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What’s up wrestling fans, welcome one and all to yet another edition of the Wrestling Roundtable. This week we again touch on the draft that is upcoming next month between Raw and Smackdown. If we were the GM, who would we take #1 to lead the program. Plus we will discuss Money in the Bank in depth as it is this Sunday!!

Power rankings

1.Roman Reigns- The WWE Champion is on his way to the Money in the Bank for his match against Seth Rollins, can “the man” overcome the former champ?

2.Dean Ambrose- The lunatic seems poised and ready for the Money in the Bank

3.Seth Rollins- Rollins takes his quest to win back his WWE Championship this Sunday

4.Chris Jericho- Can Jericho win in the one match he has never won in and cash in?

5.Rusev- Rusev is a man possessed as he defends the US title against Titus O’Neil this Sunday

this week

1993- The Steiner Brothers won their first WWE World Tag Team Championship by defeated Money Inc.

2006- the WWE debuted its own version of ECW on the Sci-Fi Network.

2007- Wrestling lost one of the greatest female wrestlers ever, as the Sensational Sherri passed away.

2007- Vince McMahon’s limo blows up LIVE on Raw.

2015- Dusty Rhodes passes away

And here we go for the questions this week.

raw gm

You are in charge to draft the first two wrestlers for Raw and Smackdown. Who would you draft first to lead your program?

Steve: This is simple for me. Raw is still going to be your number one brand I think, so you have to draft the #1 guy. Depending on if they are going to have two different champions on Raw or Smackdown, or keep your WWE World Heavyweight Champion on both show. Raw drafts Roman Reigns as their number one pick, and Smackdown drafts Dean Ambrose as their number one guy. I don’t really want them to split up these two as I am hoping for a Shield reunion sometime this year, but I think they go in different directions. If Roman wrestles on both programs, assuming he is still the champion, then Seth Rollins is drafted first on Raw.

Jim:With the first selection of the 2016 WWE draft, Stephanie McMahon selects the current reigning champion….Roman Reigns.  And with the 2nd pick of the 2016 WWE draft, Shane McMahon selects the face of Smackdown for the next 10 years….John Cena.

Christa:For RAW, my first draft choice would be Dean Ambrose. He’s the superstar that is leading the WWE into the “New Era”. He has the unpredictable nature of Mick Foley and rebellious nature of Stone Cold. He definitely has the potential to be a force within the WWE. As for Smackdown, John Cena would be my first draft pick. Popular across most age groups (whether they love him or love to hate him), he will lead RAW’s kid brother in a direction that will hopefully be much more successful than the previous brand split.

Todd: I am not a big fan of this brand split at all. But I guess if I have to pick I would go with Ambrose for Raw because he is one of the top faces of the company and Rollins for Smackdown.

Chad: Assuming Roman Reigns is the Champion You would probably draft Ambrose to Raw and Cena to Smackdown


What are your bold predictions for Money in the Bank?

Steve: It think that Roman Reigns will retain his championship over Seth Rollins. They really want to solidify his reign as champion, and they think the only way to do that is to have him beat the man who never actually lost the championship in Seth Rollins. I think all the champions will retain the championships this Sunday. I think Dean Ambrose walks away as the winner of the Money in the Bank.

Jim:It is my honest belief that Dean Ambrose is destined to win the briefcase and his shot at the WWE belt.  The other two of the Shield have held it, and he should too.  It is my BOLD PREDICTION that he turns around and cashes it in the very same night and leaves Money in the Bank with the championship proudly held over his head.

Christa:The championship match will ultimately involve all three members of The Shield. How it will end?? Who knows but, I always caution people in believing that Vince (and his writing staff) will travel in any different direction than continuing to parade behind Roman (YAWN!).

Todd: I think Roman Reigns retains. The Miz drops the IC title, oh wait he is not even wrestling. WTF! None of the current 6 competitors will win the money in the bank ladder match. There will be a surprise 7th member on Sunday who will end of winning. (Bray Wyatt)

Chad: The Club walks out Tag Team Champions; we will have a late entry into MITB; and Roman Retains.

new day

Agree or Disagree: The New Day should drop the WWE Tag Team Championship at Money in the Bank?

Steve: Hell no, the New Day is the best tag team and by far the most entertaining segment on Raw or Smackdown. No way they should drop the championship, and I dont think they will on Sunday.

Jim:100% AGREE.  They’re terrible in the ring, no matter how good they are dancing and cracking jokes.  I want wrestlers to hold every title, and they are not wrestlers.  They truly are terrible on the mat.

Christa:Unfortunately, I do agree with this one. I’m still a HUGE fan of the New Day but their time as champions has come to an end. Some teams need to be champions to increase or maintain their popularity. The New Day doesn’t. They have the charisma to get the fans on their feet with the belts around their waist.

Todd: I agree. The New Day are one of the most ridiculous and annoying tag teams in the WWE. You know how Roman Reigns says he is not a good guy, he is not a bad guy, he is the guy. Well The New Day  should say we are not baby faces, we are not heels, we are idiots. It is time for them to drop the titles. Gallows and Anderson will be the New WWE Tag Team Champions after Sunday. Its time for a real tag team to hold the titles.

Chad: They are entertaining but their reign as tag team champions needs to come to an end. AGREE.

Cena vs Styles

Agree or Disagree: John Cena and AJ Styles will steal the show this Sunday?

Steve: Actually I am going to agree with this. The hype for this match is obviously huge, and the fans really want to see it. AJ has proven that he can work with the best with his two amazing matches with Roman Reigns. So yeah, he can hang with Cena, and these two will produce a fantastic match.

Jim:Well, not for me, since I don’t believe AJ Styles is worth a damn as a wrestler. So DISAGREE.  He’s a highly oversold bill of goods that turns out to be made in China plastic.  He lost me with the idiotic attack of Cena for no reason…that simply wouldn’t end.  I’m over AJ Styles.

Christa:Disagree! AJ Styles is a bore, no one has been dreaming about this match and this is NOT a match 15 years in the making. Frankly, it appears that the writers devoted less than 15 minutes to this storyline. I would feel awful if I was Cena and this is what they reduced my career to.

Todd: Well it all depends. The hype for it is huge but the hype for Cena vs Rock 1 was also huge that match wasn’t that great. If it is long enough to start out with and with no interference by the club and a clean finish it could steal the show.

Chad: Disagree..Did everybody forget their is a ladder match  as well.

rollins cash in

Will the Money in the Bank winner cash in after the Reigns vs Rollins match?

Steve: Nope, because I think it is Ambrose. I think he will make his presence felt in the main event, but I don’t think he will actually cash in. I think that he may threaten it, but ultimately it will not happen. Reigns walks out as champion, but then Reigns, Rollins, and Ambrose start a three way feud with one another.

Jim: I honestly do believe that Rollins will do something stupid to win the title, since that’s all he’s capable of.  And then Ambrose will immediately cash in and leave the ring the champion.  I believe it, because that’s how I would write it….but since the WWE writers are actually three monkeys in a room with two typewriters, there’s no way they could conceive of such a great ending.

Christa: It should be cashed in but will Vince and his staff be able to veer away from their norm?!? I hope so because these PPVs are getting so predictable and boring. PLEASE DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT!

Todd: No I don’t think so.

Chad: No Since there is only 1 MITB match as of now and 2 for the upcoming split you can’t waste the cash-in at the show.

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