NBA Free Agent Roundtable: Southeast Division

Welcome NBA fans to another edition of NBA RoundTable. This week we are going to try something a little different. I have compiled a list of all the teams with every free agent in that team. This list does not include players like LeBron James or Dwight Howard because they have to opt out of their contracts in order to become free agents. Our expert panelist will answer 3 question for each team about who they should resign, who they should let go, and who their top free agent target should be. I hope everyone enjoys this week’s editions of NBA RoundTable Every Day, a new division.

Today, the Southeast Division

Atlanta HawksAtlanta Hawks

Age Pos Status
Kent Bazemore 26 SG  UFA
Kirk Hinrich  35 SG  UFA
Al Horford  31  PF  UFA
Kris Humphries  30  PF  UFA

Who should they resign?

Todd: They should definitely resign Horford and Bazemore. Horford is still young enough he can be an impact player and Bazemore will be a great player for years to come.

David: Everyone but Kirk Hinrich. He’s 35, and is probably off to the farm. I actually do like Bazemore, more than I should.

Chad: Horford and Bazemore can help this team out

Who should they ignore?

Todd: They should ignore everyone else. Kirk Hinrich is getting older and he didn’t play much after being traded from the Chicago Bulls. Kris Humphries is a good stretch four but he never really fit their system after he was signed late in the season.

David: Hinrich

Chad: Humphries and Hinrich need to go from this team to help clear out spots.

Top FA Target?

Todd: Of course their top free agent target should be Kevin Durant. Although Bazemore did a good job at the small forward position this year after DeMarre Carroll left, Durant would be a major upgrade. That would give them the option to move Bazemore to the bench or to start bazemore at the shooting gaurd for more athleticism in the starting line up and moving Korver to the Bench.

David: Horford is going to be all over these Free Agent looksees, and he should be the Hawks number one target, but as for people to bring in, let me give a name. Brandon Jennings. He can work well with a big, and needs some coaching in the worst way. Maybe they can add Noah to Horford.

Chad: I think they should make a run at Kevin Durant to help expand and make them a major player in the East.

Charlotte HornetsCharlotte Hornets

Age Pos Status
Nicolas Batum 27 SF UFA
Troy Daniels 24 SG RFA
Jorge Gutierrez 27 PG RFA
Tyler Hansbrough 30 PF UFA
Al Jefferson 31 C UFA
Courtney Lee 30 SG FA
Marvin Williams 29 PF UFA

Who should they resign?

Todd:  Batum, Jefferson, Williams, Lee, Daniels. Batun who was injure for some of the year was a great pick up last year. they can’t let him go. Jefferson is still the man. Williams and Lee are good role players. Daniels is a good young player.

David: Batum, Jefferson, Marvin Williams, Troy Daniels. Daniels is young and shot 48% from 3. Al Jefferson is a centerpiece. The other two are solid rotation players.

Chad: For sure Batum, Jefferson, Williams. Daniels if you can get him.

Who should they ignore?

Todd: Gutierrez, Hanbrough.

David: Tyler Hansbrough. The Hornets/Bobcats franchise has always been stuck stocking the place with UNC players, even though they have never needed them to sell tickets. It’s fine if we get Jordan, Worthy, Barnes etc, but JR Reid, Sean May and the like is what they end up with. It’s like if Brooklyn did nothing but pull players from St Johns.

Chad: Hansborough, I just do not like him.

Top FA Target?

Todd: Al Jefferson. he is a must sign.

David: Big Al. The Hornets are in a position where they have solid players that need to gel, but weaknesses that simply are not getting a player away. I’d almost think their best option would be to bring in young players and hope one or two responds to good coaching.

Chad: Jefferson, he is a center piece.

miami heatMiami Heat

Age Pos Status
Luol Deng 31 SF UFA
Gerald Green 20 SG UFA
Udonis Haslem 36 F-C UFA
Joe Johnson 35 F-G UFA
Tyler Johnson 24 PG RFA
Amar’e Stoudemire 33 F-C UFA
Dwyane Wade 34 SG UFA
Hassan Whiteside 27 C UFA
Dorell Wright 30 F-G UFA


Who should they resign?

Todd: Deng, Tyler Johnson, Wade, Whiteside. Tyler Johnson could be a starting PG in this league.

David: This whole team could be gone. I want Wade back, at any cost. Whiteside is a max player in the new CBA. I’d bring back Amare if the price is right,

Chad: Deng, Whiteside, Wade for sure possibly Johnson to develop.

Who should they ignore?

Todd: Everyone else. Green, Haslem, Joe Johnson, Wright, and Stoudemire. Stoudemire has not been the same since he left the Phoenix Suns. He is more of a pick and roll player and needs a good pick and roll point guard.

David: I’ve never been a fan of Deng. Not even in Chicago. Depends on his price. The two Johnsons, Green, Dorell Wright.

Chad: Everyone Else

Top FA Target?

Todd: Whiteside. They must resign him. he should be priority number one.

David: LeBron! Hey, it worked before.
In all seriousness, it all comes down to Bosh. This isn’t a young team, and I don’t know if Whiteside can be built around. Who knows with Pat though, he might bring in Durant and Westbrook to pair with Wade and Kobe, for all I know.

Chad: Whiteside is a must as you can build a team around him.

orlando-magic-alternate-logo-2-primaryOrlando Magic

Age Pos Status
Dewayne Dedmon 26 C RFA
Evan Fournier 23 SG RFA
Brandon Jennings 26 PG UFA
Andrew Nicholson 26 PF RFA
Jason Smith 30 PF UFA

Who should they resign?

Todd: Dedmon, Fournier. Fournier can really shot the three when he is hot.

David: Dedmon. He’s not a centerpiece, but he’s solid enough to be a starter on a deep-run playoff team. The rest I’d bring back if I can get the right price, but the question is Brandon Jennings. I’d have to have a long talk with him about what he wants.

Chad: Everyone under 30.

Who should they ignore?

Todd: Nicholson, Smith, Jennings is a question mark because I don’t know if he really fits that team.

David: Jason Smith. He’s going to get expensive for not a great reason.

Chad: Jason Smith

Top FA Target?

Todd: Dwight Howard, why not?

David: The Magic are a mess, but a young mess. They are like the Sixers, but not crappy enough to get high picks. I’d look to anyone young, who feels underpaid and wants that tax-free chedder. A solid vet or two to bring leadership would be nice.

Chad: Bring Dwight Home why not?

WizardsWashington Wizards

Age Pos Status
Alan Anderson 33 SG UFA
Bradley Beal 22 SG RFA
Jared Dudley 30 SG UFA
J.J. Hickson 27 PF UFA
Nene Hilario 33 PF UFA
Ramon Sessions 30 PG UFA
Garrett Temple 30 SG UFA
Marcus Thorton 29 SG UFA

Who should they resign?

Todd: Bradley Beal for sure, J.J. Hickson, Ramon Sessions, and Marcus Thorton.

David: They dont have a choice but to pay Bradley Beal, unless they can get Durant and Wall doesn’t squeal about it. Nene is a solid player as well, I’d bring back Marcus Thornton as well. JJ Hickson might be too expensive to bring back, but I’d give him the money Nene got.

Chad: Beal, Sessions, Hickson

Who should they ignore?

Todd: Anderson, Dudley, Nene, and Temple

David: Everyone else. I wouldn’t ignore a sign and trade, Beal/center for Durant?

Chad: Everyone Else

Top FA Target?

Todd: Kevin Durant for sure.

David: Every power forward I can find. Durant is the one they want, and that makes life easy for everyone else.

Chad: Kevin Durant because Scott Brooks is the Head Coach

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