Greatest Fighters in The UFC Countdown Pt2

With UFC 200 fast approaching; We decided to do a countdown of the top 20 fighters in UFC History. The criteria is intentionally left to the voters interpretation, some counted Pride, some counted WEC, some threw that out all together. I do want to mention that Fedor is not ranked, having never fought for the UFC at all, even though he did get a Zuffa check as a member of Strikeforce.

Oddly enough, we have 35 fighters getting votes so lets kick this off with our Also Receiving Votes, building all week until we crown the best fighter in UFC History- and no, it was not unanimous. We ranked these fighters on a 20 point must system.

Belfort6 Pts Vitor Belfort

David: 25-12
I always look for bad losses on fighters that have been around forever. When you make a Hall of Fame, you should beat guys that are not on your level. Lets not even talk UFC, Let me list every fighter who gave Vitor his 12 losses that never held Pride/UFC/Strikeforce or Tournament gold.


Bas Rutten6pts Bas Rutten

Roni: IMHO he could have been GOAT HW if not for his early departure from the sport. IMO one of the most intelligent fighters out there.

Daniel Cormier7pts Daniel Cormier

David: I didn’t have Cormier on my list. Then I kept coming back to my bad losses default. He’s got one loss. But again, who has beaten Jon Jones? I get the feeling in a few years DC won’t be ranked. I feel like DC is going to go to heavyweight after UFC 200, and have a 75% winning percentage.

Frank Mir7pts Frank Mir

Joao (4): Frank is a 2-time Heavyweight champion and holds different records for most fights, victories and submissions in the Heavyweight category. Frank came into the UFC as a very young fighter and quickly impressed with his grappling and array of submissions. For 15 years, through some ups and downs, he has been one of the premier faces on the heavyweight roster. It is also remarkable how he recovered from a devastating motorcycle accident in 2004 and returned to fight at the highest level.

David (3): Mir is a fascinating what if in the UFC. Had he not had the motorcycle accident I’m not sure who beats him. Let’s look at who got title shots after Mir was hurt. Arlovski, Justin Eilers, Paul Buentello, Jeff Monson, and Tim Sylvia. Name me who beats Mir. So I can see him with a 6 or 7 fight winning streak as champion, and yes, the next man on that list is Randy Couture, but I don’t see him coming out of retirement to face MIR. As it stands, I have him at 17- but how high could he have gone?

Overeem8pts Alistair Overeem

Roni: AO should be higher. Specially now, that he improved so much he is fighting for the UFC’s title. But his previous PED issues punishes him.

Coleman vs Frye28pts Mark Coleman

Joao: The grandfather of ground ‘n pound, Mark helped to define this strategy to fight against strikers and submission artists. He won the UFC 10 and 11 tournaments and the Heavyweight championship, destroying guys like Dan Severn, Gary Goodridge and Don Frye.

Ken Shamrock9pts Ken Shamrock 

Joao: Ken is a legitimate UFC pioneer and one of the sports most recognizable fighters. Ken’s early battles with Royce Gracie and Dan Severn would define the early days of the UFC and he did come back helping to sell some of the most hyped fights the sport has ever seen, against Tito Ortiz.

Only 3 wins away from a title shot.

9pts Dan Severn  

Joao (7) “The Beast” was the first highly touted amateur wrestler to join the UFC. His power and size allowed him to control and overpower most opponents, which enabled him to win two tournaments at UFC 5 and Ultimate Ultimate 95. His fights with Royce Gracie and Ken Shamrock are among some of the most important early fights in the UFC.
David (2): The Beast! I had him in my top 10, and I had him unranked. I bounced around quite often, but I went with Severn over Coleman, Smith, Frank Shamrock and the like. Apologies to Mark Kerr.

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