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Welcome to another edition of The Blog About Nothing. It’s the 17th of June, and today happens to be my parents’ 44th wedding anniversary. Forty-four years is a long time, and forty-four years of marriage is probably an extremely long time but through the ups and downs, they stuck together. It wasn’t pretty, and it was rocky but that bond still holds. I guess there’s a lesson for me in that somewhere, but congratulations to the people who made me possible. A tip of the cap to them on this day.

Orlando_terror_attack_Before I discuss something that is relatively unimportant in the scheme of things, the NBA Finals, I would like to offer up my prayers to Orlando. Orlando has had a rough week. From the senseless murder of former The Voice contestant Christina Grimmie, to the tragic night of terror at Club Pulse, and finally the death of a little boy when an alligator dragged him into a lake, the City of Orlando has had it hard. I’ve become pretty familiar with Central Florida the past few years due to my parents seeking to retire out there, before circumstances beyond their control pushed them back towards New York, but I have slowly started to see the place as a potential new home.

The spotlight that has befallen it this past week or so has been tragic. My prayers go out to the victims of Club Pulse. Those men and women were in a place they felt safe in, their sanctuary, before some coward decided to violate it. Whether Omar Mateen was truly affiliated with a terrorist organization, despite his claims, and we will find that out in due time, what he did was indeed terrorism. He terrorized a community, and for that I hope he is burning in hell like the punk ass coward that he is. No one should feel any sympathy for a man like him. No one. For the families of those who met their end, I pray for them. I pray for them in their time of grief and I hope that in time their wounds will heal and they will go on to honor those they lost.

Before I drag the weight of this blog down, please allow me to pivot towards a more trivial topic. Starting off I would like to apologize to ABC/ESPN TV analyst Jalen Rose. Jalen was correct, and I was wrong. Before Game One of the NBA Finals, Jalen declared that LeBron James was entering this series playing with house money. I found that a foolish statement because if LeBron lost this Finals he would be facing his fifth Finals loss, but indeed LeBron is playing with house money because he has been fearless the last three games of this series.

Back to back 41 point efforts from LeBron has the Cavs coming back from a 3-1 deficit and forcing a Game 7 this Sunday. That game will be played in Oakland, California however. Keep in mind that a road team has not won a Game 7 in the NBA Finals since 1978 and no team has ever come back from a 3-1 deficit in the Finals and those odds stand in the way of the Cleveland Cavaliers ending the night as title winners. If LeBron is going to win his third title, and the first title in a major sport for the City of Cleveland since 1964 he is going to have to overcome some historical odds in order to do so.

finalsHowever, as I sit here this morning (ironically wearing a We The North t-shirt … Go Toronto Raptors!) I think Sunday’s game is a real coin-flip. The Golden State Warriors to me look tired, and they look like a team that is crumbling under the pressure. The Warriors were an NBA record 73-9, and were expected to easily get through these playoffs but the Cavaliers have given them their first real test all season. LeBron and company are in their heads, and it shows on the court.

Steph Curry looks rattled. He came undone in Game 6 and that was surprising for a player known for his calm demeanor and sportsmanship. He was unraveling in Game 5 but in Game 6 he truly got pushed over the edge. He was already playing with a knee that couldn’t possibly be 100% after that knock he took in the first round against the Houston Rockets, and now he has the best player in the game today completely in his head. If I were Steph, and the rest of the Warriors for that matter, I would spend the next two days in complete isolation. The Warriors need to rest and they need to regain their focus because despite the odds Cleveland faces in Game 7 the momentum is on the Cavaliers side.

They fought their way back into this series. Yes, it called for LeBron baiting Draymond Green into a Game 5 suspension, but LeBron has imposed his will in true King James fashion. I’ll never be a card carrying member of the LeBron James fan club but he deserves his props. He’s the man, and he’s been it when his team needs it. That’s the one thing I do like about LeBron: he knows when to play hero ball. He likes to facilitate, and that’s admirable, but he knows when to sideline his team and do it by his damn self. Once he gets going, then he can work on getting others in but he does know when to lead and that’s something that is a part of his game I can respect.

By next week’s blog the NBA Finals will be over, and the NBA Draft will be concluded, but I hope to have an exciting recap of both. Speaking of the NBA Draft, please keep your eye out for a mock draft that I have a part in putting together. It should be a good read. Almost as good as this one. I kid.

I’m done. Thanks for reading and supporting 7Poundbag.


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  1. Respect and congratulations to your parents on their anniversary. And, respect and prayers to all those poor folks in Orlando and to Orlando as a whole…

    Now… I have got this to say about the NBA Finals…

    Last week I made the comment in another column… NBA round Table… that the Oklahoma City Thunder losing to Golden State, after they had them down for what seemingly was the count, was not a choke. Without going into detail… I stand by that comment.
    However, if, Golden State loses this NBA Finals… and I will reluctantly give LeBron and the Cleveland Cavaliers a congratulatory salute for being the better team and the Champs… then I would consider that to be a choke. In my mind Cleveland should be on the golf course or headed to the Islands for vaca, already.
    I am not a big LeBron fan but I recognize his talent… I even offered the opinion that last year I thought he should have won the MVP of the Finals… still, I thought going into this Finals that Golden State was the far better TEAM and that they should have ended this in 5.
    Guess, I was wrong…

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