Game of Thrones: The Winds of Winter

Simple little Question this week.

What’s your take on this season, the major players moving forward, and this episode?

Earl: Season finale episodes of Game of Thrones tend to be a letdown because they typically pale in comparison to the episode that came before. Episode 9 tends to be a bar too high for Episode 10 to clear, until now that is. In Episode 10 we finally got a fitting conclusion to a season, and I think it’s an episode that only whets our appetites for more.Tyrion and Dany

We got revenge, we got death, and we got a new King and Queen. What more would you want from an episode? Cersei dealt with her enemies in one swift blow. Using the wildfire cache buried under King’s Landing she blew up the Sept and all inside. Lost were the High Sparrow, the Faith Militant, Mace Tyrell, Loras Tyrell, Kevan Lannister, and Margaery Tyrell. Also, killed in her scheme was Grand Maester Pycelle (who thankfully we were able to see a final example of him acting far younger than his age with the young prostitute in his bed), and Lancel Lannister. King Tommen committing suicide wasn’t part of her plan, but the stage has been set: Mad Queen Cersei stands over the Seven Kingdoms.

However, in the North we have a new King and his name might not be Stark, but he’s been declared King nonetheless. I’m just happy that R plus L does indeed equal J. Even though I’m a new book reader (I’m close to completing the first book) the books (to me anyway) make it kind of obvious the circumstances behind Jon’s parentage, but at least the show finally took the step to confirm it. I wonder if Jon will learn who his parents are, but at least we the viewer know. In any case, Jon and Sansa have Winterfell, they have the loyalty of the North and Jon is their king. What that means to Sansa and Littlefinger, who knows? I assume the seeds of distrust will still exist in their relationship, but for now all is well for the young Starks.

Arya StarkBran is alive and close to the Wall, and Arya is pretty close by too. Was a little surprised to see Arya, still in Faceless Man mode, killing Walder Frey but the Frey pie scene was pretty good. Arya was the true avenger of the Red Wedding. The reason why I tied Bran and Arya together in this paragraph is that I did not find either storyline that intriguing this season but with Jon and Sansa at Winterfell, I wonder how close we are to a full Stark reunion. That’s something to keep in mind for Season 7.

Finally in Essos, Daenerys has her Bay of Dragons (formerly known as Slavers Bay), she has the Greyjoy’s, the Martell’s, and the Tyrell’s thanks to Varys, and she’s on her way to Westeros with the Unsullied and the Dothraki. I also can’t forget those three dragons. You would think that with all of that behind her it would be a matter of time before she puts Westeros to her heel and become the new Queen but that would be too easy. For the sake of good TV, I hope there’s a bit of conflict and that she doesn’t just roll in and burn everything for an easy conquest.

Cersei LannisterIn conclusion, Season 6 was phenomenal. I already loved this show, but Season 6 made me love it even more. I can’t wait to see what Daenerys does with her new alliance, how Cersei will manage to mess it all up in King’s Landing, or how she will eventually force Jamie to see just how evil his twin is. I can’t wait to see how Jon rules in the North, and what it all means as far as his relationship with Sansa. I can’t wait to see what Littlefinger will do now that it looks like Sansa has put him off. I can’t wait to see what happens when the White Walkers finally come south of The Wall. I can’t wait to see what Bran and Arya roles are in this show. Simply put, I cannot wait. While Episode 10 of Season 6 thinned out some of the players in the Game of Thrones, there are still plenty of players left for this show to take an interesting turn in the 13 or so episodes that remain. I cannot wait. I cannot wait. I cannot wait. Winter has come…

David: Lets just look at the bodycount from Cersei this episode, for me, the highlight of the day.

Kevan Lannister, Hand of the King
Grand Maester Pycelle
Loras Tyrell
Queen Margary
Mace Tyrell
High Sparrow
Lancel Lannister

Olenna TyrellNow Cersei has not only erased the people that caused her shamewalk, but a good chunk of the power of the Sparrow. This could be considered the nuclear option in Westeros. I honestly don’t think Cersei could have planned it any better to get everyone she needed to wipe out in King’s Landing. She also was able to do it with Jamie out of town, so no chance he would get caught up.

Also keep in mind she ended House Tully. Thankfully Margary was able to get the Queen of Thorns out of town, or she would have been in the galley as well, and wiped out. Diana Rigg lives! If there is a deleted scene with Olenna and Varys first meeting in Dorne- that’s a take my money moment right there.

And Diana is pissed. I’m sure Earl was doing his Carlton Dance at the sight of the Sand Snakes again. I love how Olenna just shuts them all down again and again, then we got to see Varys. Not for nothing, but this is where I thought Varys was going. Dorne gives Dany a safe landing point, as the Throne has almost no reach here. Ellaria has no designs on the Throne herself, just wants Dorne. We saw this last week with Yara Greyjoy, who will support Dany in exchange for her own throne. I wonder how often we are going to see Dany give up chunks of her territory. I hate to say it, but I think Snow might be able to get Winterfell for his own throne as well. I’d also bet that Littlefinger might have been able to get the Vale for his own throne if not for his war with Varys. That’s a lot of land Dany could be missing by the time she sits on the throne. I think Dany is letting BrExit go to her head.

Dany on DragonFlipping over the Dany. I understand her looking for a marriage alliance, but does she need it? Seriously. She has the second strongest house in Westeros. She has Dorne, a land that no one has conquered or really wants to try and hold. She has her own fleet, she has her army and three dragons. Who exactly does she need to marry? Name me the guy who is going to bring more than a trained, experienced ten thousand strong army that is 100% loyal to Dany? Other than her  . . . nephew?

The Winterfell arc was a bit underwhelming. One of those “This has to happen” We got that Ned Stark’s sister was Jon Snows mom, but I had to explain to the wife who the daddy was. The show did a piss-poor job explaining that to non-book readers (or people like myself that have seen stuff on it) Just a really shoddy job. I didn’t like how Baby Mormont gave the rest of the houses the whatfor on being cowards. The Umbers were not mentioned, of course. The problem is where to go from here. Seems like everything is in a tight bow, other than the Night’s King coming along.

Samwell Tarley at the Library, I wonder if how to get the paperwork across the table is test 1. Next

Septa vs Cersei: Part II.

Cersei and UnellaRamsey might have been the most evil guy on the show, but I was waiting to see what was going to happen when Cersei got her hands on her, and I’ll say it. Septa got the worst one. The dog is going to eat, and it’s trained to go for the throat, so yeah, he’s dead- and painfully, but it’s going to be, what? 10 minutes at best? Scorching searing pain for 10 minutes, but that’s all. Septa is going to be kept alive as long as Qyburn can. So it’s Mountain Time, then Qyburn, then more Mountain, then Cersei drops by to say Shame, then More Mountain. I think Septa is going to be wishing she was in the Sky Cells before long.

Finally, the one “miss” of the episode. The last thing we should have seen was Tommen going out the window. Just we come from Jon Snow being chanted, then a long shot of Tommen, he stand up, walks over- drops and then cut to credits. We could have spent all year wondering who was going to take over, and what would Jamie and Cersei do? Then Season 7, episode 1, Scene 1, and Cersei is on the throne.

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