Movie Review: Delta Farce

Let me start off by stating
The Wife loves Larry the Cable Guy. We’ve seen him in concert and she is always up to watch his movies. Hoo-Boy.

Larry is a waiter at a discount Golden Corral (must be why Jeff Foxworthy didn’t show up) and when his too-hot-to-be-his girlfriend tells him that she is pregnant, Larry proposes over the intercom and gives everyone a free trip to the salad bar. Of course the baby isn’t his. Stunner, I know.
Bill Engvall is married to Lisa Lampanelli (!) and just sits in a pool, and the guy we never heard of his living in a storage unit.

The three men end up getting called up for service to Iraq. delta farce  Larry Cable

Quick aside, When I was in the Army, we had to train National Guard Units, so I won’t say anything about how sad in shape all three of these men are. I have seen worse in real life.

After a too short training sequence, complete with hit or miss gags- adding in the amazing Keith David as the Sergent. So we move onto the guys getting sent to Iraq . . . but no. While coming over central Mexico- no idea what base these three were on where you get to Iraq via Mexico- some turbulence causes the plane to shake, and they dump the cargo, right where our heros are sleeping. Keith David is rampaging though the plane looking for them and get knocked unconscious and dumped out as well, no worries since everyone has a parachute, including the vehicles.

Landing, our trio quickly determine that they need to bring freedom to a local “Iraqi” village after shooting a donkey belonging to two men, bringing them in conflict with Danny Trejo.

So how is Delta Farce?

delta farce danny trejoI liked it better when it was Spies like Us and The Three Amigos. If you have seen either of these movies, you have seen a MUCH better movie than this one. Larry the Cable Guy has never really been known for highbrow humor, but at times there is a cleverness to it, but Delta Farce gives him nothing to really push what he can do, Bill Engvall is a strong comedian as well, and to be honest, I like him the most out of the three Blue Collar guys (not counting Ron White) but he’s wasted. We spend way too much time with the third guy, and none of it really worth our time.

Here is my problem with rating Delta Farce. I love Bill Engvall, I love LL, I love Jeff Dunham and Danny Trejo. Keith Davis is always fun. I enjoy Larry the Cable Guy.

But each and every one of them is shit on by this movie. Go watch Three Amigos and enjoy yourself, and find Spies like Us while you are at it. 1 movie.

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