrees and counting and see how long you last. Especially, if you got no water.

It doesn’t say why they arrived on the scene, it just says they got there and found a tiny puppy sweltering in a car. So, they did what needed to be done. They fucking smashed a window and extricated the puppy and got his little ass over t oa vet for some needed attention for probable dehydration and possible heat exhaustion.

The good news is the puppy is doing well… the gooder news is that the cops posted the following on their Facebook page and folks liked the hell out of it…saved puppy hotcar1

“Don’t. Just don’t. If you leave your dog in a hot car and that dog is suffering, we will do whatever we have to do to free him. Or her.

We will drive your pooch to the caring folks at the Escambia County Animal Shelter and we will drop you off with the caring folks at the Escambia County Detention Facility.

You will both receive attention, food, and shelter, albeit different kinds. So don’t.”

In the comment section the police department did warn citizens against taking similar action on their own.

“Admittedly, it is a judgment call. If you did this, you would have to be able to articulate the facts that led you to believe the animal was suffering to not be held liable.”

The officers instead advised citizens to phone 911 or call their local police departments should they find themselves in a similar situation.

Three cheers to the cops… ya’ll did and do good.

Another old wives tale… dont-swim-within-an-hour-of-eating

Remember back when some of us were kids? Hell, maybe moms still do it… what am I babbling on about?

This… you’re out swimming… you get hungry… so ya’ll get yourself something to eat… then start to run back into the water and moms says… “Wait! No swimming for an hour. You just ate!”

Well  turns out that the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Red Cross says mom was just telling ya’ll a lot of hooey.

A spoke person said, “You can wait a few minutes to make sure the last thing you ate went down your gullet. But waiting an hour doesn’t do anything.”

Wait an hour after eating to swim or you can cramp and drown.Busted!
Wait an hour after eating to swim or you can cramp and drown… Busted!

For some reason the idea that if you didn’t wait for at least a significant amount of time after eating and ya’ll went back into the water you’d get cramps, double over from the pain and then drown seems to have started back in 1908. That’s when a Boy Scout handbook said scouts should wait at least 90 minutes before hitting the water or they could drown and “it will be your own fault.”

At least by the time mom got around to using that excuse to keep you out of water… probably most likely so the big folks could get a break from watching over your asses…  she whittled down t oan hour instead of an hour and a half.

Another thousand words…



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