Greatest Fighters in The UFC Countdown

With UFC 200 fast approaching; We decided to do a countdown of the top 20 fighters in UFC History. The criteria is intentionally left to the voters interpretation, some counted Pride, some counted WEC, some threw that out all together. I do want to mention that Fedor is not ranked, having never fought for the UFC at all, even though he did get a Zuffa check as a member of Strikeforce.

Oddly enough, we have 35 fighters getting votes so lets kick this off with our Also Receiving Votes, building all week until we crown the best fighter in UFC History- and no, it was not unanimous. We ranked these fighters on a 20 point must system.

Frankie Edgar1Pt Frankie Edgar

David: Frankie’s losses: Benson Henderson (x2) Jose Aldo and Grey Maynard (Avenged) but he’s beated BJ Penn 3 times, Sean Sherk, and  Urijah Faber to go along with a host of others. Fighting out of his weight class he also won the 155 belt. I think being the man to not only beat BJ Penn for the title, but being the man that knocked him out of that perch when he was BJ F’N PENN gives him this spot.

Rashad Evans1Pt – Rashad Evans

Joao: Rashad won the Ultimate Fighter season 2 as a heavyweight and then made his trade at his normal weight as a Light Heavyweight. He developed from a pure wrestler into a well rounded fighter and beat fighters like Chuck Liddell, Michael Bisping, Stephan Bonnar, Tito Ortiz, Forrest Griffin and Rampage Jackson. His KOs of Liddell and Sean Salmon are bonafide highlight material.

Maia2Pts – Demian Maia

Roni:  The best BJJ in MMA. While he is a little one-dimensional, he still beats beasts by imposing his ground game on them.

Rich Franklin3Pts – Rich Franklin

Joao:  Rich is a former maths teacher, intelligent and soft spoken. He was also a Middleweight champion who beat the likes of Evan Tanner, Chuck Liddell, Wanderlei Silva, Matt Hamill and Yushin Okami. And who can forget his devastating KO of Nate Quarry? Like Couture, Rich was also always a great ambassador for the UFC and for MMA in general.
Roni: (HM) He was a dominant champion until Anderson Silva took his soul from him. But he remains one of the most well liked fighters and IMO also deserves a place in here.

Cro Cop3Pts – Mirko Filopovic

Roni: He didn’t do well in the UFC. But he is (IMHO the #4 HW of all time), so had to put him here.

Shogun Rua5Pts – Mauricio Rua

Roni: He’s the hot & Cold of the LHW. Either too hot, or disappointingly cold.

Lyoto Machida6Pts – Lyoto Machida

Roni: (4Pts) Some say he got “figured out”. I think it is just the Criteria changed from those who judged him. If he fights his fight (conter attack only), he gets punished for it. SO he tried to be more offensive and it didn’t work. But his unbeaten climbings to MW top warrants him a spot on my list.

Joao: (2Pts) “The Dragon” is one of those fighters that brought a flair of traditional martial arts back into MMA. His karate stance and overall elusiveness are well known and he eventually became Light Heavyweight champion after beating Rashad Evans. Machida’s other wins over the likes of Shogun, Thiago Silva and Tito Ortiz, coupled with his unique fighting style, make him one of the all-time greats.

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