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Welcome to The Blog About Nothing. It’s the 24th of June, and I’m sitting here a little stunned right now. I’m mad at the World. Well no, I’m not mad at the world. I’m mad at those voters in the United Kingdom who decided that leaving the European Union was a smart thing. Brexit has come and gone, and by a slim margin, voters have decided to leave the European Union. In the aftermath of this vote, the pound has dropped in its valuation, and Prime Minister David Cameron is resigning in October. This will likely lead to a round of elections, and a stable nation will lose that value in the months if not years to come.

BrexitBrexit is a reactionary move, for sure, but some reactions may not have the effects desired. In the wake of Brexit, there is some talk that both Scotland and Northern Ireland would like to force through referendum’s calling for their respective independence (although Northern Ireland would likely unify with Ireland if that were to happen). Will the United Kingdom be no more? Likely not, but if Brexit is the first step on the road to breaking apart a Union that has been in place since 1707, so be it. You get what you asked for.

However, the dissolution of the Union is a long term scenario. The short term is the tumbling of the stock market. The markets have fell since the news of Brexit has been announced. The Dow for example has already dropped 500 points, and the Standard and Poor’s index has had its worst open since 1986. The Global economy is already fragile, and I fear things may truly get worse before it gets better. Well, as I stated in the last paragraph: you get what you asked for.

I’d go on more about Brexit, and I’m more than capable of doing so, but I don’t like blogging about such things. I prefer to keep things light and airy in this space, and me acting like the politico blowhard that I thought I would have been in a former life, is not what you want to read. No. That blog would be a bore. Well, my blogs might be a bore anyway, but I prefer not to drag through the muck that is politics. OK? So let me move on to one of my favorite topics: basketball.

lebronCongratulations to the City of Cleveland and the Cleveland Cavaliers. You did it! Despite my dislike of LeBron James, he is indeed a champion. He’s won his third ring, and he has brought Cleveland the first championship the City has won since 1964. The Cavs came back from being down 3 games to 1 and won a Game 7 on an opponent’s home court. No NBA team had come back from a 3 to 1 deficit, and the Cavs became the first team to win a NBA Finals Game 7 on the road since the 1978 Washington Bullets.

Some pretty good company for LeBron and company to be in. As far as the Golden State Warriors go, it’s hard for me to not see this as a choke on their part. They were up 3 games to 1. Even with Draymond Green’s Game 5 suspension, they still could have won this thing and they did not. Steph Curry in particular looked horrible. He may have been tired, he may have been frustrated that the referees were calling fouls that they did not call in the regular season, or LeBron simply got in his head, but when it mattered Steph Curry did not show. Klay Thompson did not show either, which was sad because Draymond Green had one hell of a stat line in Game 7. He could have been the Finals MVP if one of those two Splash Brothers showed up, but instead that honor and the ring goes to LeBron.

However, last season’s NBA is over, and this season’s NBA has begun. The NBA Draft was this week, but before that there was a flurry of trade activity. Derrick Rose is a New York Knick. Jeff Teague is an Indiana Pacer, and George Hill is a Utah Jazz. Also, I should mention that Serge Ibaka is an Orlando Thunder, and for the sake of needling David who is the man here at 7Poundbag, Marco Bellinelli is a Charlotte Hornet. I’m sure he’s loving that…

Derrick RoseDavid is probably loving the Bellinelli deal as much as Knicks fans are loving the Derrick Rose transaction, and as much as DeMarcus Cousins is loving all the transactions in Sacramento. Which is to say that none of them are liking these moves. I won’t bother with Bellinelli but trading a draft pick for a 30 year old player with one skill, even if shooting is a premium skill, is just stupid. You don’t trade the chance at striking on a draft pick for a fading veteran. Doesn’t add up. I’ll say the same for Sacramento. If the goal is to put a team around Cousins, then you have to make moves that make your team better and not make moves that has your star big man throwing out subtweets shaming your organization. Sacramento is a black hole and it’s a shame because Cousins deserves better than that garbage dump.

However, I’m high on the Ibaka trade and the Rose trade. I’ll start with Rose. The Knicks acquired him in a low risk move. I like Robin Lopez, as he is a serviceable big man but he doesn’t make them that much better. However, if Rose is healthy and that is a huge IF he alongside Carmelo and Porzingis would be a team good enough to land one of the playoff berths in the East. Worst case scenario? Rose gets injured again, but this is the last year of his deal, and the Knicks can drop his salary and go free agent fishing again next summer.

Serge Ibaka to the Orlando Magic is a deal that I love. Ibaka might have been a rotational player in Oklahoma City with Steven Adams and Enes Kanter taking his role, but in Orlando he can be the star and face of a franchise. If I’m new Orlando Magic head coach, I tell Serge to plant his ass in the paint and become the low post force he should be. He’s only 26 years old, and he’s going to a young Magic team that could make some noise if their other young players develop. They’re not a playoff team but they should be a fun team to watch.

NBA DraftThe NBA Draft was on Thursday and there were some good players that will go into some good situations. Ben Simmons has star potential and the starved fans of Philadelphia deserve him. Trust the Process might have actually paid off for the Sixers, with Simmons, a potentially healthy Joel Embiid, and Dario Saric likely coming stateside. If they get a point guard, they will be another fun team to watch.

Brandon Ingram to the Lakers was another good pick. In Los Angeles he will learn under new head coach Luke Walton and with his size and shooting ability, he should be turned loose on opposing defenses. Slot Ingram in at shooting guard or small forward, and let the fun times begin in Los Angeles.

Thon Maker might have been a surprise at number 10 but I love it for the Milwaukee Bucks. The Bucks are a team that might define the new era of basketball, where set positions are a thing of the past. The Bucks blur the lines of 1 through 5 and I love it. The Bucks took a big gamble on Giannis Antetokounmpo a few years ago and it paid off, and Maker might be the same gamble come true. Imagine the Greek Freak and Thon terrorizing defenses in a few years, and also imagine Jabari Parker right there with them? Scary. Now if they can only trade Greg Monroe…

Marco BellinelliSorry to pick on David again but the Hornets trading #22 might bite them in the ass if Malachi Richardson becomes a young star in Sacramento. Well, considering its Sacramento, he’ll likely flame out until he’s traded elsewhere, but I do like the kid. I just hate the fact he’s going to the Kings, but my dislike of their organization aside, he’s a great athlete, a high flier and has a great motor. He’ll be a good one.

Finally, shout out to my borough of Brooklyn for bringing a local kid home. I’ve seen plenty of Isaiah Whitehead over the years, and I think it’s great that the Nets swung a trade in the second round to bring him back home. There’s a lot of pressure of playing in your hometown, and I’m sure Isaiah will feel that from time to time but the 6’5” shooting guard can play and the Nets should be bad enough to give him plenty of minutes over the next few seasons.

I’m done. You got Brexit and NBA talk this week. What more do you want? All I know is that I cannot type anymore so I’m outtie.

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  1. All I can say is I damn well hope you’re right about Isaiah Whitehead and he can put his injury bug behind him…The Nets have a dude now (the other Lopez) who gets plenty of foot injuries… please… let it not be two…

  2. I like Whitehead more than Caris LeVert and other young players the Nets have taken in recent drafts. I’ll say that.

  3. EJ — Okay, now tell us what you really feel.

    “You get what you asked for.”

    I’ve read a couple of commentaries on “Regrexit.” Apparently some voters who voted to leave the EU are having second thoughts. There are over 2 million signatures on a Parliament website to call for a second referendum.

    I think that many of those who voted for Brexit (as well as many supporting US presidential candidates) might remember the phrase, “Be careful of what you wish for, you might get it.”

  4. That phrase was inspired by a Calypso I was listening to when I typed this up. The Calypsonian, Sugar Aloes, was telling the listeners, who voted in the ruling party of Trinidad and Tobago at that time, you get the government you deserve. Don’t go complaining to me that things are not going the way you thought it would after election day was the message and that’s the same thing I have to say about Brexit voters. They will regret this in time.

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