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Welcome to another edition of NBA RoundTable. I Hope everyone enjoyed last weeks edition. This week we will discuss Draymond Green’s Suspension, NBA stars withdrawing from playing in the Olympics and so much more on the NBA RoundTable.

Lets get started with the questions:

NBA Finals

What are your thoughts of Draymond Green’s suspension of game 5 in the NBA Finals?

Todd: Well for starters it costs the Warriors the game. The NBA new there was a chance that would happen. It was totally ridiculous he was even suspended. The fans want the best players on the court at all times. The referees and the NBA dropped the ball through the whole playoffs this year. You can allow LeBron James to instigate and do some of the things he does. I wish he would have hit his nuts right up into to his damn stomach if he was going to get suspended any ways. What about James talking shit to Curry when he blocked Currys shot in game 6. Isn’t that a technical foul for taunting. NBA needs to get their shit straight. Playoffs were rigged this year.

Steve: It is absolutely ridiculous. Why? Because hardly any action was taken against LeBron James. It once again goes to show the fantastic officiating that the NBA playoffs has seen during this post season (insert sarcasm). Let’s be real here, LeBron instigated this entire ordeal, and he knew of Green’s temperament. He played the card, and won. He knew no official in the NBA was going to suspend him in this kind of series. If the Warriors end up losing this series. I don’t care what Steve Kerr says. It is entirely on the officiating.

Dan: I think it was unnecessary and just a ploy to get the FInals to game 7. But it was kind of unnecessary and I didn’t think it was warranted. But, his loss isn’t an excuse as to why the Warriors still lost game 5. The league handed it out, I didn’t think it was warranted, but they gave him the flagrant. He had too many, he gets suspended. Shouldn’t have had any, wouldn’t have missed any time. Shouldn’t have anyway, but that’s the way it goes.

Chad: Commissioner Silver and the NBA’s way if getting what they wanted which was an exciting way to get the Finals to a Game 7 situation which is stupid and proves the NBA is as corrupt as a politician

With so many NBA stars withdrawing from playing in the Olympics, should they think about going back to just playing the college players?

Todd: I mean it is a possible idea. there are so many NBA stars getting hurt from the long and rigorous season. The college season is so much shorter. Although there has been talk about shortening the NBA season, so maybe that might come into play down the line.

Steve: Sure, I mean with this nasty virus thing going around that part of the country. I would be leary to even send any of the players from the NBA, or college. If there is any health hazard, they need to take the players safety in mind. Stephen A Smith even said it himself, that he has no intention on going to the Olympics, and he would refuse to go because of the health risks that are at stake. Honestly, they should consider just postponing the Olympics until this virus passes. It will never happen, but if anyone gets sick, or even dies because of it, there will be some serious consequences.

Dan: No, I don’t think there’s that big of an issue of players withdrawing from the Olympics. But if you look at what the USA has been doing to teams for the past several Olympics, they’re destroying their opponents by 30-50 points per game. It’s ridiculous. A lot of players are concerned about three things: injury, safety, money. It’s unnecessary to play in the Olympics if you’ve already been there and if you already know you’re going to win. You can easily get hurt in non-paying games that can effect your contract, career, etc. The safety falls into the injury by Brazil, and especially Rio de Janeiro have extremely bad slums and they’re very dangerous. There’s also the Zika virus going around. Either or, I don’t think they should just go back to straight college players. Leave it how it is.

Chad: I believe the guys withdrawing from the Olympics is more about the conditions in Brazil with the Zika Virus and the water is 100% atrocious with raw sewage and chemicals that the gov’t said would be cleaned up and they haven’t the country is now in financial turmoil before the games start. It is an atrocity that these games are being allowed to continue in Brazil under these conditions where all athletes are being asked to risk their health to participate which is no way a representation of the spirit of the Olympics. I think the USA needs to step and boycott the Olympics due to the hazardous conditions of just being in that country and the apparent apathy shown by the government.

What are your thoughts on former NBA guard Nate Robinson trying out for the Seattle Seahawks?

Todd: To me this is ridiculous. I mean the only thing he could realistically play would be cornerback. I don’t think he is skilled enough to make up for his height. He is probably also a little slow to keep up with the NFL receivers. there is a difference between running 94 feet and 100 yards.

Steve: This is laughable, and it just goes to show you what people will do for a buck nowadays. No way Robinson stands a chance in the NFL. He was not even a star player in college! This is purely a media stunt.

Dan: I think it’s a good attempt. He definitely has the jumping ability to be order to go up and grab a high thrown ball. I think he’d be able to fit as a corner. He’s a little under their average size but not by much at all. He has the ability to be a corner and he’s only 32-years-old. He’s got what it takes, I hope the Seahawks give him a chance.

Chad: No, just…no


There have been rumors swirling the Timberwolves showing interests in Jimmy Butler. Should the Bulls pull the trigger and trade him for the number 5 pick in the draft?

Todd: If Jimmy Butler wants out, what do they have to lose? They will get a good young player in return and can start rebuilding and plus they are in the East so it is not like the teams are 10 or 11 deep as in talent.

Steve: If the Bulls are going to rebuild mode, then yes it absolutely makes sense for them to unload the hefty contracts. Rose is coming off the books, and they just signed Butler to a 90 million dollar contract last year. So if they want to rebuild, then do it. However, if they still think they can compete, then Butler is a guy that you build your team around. I will say this though, if the Timberwolves land Jimmy Butler, they are a playoff team next year, even in the loaded West.

Dan: While these rumors involving the T-Wolves & Bulls are swirling, apparently there’s another rumor in the land of Bull territory swirling around involving D-Rose & the Knicks. While it doesn’t make much sense to destroy the top-2 players on the roster, I think neither the Bulls’ management or Jimmy Butler/D-Rose get along very well. I think the Bulls should stick with D-Rose & they should trade Jimmy Butler for the #5 overall pick. There’s a lot of talk about how he wants out and they should just grant that wish of his and send him on his way.

Chad: If I’m trading Jimmy Butler I’m getting more than just the #5 pick I’d want a future pick; role players something that helps in a rebuild and shows the value in a player you signed to a 90 million dollar deal.


What are your thoughts about the NBA and ESPN allowing Craig Sager to work his first ever NBA Finals Game?

Todd: It is good to see Sager doing what he loves after he was diagnosed with cancer. I was happy for him to get to do his very first finals game even though the Cavaliers won. Kudos go out to the NBA and ESPN.

Steve: Good for them! Sager has been a long standing interviewer for the NBA. Since his recent illness, and his drive to still continue to interview the top stars, even in his goofy ass outfits. It is awesome to see him there. He is great, and the players love and respect him. Kudos to the NBA and ESPN, now get your damn officials in line.

Dan: I think it was a great thing for Sager & a very generous offer from NBA & ESPN to let him cover his first ever Finals. I know he’s having the time of his life and I couldn’t be happier for him.

Chad: Well that’s one thing the NBA did right in the NBA Finals. Sager is a legend in the game and deserved his chance to shine.

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