NBA Free Agent Roundtable: Pacific Division

Welcome NBA fans to another edition of NBA RoundTable. This week we are going to try something a little different. I have compiled a list of all the teams with every free agent in that team. This list does not include players like LeBron James or Dwight Howard because they have to opt out of their contracts in order to become free agents. Our expert panelist will answer 3 question for each team about who they should resign, who they should let go, and who their top free agent target should be. I hope everyone enjoys this week’s editions of NBA RoundTable Every Day, a new division.

Today, the Pacific Division

Golden State WarriorsGolden State Warriors

Age Pos Status
Leandro Barbosa 33 SG UFA
Harrison Barnes 24 SF RFA
Ian Clark 25 SG RFA
Festus Ezeli 26 C RFA
James McAdoo 23 SF RFA
Brandon Rush 30 SG UFA
Marreese Speights 28 C UFA
Anderson Varejao 33 C UFA

Who should they resign?

Todd: I would resign Harrison Barnes, Festus Ezeli, and Marreese Speights. Harrison Barnes has been the starting small forward and a key part of their team the last two years. You can’t let him go. Festus Ezeli has the toughness inside even though he doesn’t get a lot of minutes at times, he plays well when he does get the minutes. Marreese Speights is like a stretch center. he don’t have a post move but he can stretch the floor all the way out to the three point line.

Chad: Barnes, Ezeli, Speights

David: Can they afford Barnes? It’s going to be hard to keep the Big 3 together, and sidekick Barnes. I’d like to bring back Speights and McAdoo for bench help, but I think both are going to get overpaid.

Who should they ignore?

Todd: Everyone else they should let go. even though Leandro Barbosa has been a key part of the rotation, they can’t keep everyone. Brandon rush and Ian Clark are good players who could catch on to another teams and get more playing time. Anderson Varejao he was a signed late in the season. James McAdoo at times seams like he is lost on the court and don’t know what he is doing.

Chad: Everyone else

David: Anyone that wants a GIANT RAISE, other than Barnes.

Top FA Target?

Todd: I don’t think they need a big name because they already have their core players. maybe if they pick up a few cheap role players that would bee good enough for them.

Chad: Anybody Steph wants to play with

David: Dewayne Dedmon, maybe even take a run at J.J. Hickson. If they lose Barnes, then that opens up the floodgates.

LA ClippersL.A. Clippers

Age Pos Status
Jeff Ayres 29 F-C UFA
Jamal Crawford 36 SG UFA
Jeff Green 29 SF UFA
Luc Mbah a Moute 29 SF UFA
Pablo Prigioni 39 SG UFA

Who should they resign?

Todd: No one on this list.

Chad: I don’t think they need anyone here…maybe Crawford for a year

David: Jeff Green

Who should they ignore?

Todd: Everyone on this list. they could keep Crawford but because of his age I think they should let him go.

Chad: Clear house sign other role players.

David: Doc Rivers the GM.

Top FA Target?

Todd: every starting small forward they can get their hands on. that was there major weakness last year. If they can shore up their starting small forward spot the Clippers can be a real contender next year for a title.

Chad: Perimeter Scoring.

David: Harrison Barnes. Bradley Beal?

lakersL.A. Lakers

Age Pos Status
Tarik Black 24 F-C RFA
Jordan Clarkson 24 SG RFA
Roy Hibbert 29 C UFA
Marcelo Huertas 33 PG RFA
Ryan Kelly 25 PF RFA
Robert Sacre 27 C UFA
Metta World Peace 36 SF UFA

Who should they resign?

Tood: They should resign Tarik Black, Jordan Clarkson, Marcelo Huertas, And Metta World Peace. Tarik Black showed some promise as a good young player. He would be a good back up center and bring good energy off the bench. Jordan Clarkson is a good young player. He just needs to learn to be bit more of a willing passer. Marcelo Huertas at time last year was the best point guard the Lakers had. He would be a great back up point guard even at his age. Metta World Peace might surprise some people but last year he was their best defender when he was on the court. Byron Scott just didn’t play him enough.

Chad: Clarkson and Huertas

David: Tarik Black, Jordan Clarkson and Kobe.

Who should they ignore?

Todd: They should let everyone else go. Roy Hibbert at 29 is a joke. He is 7’2 but he plays like he is 6’2. There were times last year where he only got 1 or 2 rebounds in a whole game. That is unacceptable! Ryan Kelly never found his stroke last year and Robert Sacre needs to work on his insde poste moves.

Chad: Everyone Else; this a disaster of a franchise.

David: Kobe, and Roy Hibbert- but mostly Kobe.

Top FA Target?

Todd: a small forward not named Durant.

Chad: Demar Derozan seems likes a good fit.

David: Really depends on the draft.

Phoenix SunsPhoenix Suns

Age Pos Status
Chase Budinger 28 SF UFA
Jon Leuer 27 PF UFA
Ronnie Price 32 PG UFA
Mirza Teletovic 30 PF UFA

Who should they resign?

Todd: Leuer

Chad: No one

David: None of the above

Who should they ignore?

Todd: Budinger, Price, Teletovic.

Chad: Everyone

David: The Owner

Top FA Target?

Todd: I think they screwed up when they traded Dragic and then the Morris twins. any SG worth a damn!

Chad: Anybody willing to hang out in a desert

David: Charles Barkley. Failing that; anyone they can get cheap.

kingsSacramento Kings

Age Pos Status
Eric Moreland 24 F-C RFA
Rajon Rondo 30 PG UFA

Who should they resign?

Todd: Rajon Rondo. He led the league in assists with over 12 per game.

Chad: Rondo

David: I’m not sure I bring Rondo back. Does he really want to be here?

Who should they ignore?

Todd: Moreland

Chad: That other guy

David: Anyone calling to ask about Boogie

Top FA Target?

Todd: They need to see what they can get for Cousins, I don’t think a new coach is gonna make a difference.

Chad: Perimeter play.

David: Leadership.

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