NBA Free Agent Roundtable: NorthWest Division

Welcome NBA fans to another edition of NBA RoundTable. This week we are going to try something a little different. I have compiled a list of all the teams with every free agent in that team. This list does not include players like LeBron James or Dwight Howard because they have to opt out of their contracts in order to become free agents. Our expert panelist will answer 3 question for each team about who they should resign, who they should let go, and who their top free agent target should be. I hope everyone enjoys this week’s editions of NBA RoundTable Every Day, a new division.

Today, the NorthWest Division

Denver NuggetsDenver Nuggets

Age Pos Status
D.J. Augustin 28 PG UFA
Mike Miller 36 SG UFA

 Who should they resign?

Todd: They should resign D.J. Augustine. He will probably never be a starter in this league but he will be a really good backup PG. Denver can’t let him slip away.

Chad: None

David: I don’t know what the Nuggets plan is, but I don’t think either of these two are really worth stressing over.

Who should they ignore?

Todd: Mike Miller. Although he can still shoot the ball at ties it looks like he is out there playing on one leg. He is at the end of his career.

Chad: The list.

David: Any agent that wants a Max contract.

Top FA Target?

Todd: Denver could use all the help they could get being that they are in the Western Conference.

Chad: Anybody willing to come out there

David: A competent GM.

Minnesota TimberwolvesMinnesota Timberwolves

Age Pos Status
Tayshuaun Prince 36 SF UFA
Damjan Rudez 29 PF RFA

Who should they resign?

Todd: Damjan Rudez is a pretty good role player.

Chad: No One

David: Neither.

Who should they ignore?

Todd: Prince is aging

Chad: This List

David: Both

Top FA Target?

Todd: Minnesota is in really good shape. They have a lot of young players just hired a new coach. they don’t need a whole lot.

Chad:  Reunite Joakim Noah with Thibs.

David: Noah, depending on his contact demands, and take a look at every pass first point in the NBA.

OKC ThunderOklahoma City Thunder

Age Pos Status
Kevin Durant 27 SF UFA
Randy Foye 32 SG UFA
Nazr Mahammed 38 C UFA
Dion Waiters 24 SG RFA

Who should they resign?

Todd: Durant, Waiters. Durant of course is a must. Waiters was a big boost off the bench especially in the playoffs.

Chad: Durant..Duh. Dion Waters

David: That Durant guy is pretty good. I mean, I don’t think he’s all that. Maybe they should trade him to Charlotte for a couple second rounders. I’d also look at Dion Waters, unless his contract demands are too high.

Who should they ignore?

Todd: Everyone else. Randy Foye and Nazr Mahammed

Chad: That list…and ESPN.

David: Anyone that parked in Durant’s space and got on his nerves.

Top FA Target?

Todd: Kevin Durant of course.

Chad: Kevin F’N Durant

David: After Durant, I’d look at some swing guards that can play defense. Maybe Gerald Henderson

portland trail BlazersPortland Trailblazers

Age Pos Status
Allen Crabbe 24 SF RFA
Gerald Henderson 28 SG UFA
Maurice Harkless 23 SF RFA
Chris Kaman 34 C UFA
Meyers Leonard 24 C RFA
Brian Roberts 30 PG UFA

Who should they resign?

Todd: They should resign Crabbe, Henderson, Harkless, and Leonard. These are all goo young players and will be for years to come.

Chad: Anyone under 30

David: I’d bring everyone back but Henderson and Roberts. I’ve always been a Kaman fan, but thats just me.

Who should they ignore?

Todd:  Chris Kaman is getting older and at the end of his career. Brian Roberts wold be better off going to another team to get more playing time.

Chad: Over 30 does not work on this team

David: Any agent wanting a contract longer than 3 years. This team got where it was due to being scrappy, and long term deals tend to take away that hunger.

Top FA Target?

Todd: This team does not need a whole lot. they made the playoffs with what they got and got into the second round. Maybe a few more key role players.

Chad: Solid pieces around Lillard

David: Rebounders. Kris Humphris might be a good fit.

Utah JazzUtah Jazz

Age Pos Status
Trevor Booker 28 PF UFA

Who should they resign?

Todd: Trevor Booker

Chad: Booker…I guess

David: Booker

Who should they ignore?

Todd: No one

Chad: No one I suppose

David: Every Free Agent they have they should go get.

Top FA Target?

Todd: Any one they can get.

Chad: Anybody willing to help out the team

David: Utah has a lot of directions they can go. I would not worry about any major free agents till after the draft.

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