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Hello again wrestling fans, and welcome to another episode of #ask7pound. I am your host, your matre’d, or whatever the hell you want to call me, Steve Hall, and I have all the answers to your questions. For example: This week, Why did the Great Muta never wrestle in the WWE? Eric touched a little bit on this on his In my Damn Opinion show as he stated that Muta was the best wrestler to never step foot in a WWE ring? I will give you the answer on why that is. All this and much much  more.



Let’s start off with a little bit of Bad News.

Sunday at Money in the Bank Seth Rollins won the WWE title from Roman Reigns; Dean Ambrose then cashed in on Rollins to win his first title. On Monday after a double countout in a 1 contender’s match between Rollins and Reigns a Triple Threat was made for WWE Battleground between the 3 former Shield members. I have some bad news however, as, On Tuesday June 21, Reigns was suspended 30 days for a violation of the wellness policy effectively calling into question whether the match will go on as scheduled as technically he could be eligible to return at Battleground. This suspension combined with the previous Rollins injury calls into question whether the Reigns/ROllins/Ambrose match will ever take place or join the ranks of Rock/Austin/HHH as the Triple Threats we wanted but never got.

Did you know?

Did you know that according to Stephanie McMahon, the WWE has one week to get a title off of a champion who violates the wellness policy?

Here are the questions this week

Eric will get us started with the man from the Rising Sun

Why was the Great Muta never a part of the WWE?


It is pretty simple really. The Great Muta was a sensation in Japan in the late 80’s. He went to the NWA which became WCW, and had a lot of success there as well. He started his WCW career with an undefeated streak, and also winning the NWA World Television Championship from Sting. He continued his undefeated streak all the way until the end of 1989 when he was defeated in the Starrcade Future Shock Tournament, and then ended up being pinned by Arn Anderson to lose the TV Championship a month later. After that, Muta really became irrelevant after the management change and he went back to Japan. That was the not the last time we saw Muta in WCW as he participated in the Japan Supershow defeating Sting once again, he then made a brief appearance in WCW when he lost to Lex Luger in a number one contenders match. After that he went back to Japan and had a massive amount of success. He won the NWA World Heavyweight Championship when he defeated Masahiro Chono, and then competed against Barry Windham at SuperBrawl III when he lost the championship to Windham. He continues to this day to compete in Japan.

So why did Vince never call? He actually did call Muta and offered him an opportunity to compete with the WWE. Muta declined citing that he was happy in Japan, he did not want to relocate his family back to the United States, and he was the top of the card in Japan and would basically remain there. Muta is a very intelligent wrestler and knew that if he took a chance and signed with McMahon, it could ruin what he was doing in Japan, and knew that McMahon may not know how to utilize him. I honestly think he made the right decision.


Ryan from Normal wants to know about John Cena’s replacement?

John Cena is easily the face of the WWE both inside and outside of the ring. Who is the WWE going to replace him with as I can only see Cena wrestling a few more years as he is getting up there in age?


It has to be Roman Reigns, right? I mean he is the one that you saw during the breast cancer awareness month as the spokeperson, when Cena was out due to injury. Ill be perfectly honest though. I don’t think Cena is going anywhere anytime soon. I believe that while Cena’s in ring career may be on the decline, he is going to be with the WWE for many many years to come. I think he will continue to be the WWE’s #1 Ambassador, and continue to do things for the WWE in and outside of the ring. However, if there is one person that they are trying to lean on to be the next John Cena, that would be Roman Reigns, problem is, the fans just are not getting behind Reigns like they had hoped. He is still young, and there still is time to repackage him, but he is your next go to guy.


So now that we know that Roman Reigns was suspended due to the wellness policy. I have changed my mind on this. Because Reigns will not be back in time for the Draft. I think the WWE is going to go into another direction. I think the new face of the company will be Seth Rollins but he will turn face eventually and carry the WWE to the next level.


Owen wants to know about the Freebirds

This is kind of a unique question, but I always wanted to know if there was anyone else other than Hayes, Garvin, Robert, or Gordy that was being considered to be a part of the Freebirds. And how were the Freebirds formed? Was it their idea to get together?


If you watched Legends with JBL on the WWE Network with Michael PS Hayes, he basically answers the question for you. It was always going to be Michael Hayes and Terry Gordy, as they formed a great friendship during their days with WCCW, the upper management came to them and said that they can do their Freebird gimmick, but they are going to put Buddy Roberts with them. They were not very excited about the addition of Roberts as a Freebird, but overtime, he stated that without Buddy Roberts, the Freebirds would not have lasted long.

So where does Jimmy Garvin fit in to all of this. Garvin was basically the fourth Freebird all along, he rode with them, travelled with them, and had a friendship with all of them. So when Gordy went to Japan, and Roberts essentially retired, it only made sense to team Garvin with Hayes to form the New Fabulous Freebirds back in 1989. I for one was glad to see that the WWE decided to induct Garvin as the member of the Freebirds during their Hall of Fame induction. It is one of the right things the WWE has done with their Hall of Fame.


Bozo T Clown chimes in this week about the Gimmick Battle Royal

What was the purpose of the Gimmick Battle Royal at Wrestlemania 17? I felt it was basically pointless and a waste of time.


So this is interesting if you ask me because off the bat I did not know. I had assumed that it was because they just wanted to bring back some old wrestlers with a strange or odd gimmick to give them one more last run in the sun at Wrestlemania. I would have to disagree with you though. I thought it was hilarious to watch, and it gave fans some comic relief during a show that was incredible. We saw some outstanding matches during this night, so having a match that made you laugh just had to be in the cards.

As to the question at hand, why was it done. It was basically done for Bobby the Brain Heenan. They wanted to put Heenan in the announce booth one more time simply to pay tribute to the Brain. This was really his idea to go out there for a match like this. He was able to give his humorous remarks during the match, and while Heenan’s health was declining, they were not sure if he was going to be very good on the microphone, so having a comic relief type match for Heenan to call, and he was already familiar with most of the competitors in the match, it was an easy call for the Brain, and a great farewell for the Brain on commentary at Wrestlemania.


Ilias closes out with the announce team.

How much does the announce team at ringside know what is happening during the match. Meaning, do they know the major spots, and do they know who is going to win the matches?


Most always the announcers know what the outcome of the match is going to be. The only time that I can think of in recent memory where they did not know was during the Montreal Screwjob at Survivor Series 1997 with Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels. They were told that Shawn was going to win via DQ, and not win the championship. We all know what happened after that. However, yes they typically know the results of the matches before they go out there. There has been occasions where there is a change in the middle of the match, and the announcers have to improvise and play along. As far as spots go? They don’t know what is going to happen during the match, unless they are involved directly with a spot. Example: The Hell in a Cell match at King of the Ring between the Undertaker and Mankind. There was so many spots that the announcers had no idea what was happening. When Mankind got thrown off the cage, you could tell Jim Ross was freaking out. Then when he went through the top of the cage. Ross states “Will somebody stop the Damn Match?” This was something that was not planned to happen, and Ross being one of the upper management for talent relations at the time, he was legitimately concerned for the well being of Mick Foley, so what he was saying was genuine and he was serious on wanting the match stopped. At the same time, he had to do his job and continue to call the match.



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