NBA Free Agent Roundtable: Central Division

Welcome NBA fans to another edition of NBA RoundTable. This week we are going to try something a little different. I have compiled a list of all the teams with every free agent in that team. This list does not include players like LeBron James or Dwight Howard because they have to opt out of their contracts in order to become free agents. Our expert panelist will answer 3 question for each team about who they should resign, who they should let go, and who their top free agent target should be. I hope everyone enjoys this week’s editions of NBA RoundTable Every Day, a new division.

Today, the Central Division

Chicago BullsChicago Bulls

Age Pos Status
Aaron Brooks 31 PG UFA
E’Twaun Moore 27 SG UFA
Joakim Noah 31 C UFA


Who should they resign?

Todd: If they resign anyone on this list it should be E’Twaun Moore. He is a good young player who has some growth yet.

David: Noah. He’s not coming back, but at least a sign and trade.

Chad: Moore he’s a nice little piece to have on a team

Who should they ignore?

Todd: Joakim Noah was never a good fit after Tom Thibodeau left. He stated he was going to leave any ways.

David: Moore and Brooks
Derrick Rose’s Agent.

Chad: Everyone not named Jimmy Butler.

Top FA Target?

Todd: With Joakim Noah leaving and possibly pau gasol opting out of his contract and leaving also they are going to need someone to man the middle look for them to per sue Dwight Howard if he chooses to opt out which every one expects him too.

David: I’d look to Al Horford. Maybe punt Rose and a pick for Horford and bring back Noah and Horford? I’d also look for Brandon Jennings and maybe Whiteside.

Chad: Clear some cap room and go after a couple guys to help you long term Jennings and Whiteside maybe.

Cleveland CavaliersCleveland Cavaliers 

Age Pos Status
Richard Jefferson 35 SF UFA
Timofey Mozgov 29 C UFA


Who should they resign?

Todd: With Mozgov not making much of an impact this year and Jefferson aging I don’t think they should resign either guy.

David: Mozgov. He’s serviceable and knows his role.

Chad: Nobody on that list

Who should they ignore?

Todd: Both guys.

David: Jefferson is still in the league? Any GM demands from Lebron.

Chad: GM Lebron James he doesn’t know how to build a team.

Top FA Target? 

Todd: I expect the Cavaliers to make a big impact in trading players especially if they cannot come back and win the NBA Championship. They probably won’t do too much on the free agent market. LeBron James will be their biggest free agent target.

David: I don’t think there are any free agents of note they can sign, but there is a TON of trades they can make. If Boston really wants love, snag that #3 pick as soon as the phone rings. Grab Buddy at the draft. Maybe see if anyone wants to come and play for a ring? Noah would be dominant if he wants a ring chase.

Chad: Make moves to snag a piece especially if you lose in the Finals.

Detroit PistonsDetroit Pistons

Pos Status
Steve Blake 36 PG UFA
Andre Drummond 22 C RFA
Anthony Tolliver 31 PF UFA


Who should they resign?

Todd: Resign Andre Drummond without a doubt. This is a guy you can build around. His only down fall is his free throw shooting.

David: Drummond. As long a contract as possible. I still like Tolliver

Chad: Andre Drummond

Who should they ignore?

Todd: Everyone else. Steve Blake is getting older and is probably about ready to call it quits and Anthony Tolliver didn’t get a lot of playing time in Detroit.

David: Blake

Chad: Everyone not named Andre Drummond

Top FA Target?

Todd: I guess it would have to be the same as the resign answer Andre Drummond. They Certainly cannot let him go as he led the league in rebounds this year.

David: Anyone that can create their own shot. Dwight Howard, if he wasn’t a moron.

Chad: Perimeter star to compliment Drummond

Indiana PacersIndiana Pacers

Age Pos Status
Jordan Hill 28 F-C UFA
Solomon Hill 25 SG UFA
Ty Lawson 28 PG UFA
Ian Mahinmi 29 C UFA

 Who should they resign?

Todd: I would sign Jordan hill over Ian Mahinmi only because you could get Jordan hill for a cheaper price and start Myles turner at the Center spot.

David: Mahinmi – He’s about the only one.

Chad: Mahinmi. period.

Who should they ignore?

Todd: Lawson, Mahinmi, Solomon Hill. Lawson has not been the same since leaving Denver. He has just never fit in.

David: Everyone else.

Chad: Everybody on that list

Top FA Target?

Todd: Dwight Howard, even bring back Roy Hibbert. That is just a joke.

David: I have no idea what to do with Indiana’s roster. They have decent players, but no one scares me. Time to start over. I wouldn’t sign anyone and clear cap space

Chad: Stand pat and hope for a nice performance of people other than Paul George.

BucksMilwaukee Bucks

Jerryd Bayless 27 SG UFA
Jared Cunningham 25 SG UFA
O.J. Mayo 28 SG UFA
Steve Novak 33 PF UFA
Miles Plumlee 27 C RFA
Greivis Vasquez 29 SG UFA


Who should they resign?

Todd: Cunningham, Mayo, Novak, Plumlee. Cunningham cause he is the youngest of the shooting guards and they probably wont be able to sign everyone. Mayo can play the small forward position if you need him to. Plumlee is a good starting center in this league. Novak even though he is aging he is still the stretch four you need him to be.

David: Plumlee, if he comes cheap.
Vasquez on a short term deal

Chad: Mayo and Plumlee if they come cheap.

Who should they ignore?

Todd: Bayless, Vasquez. like i said they can’t sign everyone.

David: Everyone else. The Bucks need an identity and a point guard.

Chad: Everyone Else on the list they need a distributor for Parker, and the Greek Freak

Top FA Target?

Todd: Kevin Durant

David: Any backcourt player worth a poo. I’d see about flipping Rubio for someone? I think Rubio would fit in. MCW for Rubio? Who says no?

Chad: A decent PG.

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