NBA Free Agent Roundtable: SouthWest Division

Welcome NBA fans to another edition of NBA RoundTable. This week we are going to try something a little different. I have compiled a list of all the teams with every free agent in that team. This list does not include players like LeBron James or Dwight Howard because they have to opt out of their contracts in order to become free agents. Our expert panelist will answer 3 question for each team about who they should resign, who they should let go, and who their top free agent target should be. I hope everyone enjoys this week’s editions of NBA RoundTable Every Day, a new division.

Today, the SouthWest Division

Dallas MavericksDallas Mavericks

Age Pos Status
Raymond Felton 31 PG UFA
Zaza Pachulia 32 C UFA
Dwight Powell 24 PF RFA
David Lee 33 PF UFA
Charlie Villanueva 31 PF UFA

Who should they resign?

Todd: I would resign Dwight Powell and Raymond Felton. Powell is gonna be a good young player for years to come and Felton will be a descent backup PG for a couple more years.

Chad: Felton for sure solid backup PG

David: Felton, Powell, and Steve Nash.

Who should they ignore?

Todd: Everyone else. David Lee has bounced around since laving the Warriors and has never got consistent playing time. Charlie Villanueva could help another team that needs a stretch four.

Chad: Lee and Villanueva they are better suited out of Dallas

David: What happened to David Lee? Seriously.

Top FA Target?

Todd: Dwight Howard. Dallas needs a big man inside to complement Dirk.

Chad: Howard I think works here.

David: Harrison Barnes. Chris Kaman?

Houston RocketsHouston Rockets

Age Pos Status
Terrence Jones 24 PF RFA
Donatas Moniejunas 25 F-C RFA
Josh Smith 30 PF UFA
Jason Terry 38 SG UFA

Who should they resign?

Todd: They should resign Jones, Moniejunas, and Smith. Terrence Jones is a great young player for the Rockets. Moniejunas should become the starting center once Howard leaves. Smith is a good pick and role player as long as Harden passes the ball.

Chad: Everybody but Jason Terry

David: The Rockets have some problems here, who to bring back? If Howard comes back, then Terry is back on the table off the bench, but you drop Smith and Moniejunas, Howard leaves and you reverse that.

Who should they ignore?

Todd: Jason Terry. Although he is one of the greatest three point shooters in NBA history, he is getting too old.

Chad: Old man Terry

David: Dwight Howard’s agent.

Top FA Target?

Todd: It should be Dwight Howard when he opts out of his contract but there is no way he is coming back to Houston.

Chad: Anybody willing to play with Harden

David: It all comes down to Howard. I’d look at Jennings or maybe try and get Ty Lawson.

Memphis GrizzliesMemphis Grizzlies

Age Pos Status
Chris Anderson 37 F-C UFA
Matt Barnes 36 SF UFA
Mike Conley 28 PG UFA
Jordan Farmer 29 PG UFA
PJ Hairston 23 F-G UFA
Ray McCallum 25 SG UFA

Who should they resign?

Todd: They should resign Conley, Farmer, Hairston, and McCallum. Mike Conley is a must at starting PG. Jordan Farmer would be a solid backup. Hairston is a good young player who can play both the Forward and Guard position. Ray McCallum came over from the Spurs so you know he will be a great player for years to come.

Chad: Everyone but Anderson and Barnes

David: Conley, Hairston, and McCallum. Conley is a homegrown talent that is undervalued by the fans. Hairston still needs to grow, but he’s a young talent.

Who should they ignore?

Todd: Anderson and Barnes are just getting older.

Chad: Memphis needs to get younger and Anderson/Barnes aren’t helping with that.

David: Birdman

Top FA Target?

Todd: Again this team don’t need a whole lot to compete in the west maybe a few more role players.

Chad: Superb complimentary talent.

David: Conley is a must. No idea why Jamal Crawford hasn’t been on this team yet. I’d look at Pau and maybe even Whiteside.

new Orleans PelicansNew Orleans Pelicans

Ryan Anderson 28 PF UFA
Norris Cole 27 PG UFA
James Ennis 26 SF RFA
Tim Frazier 25 SG RFA
Eric Gordon 27 SG UFA
Jordan Hamilton 25 SF UFA
Kendrick Perkins 31 C UFA

Who should they resign?

Todd: Anderson, Cole, Gordon, Hamilton. Anderson is a good stretch four that can shoot really well. Norris Cole could be a starter in this league if he can stay healthy. Hamilton and Gordon are good role players.

Chad: Anderson, Gordon, Cole

David: This tells you how lousy this team has been run. There is plenty of talent here. Other than Perkins, everyone is under 28 as well. I can’t see any of these guys being unemployed more than a few days in free agency and most, if not all are going to get a raise. The Pelicans need to watch the money, and not overpay for anyone.

Who should they ignore?

Todd: Ennis, Frazier, Perkins. Perkins is just a waste of space he needs to retire like 5 years ago.

Chad: Can we not waste our time with Kendrick Perkins

David: Sign and trade options. I’ve always liked Eric Gordon, but he’s wasted in this “offense”

Top FA Target?

Todd: None 

Chad: Durant and Davis would be a pretty good mix

David: Felton? Noah would be wonderful, as would Pau.

San Antonio SpursSan Antonio Spurs

Age Pos Status
Matt Bonner 36 F-C UFA
Boban Marjanovic 27 C RFA
Kevin Martin 33 SG UFA
Andre Miller 40 PG UFA

Who should they resign?

Todd: They should resign Boban Marjanovich for sure. This guy will be a beast in the post but only if he stays in San Antonio under Popvich.

Chad: Nobody that I can see

David: Marjanovic, he should be able to give Duncan a rest.

Who should they ignore?

Todd: Everyone else. Matt Bonner AKA the Red Rocket is getting older and at the end of his career it is time for him to go. Although Kevin Martin and Andre Miller were late season insurance policy pickups they are also a little older. It is time for the Spurs to start to get younger.

Chad: This list and everyone telling them they are done

David: Richard Jefferson

Top FA Target?

Todd: I don’t really know. Aldridge was the first big time free agent the Spurs pickup in a long time. Most of their players were home grown. I can’t see them going after Durant because they already have Leonard at the small forward position. Maybe some role players. Popovich is picky on who he wants on his team though. If you are not a team player, he does not want you.

Chad: Young perimeter play to help the roster

David: Eric Gordon. Nicolas Batum maybe even Luol Deng

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  1. Eric Gordon is a shell of what he was with the clippers.
    He’s hated it in New Orleans since he’s been there and can’t do anything but catch and shoot.
    Pelicans will replace him at pick 6 with either Dunn, Murray or Hield. Unless Ryno comes cheap I wouldnt bring him back either. The guy can score, but is a ball stopper and that’s not good for Alvin Gentry’s offense.

    The sad thing is the best this team played was after everyone was hurt at the end of the season. With Frazier at the helm, the ball movement was a thing of beauty and showed what could happen if everyone buys in.

    Signing Batum would be amazing, along with drafting one if the 3 gentlemen I listed above. This team already had some good building blocks in a healthy Holiday and Brow. Ferry should help them not overpay in free agency. That was an underrated hire.

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