NBA Free Agent Roundtable: Atlantic Division

Welcome NBA fans to another edition of NBA RoundTable. This week we are going to try something a little different. I have compiled a list of all the teams with every free agent in that team. This list does not include players like LeBron James or Dwight Howard because they have to opt out of their contracts in order to become free agents. Our expert panelist will answer 3 question for each team about who they should resign, who they should let go, and who their top free agent target should be. I hope everyone enjoys this week’s editions of NBA RoundTable Every Day, a new division.

Today, the Atlantic Division

Lets get started:

celticsBoston Celtics

Age Pos Status
Jonas Jerebko 29 PF UFA
Jared Sullenger 24 PF RFA
Evan Turner 27 SF UFA
Tyler Zeller 26 C RFA

Who should they resign?

Todd: Zeller and Turner

David: They have a hard position as far as free agency is concerned. I’d bring almost all of them all back, but the Celtics have a ton of draft picks to make room for, and you can’t exactly put a half dozen guys overseas. I’d bring back Sullenger as my top target of the four.

Chad: I say everyone but Jerebko

Who should they ignore?

Todd:  Sullenger and Jerebko

David: Jerebko

Chad: Jerebko

Top FA Target?

Todd: Tyler Zeller of the four free agents. they have plenty of draft picks so they won’t need a whole lot.

David: Durant, then anyone they can get who wants the ball with 10 seconds left. Anyone that can protect the rim.

Chad: They really need to keep Sullinger so that’s who their target should be.

Brooklyn NetsBrooklyn Nets

Age Pos Status
Markel Brown 24 SG RFA
Sergey Karasev 22 SG RFA
Henry Sims 26 C UFA
Donald Sloan 28 PG UFA


Who should they resign?

Todd: Sims, Sloan

David: Sims and Sloan?

Chad: Anyone crazy enough to stay

Who should they ignore?

Todd: Brown, Karasev

David: Brown and Karasev?

Chad: Everyone, start this thing over

Top FA Target?

Todd: Any one they can get their hand on.

David: Anyone that wants to come to this dumpster fire. Here is what I would do. Sign every swingman I can find, and go with a run and gun. Break out Westphal’s diaries. Use the season to teach defense and punt the next 2 years. Auction Brook Lopez for an unprotected 2019 pick (Lakers?)

Chad: Anybody left in September


knicksNew York Knicks

Age Pos Status
Lou Amundson 33 PF UFA
Cleanthony Early 25 F-G RFA
Langston Galloway 24 PG RFA
Kevin Seraphin 26 PF UFA
Lance Thomas 28 SF UFA
Sasha Vujacic 32 SG UFA


Who should they resign?

Todd: No one

David: None of them. Not a single swinging one of them.

Chad: Patrick Ewing and John Starks.

Who should they ignore?

Todd: Everyone

David: Phil Jackson

Chad: This list, Phil Jackson,

Top FA Target?

Todd: The Knicks are a disaster. They just need to clean house and start over.

David: Anyone they can sign and trade for Robin Lopez.

Chad: Who is dumb to come to or stay in this mess *Hi Carmelo*


76ersPhiladelphia 76ers

Age Pos Status
Elton Brand 37 PF UFA
Isaiah Canaan 25 PG RFA
Ishmael Smith 27 PG UFA

 Who should they resign?

Todd: They should resign Isaiah Canaan ans Ishmael Smith. they are both two dynamic point guards.

David: Ishmael Smith. I think he’s not a bad player, depending on the contract.

Chad: Canaan and Smith helped that team last year

Who should they ignore?

Todd: Elton Brand

David: No one at this point. I don’t know if Elton Brand is a leader, but they need some steadying vets here.

Chad: Brand is done at this point

Top FA Target?

Todd: I don’t think they need any free agents. with the draft and the team they have now, they will be a really good team in a few years.

David: They need an identity, and I don’t thing there is a free agent out there that can give them one, but I tell you. with all the size they have, I’d look to Russell Westbrook next year if Durant leaves OKC this offseason.

Chad: Someone to be the face of the Franchise

Toronto RaptorsToronto Raptors

Age Pos Status
James Johnson 29 PF UFA
Luis Scola 36 PF UFA
Jason Thompson 29 PF UFA


Who should they resign?

Todd: No one

David: None of these.

Chad: No Talent here

Who should they ignore?

Todd: Scola was in and out of the rotation and he is aging. Johnson and Thompson are average players who barely played.

David: All of them.

Chad: This list of “players”

Top FA Target?

Todd: DeMarre DeRozan. He is expected to opt out of his contract. The Raptors must resign him because him and Lowry together make up one of the best backcourts in the NBA.

David: Anyone that can play defense

Chad: Derozan keep this team together.


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